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Popular activities in Taitung

Discover Diving in Green Island (no need license)
★ 4.9
2K+ Booked

US$ 89.15

US$ 80.00

Taitung East Coast Guided Nature Tour
★ 4.8
600+ Booked

From US$ 35.65

Brown Boulevard, Paradise Road, and Luye Tea Hill Guided Day Tour
★ 4.8
400+ Booked

US$ 57.00

Discover Scuba Diving in Lanyu
★ 4.4
600+ Booked

US$ 89.15

US$ 87.35

Mawuku River SUP Experience in Taitung
★ 5.0
300+ Booked

US$ 64.15

Duoliang Station & Huayuan Bay Half Day Guided Tour
★ 4.5
200+ Booked

US$ 39.19

East Coast Sunrise SUP & Snorkeling Experience in Taitung
★ 5.0
200+ Booked

US$ 89.09

Taitung City Scenic Spots Guided Half-Day Tour

US$ 35.65

River Tracing Experience in Taitung
★ 4.7
300+ Booked

From US$ 64.19

Green Island Intertidal Zone Adventure in Taitung
★ 5.0
100+ Booked

US$ 12.49

Experiences for everyone in Taitung

By the Sea
Take in the beauty of Taitung's natural landscape, its mountains and seas – all waiting to be discovered
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Island Escapes
Spend some time away from the busy and crowded city as you take in white sands and picturesque views at the beach
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Why people love Taitung

Extremely fun! Extremely push! Because it is a stream, it is relatively stable, even if you play stand-up paddle for the first time, you can easily get started. The whole process was relaxed and happy, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taitung, and relaxing both physically and mentally. The coach also took many photos for everyone. Thank you for your hard work! If you want to sign up for the sea sunrise tour in summer, I will definitely look for you again!
The store is only a 3-minute walk from the train station. The owner, A Liang, has a very good attitude. The locomotive will be filled up and returned to you on the return journey. The car is new and easy to ride. The CP value is super high. Next time you rent a locomotive in Taitung. Must choose A Liang!!!
Great day trip itinerary~ The scenery in Taitung is so beautiful. Fortunately, there is an itinerary to buy this one-day trip. The ride between attractions and attractions is very easy~ Mr. Luo will introduce it along the way. Let us ride a ride. Next time I have a chance to play in Taitung, I will choose this itinerary again.
Follow the instructions to get the ticket quickly, just show your ID card, no voucher is required. It's a pity that the on-site ticket purchase and the online ticket collection are the same, so you still have to line up. This time the boat departs at 7 o'clock. If you take a night train to Taitung, it is recommended to take a taxi to get more time. It’s difficult to take pictures of the outside scenery from the cabin, the focus will always be on the window XD
This Klook event cooperated with "Island Diving" instead of "Bay Diving" in the previous reviews. At first, we didn't see clearly (and didn't receive the confirmation letter), so we ran to the wrong venue! The five-star rating of Green Island is that the sea is clean and clear, and the seabed is rich in biodiversity. In addition to seeing many fish and corals, there are also two turtles. It is highly recommended to visit here! ! !
There was a short message notice the day before the event, and the tour guide arrived at our homestay 15 minutes early on the day, and also called to confirm. The car is comfortable and the driver's eldest brother is also very enthusiastic to explain, almost answering all questions, and the attitude is kind and professional. Along the way, we will be asked about our willingness to modify the itinerary, and even local snacks can take us there. The schedule has ample time and is also suitable for bringing elders together. recommend!