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Milk Shop in Taiwan
★ 4.8
100K+ Booked
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Starbucks in Taiwan
★ 4.8
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Burger King in Taiwan
★ 4.7
10K+ Booked
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J&G Fried Chicken in Taiwan
★ 4.8
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CHA NUNG in Taiwan
★ 4.8
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★ 4.5
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Shi Yun Fried Chicken in Taipei
★ 4.8
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Eatogether in Taiwan
★ 4.8
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Hunghwa Teppanyaki Steak House in Taiwan
★ 4.6
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Experiences for everyone in Taipei

Taipei Checklist
World class sights and attractions you cannot miss
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Sky High
Rise up to the peak of Taipei and admire the city with breathtaking 360-degree views
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Perfect Pineapple Cakes
With its bright tropical flavors and a delicate crust, these immaculate pastries are a must-try before you head back home!
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Old Town Trails
Escape the busy streets of the city and make your way to Yehliu, Jiufen, or Shifen to discover the old towns of Taipei in a day!
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Must-Try Taiwanese Treats
Go on a food tour in Taipei as you try out some of the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes in the city!
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Why people love Taipei

Taipei must eat beef noodles-Lin Dongfang beef noodles. The beef noodles with half muscle and half meat are super delicious. Open until three o'clock in the morning! The KLOOK coupon package is very cost-effective! This Lin Dongfang beef noodle shop has been on the pocket list for a long time. I have been in Taipei for more than 10 years and have not eaten it. It’s really convenient to buy KLOOK coupons. On this day, you just don’t have to line up to the counter and you can directly redeem it by showing KLOOK’s QR CODE, super fast https://www.tony60533.com/lin-dong-fang/
The dining environment is good, the table flipping rate is high, checkout after the meal, remember to open the pdf file and don’t take a screenshot first~Taipei Dongfeng store · Food Awards Buy one get one free · Lao Wang fried noodles are delicious if you don't buy one get one free, I feel a bit expensive @@
The take-out plan is really great value. There are a lot of ingredients. The beef short ribs, spicy duck blood, and handmade shrimp balls are delicious. Bring your own empty bottle and get 1200cc of ebony juice. However, this plan is limited to the Songjiang store to pick up the goods. I didn't notice when I ordered it. In the end, I had to go to Taipei to get it. Really...
The price of ice products here is about 140-180 yuan, which is relatively expensive, but in Taipei, land prices are very expensive! And Xiaoqiao’s girlfriend is from Kaohsiung, saying that you can enjoy it in Kaohsiung for only 50 yuan. People who love to eat mango ice must think that living in Kaohsiung is very happy. Xiaoqiao and they ordered "red bean matcha snow ice", and I Of course, the first time I came here was to choose "Handmade Sorbet Mango Snow Ice".
I bought a Coco Brother coupon at KLOOK a few days ago. Now that I bought it, I’m going to eat it! As soon as I entered the door and redeemed the set meal, the restaurant delivered the treats, and the whole meal was so full. Spicy Soup# Coconut Milk# Laksa#南京东路美食#小巨蛋美食#厦门美食#グルメ#台灣グルメ# Taipeiグルメ#KLOOK
The ingredients are attentive to meet the needs of consumption. The quality and level of each dish are above the value. Because the double 1500 of klook is used in Taipei, the C/P value is very high. Although the original price of 1280 is a bit high, the dining environment and quality are acceptable. The atmosphere is very good

Top sights in Taipei

The capital of Taiwan, Taipei is a metropolitan city known for its skyscrapers, shopping streets, night markets and contemporary buildings – most notably: the famous Taipei 101, while still being able to preserve its history and culture with museums, temples and memorial halls. A melting pot of cultures with its Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and American influences, Taipei is an easy family-friendly favorite with lots to do and explore.

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