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Milk Shop in Taiwan
★ 4.8
100K+ Booked
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Starbucks in Taiwan
★ 4.8
2K+ Booked
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US$ 3.95

From US$ 3.59

Burger King in Taiwan
★ 4.7
10K+ Booked
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US$ 6.15

From US$ 3.09

J&G Fried Chicken in Taiwan
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
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US$ 2.89

From US$ 2.69

CHA NUNG in Taiwan
★ 4.8
2K+ Booked
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US$ 1.25

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★ 4.8
1K+ Booked
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US$ 4.85

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★ 4.5
3K+ Booked
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US$ 71.59

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Shi Yun Fried Chicken in Taipei
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
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US$ 2.15

From US$ 1.95

Eatogether in Taiwan
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
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US$ 27.50

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Hunghwa Teppanyaki Steak House in Taiwan
★ 4.6
400+ Booked
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US$ 7.09

From US$ 3.25

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Taipei Checklist
World class sights and attractions you cannot miss
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Sky High
Rise up to the peak of Taipei and admire the city with breathtaking 360-degree views
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Perfect Pineapple Cakes
With its bright tropical flavors and a delicate crust, these immaculate pastries are a must-try before you head back home!
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Old Town Trails
Escape the busy streets of the city and make your way to Yehliu, Jiufen, or Shifen to discover the old towns of Taipei in a day!
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Must-Try Taiwanese Treats
Go on a food tour in Taipei as you try out some of the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes in the city!
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Why people love Taipei

The master is very enthusiastic and professional, and will strengthen it according to the needs. After the massage, the whole image came back to life, and the feet became very relaxed like feathers. Excellent value for money, high CP value, I will definitely visit again next time I go to Taipei. 👍
Taipei has a rich and diverse food culture, with novel features and exotic flavors. It attracts everyone to go on a pilgrimage to try new things. The precious old store is worthy of everyone. Ximending has been deeply cultivated and passed down the Ximen noodles store, which is the Ximen business district. Popular and well-known cheap snacks, open for breakfast to late night, provide traditional delicacies, so that every guest can eat and drink enough to satisfy the gluttons for three meals a day.
Hidden in the lanes and lanes of the East District, the decoration outside the shop has a strong Chinese style. From Taichung in December, I recently visited the Taipei Exhibition Store to draw and order the menu, and then order at the counter and check out the private dishes at 8 pm After 50, there will be no supply. If you want to enjoy, remember to order in advance. The indoor space will not be too crowded. It is comfortable. There are seats on the first floor and basement. The attitude of the service staff is not bad. The serving speed is acceptable, and the tea is added very frequently. 🥣The most powerful thing about cooking porridge is the porridge. The taste alone is as high as 16 kinds of porridge. Nuts, peanut butter, green onions, celery and coriander are added to the porridge. The staff will intimately ask if there is any need to add. If there are ingredients that are not daring to eat, be sure to order them At the meal, please note that it is convenient for the store to handle the porridge in a moderate amount. One serving of porridge can be divided into two people and order some side dishes to match. The amount is just right. The seasoning of the boneless chicken porridge is light and healthy. A little peanut smell, the soup is very special, it has a slightly rich chicken taste, and the taste is fresh and sweet with a hint of mushrooms. The rice grains are not very soft but still ok (personally prefer Hong Kong-style porridge taste) if you want to add ingredients Also a la carte 🥣The chef ordered the private menu 🥢The fried wild water lotus water lotus is very large, with some shiitake mushroom slices, the taste is light, and it is quite satisfactory. The tofu skin on the outside of the old skin and tender meat is very moist and the filling is a smooth egg tofu taste Q is tender, the sauce melts in your mouth and the sauce is sweet and delicious. It is very flavorful with a little green onion. 🥣 One bite after another 🥢 The egg yolk taro balls are crispy on the outside, and the aroma is full of salty egg yolks and the slightly sweet taro fillings. Love the taste of egg yolk. Their egg yolk is not too prominent. It is very delicious. Dice radish cake is cut into square blocks and the outer is crispy, the filling is solid and the taste is salty, not greasy at all. The amount is moderate, the outside is soft and the inside is soft and can be matched with special dipping sauce Eat it together🥢The condensed milk silver silk rolls are fried golden and crispy with the soft and crispy fillings but not overly burnt. The fragrant condensed milk is the most suitable as a dessert after meals🥢The crispy fried tofu looks very good Like stinky tofu, because there are kimchi on the side, it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The sauce is full of garlic flavored garlic sauce. Remember to eat it while it is hot, so that it is crispy and cold enough to not have the original crispness 🥢 The performance of ordinary meat is not bad. There are three Q bombs in a cage. It is quite satisfactory. It is not a cold day. The green tea aroma is very good. I like their tea drinks. They are not too sweet. They are quite delicious. I personally think that the milk tea tastes good. Ordinary, no special memory points. Overall, the performance of the meals is pretty good. Compared with the price of the eastern district, the Cp value is relatively high. It is a good choice for friends to chat, family dinners, dinners, and late night snacks.
Cp value is very high ~ the environment is very good and clean, the gym has a good view, after exercise, go to the pool to have a glass of cocktails, it is a great enjoyment in life, evening buffet dinner, main catering desserts, cold dishes, pasta, etc. The dishes are varied and rich, and the service is very attentive. If you are full, you can walk by the pool and enjoy Taipei nights. You can also order a drink at the bar on the 10th floor. The package includes two drinks per person. ~
beef noodles. Chicken Soup is a popular late-night snack shop on Civic Avenue, East District, Taipei. Originally, it didn't have a name because it focused on beef noodles and chicken soup. Later, diners nicknamed it beef noodle chicken soup. Xinyi District has opened a branch, so you don’t have to wait until late or late at night if you want to eat it. The soup is delicious and the noodles are delicious.
You only need to go to the counter to exchange tickets in the Chiayi South National Palace. It is quite convenient. Although there are many exhibition rooms in Taipei’s National Palace Museum, it is good to see different cultural relics. The surrounding area is very large and suitable for walking. There is also a children’s hall. A good place for parents and children.