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Kimono and Yukata Rental at Kimono Miyabi Kyoto
★ 4.8
300+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 27.25

From US$ 22.70

Studio Esperanto Oiran & Kimono Photo Shoot Experience in Kyoto
★ 5.0
100+ Booked

From US$ 154.85

Arashiyama & Nara Park Day Tour from Osaka
★ 4.5
10K+ Booked

US$ 54.49

From US$ 52.69

Kyoto Perfect Day Tour from Osaka or Kyoto: Kiyomizu-dera, Fushimi Inari-taisha, Arashiyama & More
★ 4.6
3K+ Booked

From US$ 145.35

Kyoto Arashiyama, Golden Pavilion Temple, and Kobe MOSAIC Day Tour
★ 4.5
2K+ Booked

From US$ 72.65

Kyoto Highlights Private Full Day Tour
Instant Confirmation

From US$ 95.39

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park Special Discount Ticket

US$ 21.79

Kyoto Day & Night Helicopter Flight Experience

From US$ 397.80

Lovely Kimono Experience in Kyoto
★ 4.9
1K+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

From US$ 37.99

Kyoto Byodoin Temple Ticket
Instant Confirmation

US$ 9.80

US$ 9.09

Experiences for everyone in Kyoto

Explore Kyoto
See the ancient capital of Japan, and experience its profound culture and splendid historical relics
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Hassle-free Transportation
Don't exhaust yourself battling traffic in Kyoto - see more of this gorgeous city with these travel passes and tickets for public transport!
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A Taste of Kyoto
Step into the city's prominent culinary scene for a real taste of authentic, local food culture
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Kimonos in Kyoto
Walk through the streets of Kyoto dressed in an elegant Japanese kimono
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Why people love Kyoto

I searched the Internet and found that although Kyoto is good for sale, I am afraid that it will take time and I don’t know Japanese. Hey, I used klook to buy it all at once. After you buy it, you will need to fly in Kyoto for physical flight, and then you will first arrange for the burial (no picking) when the time comes, but at least you need to pre-develop the time when you set the itinerary in Hong Kong. I searched the Internet for Arashiyama Sagano, and there are many introductions, and some people study the direction to get the scenery first, but I personally focus on the most convenient way and I want to baa. It is recommended to buy a ticket if you live in Kyoto. If you don’t fly for one day, you will visit Arashiyama in Kyoto on the second day.