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Milk Shop in Taiwan
★ 4.8
100K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 0.89

From US$ 0.85

Starbucks in Taiwan
★ 4.8
1K+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 3.95

From US$ 3.59

TRUEDAN in Taiwan
★ 4.7
50K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 1.60

From US$ 1.49

Burger King in Taiwan
★ 4.7
10K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 6.09

From US$ 3.09

Meat Boss Hot Pot in Taipei
★ 4.7
5K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 24.79

US$ 14.29

FunBar Station at Taipei City Hall Station
★ 4.6
3K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 21.39

From US$ 13.90

TKK Fried Chicken in Taiwan
★ 4.7
6K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 1.25

From US$ 1.15

J&G Fried Chicken in Taiwan
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 2.85

From US$ 2.69

Eatogether in Taiwan
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 27.39

From US$ 27.15

Hunghwa Teppanyaki Steak House in Taiwan
★ 4.6
400+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 7.09

From US$ 3.20

Experiences for everyone in Taipei

Taipei Checklist
World class sights and attractions you cannot miss
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Sky High
Rise up to the peak of Taipei and admire the city with breathtaking 360-degree views
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Perfect Pineapple Cakes
With its bright tropical flavors and a delicate crust, these immaculate pastries are a must-try before you head back home!
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Old Town Trails
Escape the busy streets of the city and make your way to Yehliu, Jiufen, or Shifen to discover the old towns of Taipei in a day!
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Must-Try Taiwanese Treats
Go on a food tour in Taipei as you try out some of the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes in the city!
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Why people love Taipei

Very strong and fragrant soy milk, very pure and healthy, very suitable for breakfast. Unfortunately, he can only come here to buy and buy again in Taipei City. The waiter is very good, the exchange is fast, the Klook is easy to use, and I recommend it to Everyone, I hope you can use more discounts in the future
Departing at nine o'clock, we went to Yehliu, Shifen Waterfall, Jinguashi (Yinyang Sea + Golden Waterfall), Jiufen Old Street, and returned to Taipei at exactly five o'clock. The trip went smoothly. The itinerary is that there are a lot of people in various scenic spots on Sunday. If you are taking a ride on your own, you can't go to so many places in a day, and there will be traffic jams in Jiufen. The passenger class is full, and the chartered car is really the right package~! It is convenient to charter a car for family outings in the future!
I have almost eaten buffets in various five-star restaurants in Taoyuan, Taipei. Food Paradise is one of my favorites, especially the meal coupons sold at the previous travel show are super cost-effective and can be eaten often. The meal coupons sold now can be said to be very useless. What discounts, I hope there will be more discounts. The food is delicious and the service attitude is good. It is a good place for dinner.
The signpost at the airport is very clear and it is easy to find the place of exchange. It is very convenient to buy the Airport Express directly to the city center! The station from the city center back to the airport is very convenient and you can store your luggage. Check-in directly at Taipei Main Station.
Because of the storm that happened on that day, the fare indicated that the ticket price could not be refunded, but because we did not live in Taipei, the customer service staff worked hard to assist us to make our refund successful. Although the price is not high, we are very moved by the customer service's efforts. Thank you KLOOK for your warm service. , We will definitely consume again.
The famous red bean cake shop in Taipei, the average price is $25, the staff is very patient to explain, the taste is optional. I redeem 6 pieces at a time, choosing half and half of salty and sweet. My family feels uncomfortable with salty tastes, but I really love innovative tastes. The filling of each piece is very full, it will burst if eaten hot or cold, and the outer skin is a bit crispy when eaten cold. The original price is too expensive, so it’s a good deal to take the Klook discount