Best Melbourne Road Trip Destinations No More Than 3 Hours Away!

Klook team
Klook team
14 Mar 2020
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Escape the city and experience the best of Victoria’s Nature!

Everyone needs an occasional break from the usual city sights and there’s no better way to curb your need for adventure by taking a road trip out. Melbourne and its surrounding national parks is home to the most unique natural landscapes!
We all know about the famous Great Ocean Road trip, but Melbourne has so much more beauty to offer! The Grampians National Park, Otway National Park and the Mornington Peninsula are just some of the breathtaking destinations you should visit whilst in Melbourne.
Read on to find out our top 10 picks from Grampians, Otway and Mornington – all a stone’s throw away from Melbourne city.
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Grampians National Park attractions
Otway Attractions
Mornington Peninsula Attractions

Grampians National Park attractions

Grampians Melbourne Road Trips
Home to Wallabies and the iconic laughing Kookaburra, Grampians National Park is known for both their wildlife and rugged sandstone mountain ranges.
Also portraying a part of Australia’s history of Indigenous people, this national park is known for being a site rich in Aboriginal heritage and important rock art sites that include paintings of red ochre pigment, engravings and figures in caves, boulders and platforms.
Halls Gaps, the main tourist village right smacked in the center of Grampians National Park is just 3 hours from Melbourne! Many of the tracks to top attractions within the National Park all begin around the Halls Gaps area, and you can choose to pick up a souvenir or two here to remember your time at the Grampians!
With this rocky terrain well connected by walking tracks all across the park, be ready to hike through the best of this 67,219-hectare park!

1.Venus Bath – slide around natural rock slides

Venus Baths Grampians Melbourne Road Trips
Nestled within the Halls Gap area, Venus Bath got its name from being a popular bathing spot for ladies in the early 20th century. Filled with freshwater and unusual rock formations, the baths are a combination of small water-cut rock pools of water from Stony Creek.
Put on your swimsuit and slide down the Nature’s slides – the rocks between the pools! Even if you’re not up for a slide, just take a dip in the cool waters after a long hike. This 2.3km route will take about 30 minutes to an hour one way.
Address: Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia
How to get there:
  • A 3 hour drive from Melbourne via National M8 and A8, drive to Halls Gap
  • Walk from Halls Gap on the western side of School Road on the southern bank of Stony Creek
  • Follow the track and you’re on your way to the pool

2. Grand Canyon – hop through the valley of rocks

Grand Canyon Grampians Melbourne Road Trips
There’s no better way to experience Grampians by visiting its own Grand Canyon! Hike into the depths of one of the lowest points of the Grampians, these steep slopes form the valley of the Grampians peak trail. Marvel at the sight of unique rock formations and hop from rock to rock on this short 900m walk that will take about 30 minutes one way. Popular for its steel-grey building blocks appearance, climb fanatics can even consider bouldering up these rocks!
Grand Canyon Melbourne Road Trips
Address: Northern Grampians Road, Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia
How to get there:
  • A 8 minute drive from Halls Gap, take Mt Victory Road for 3km
  • Follow signs to Wonderland Car Park
  • After parking your car, follow signs on foot towards the Grand Canyon.

3. Mackenzie Falls – Catch sight of rainbows at this majestic spot

Mackenzie Falls Grampians Melbourne Road Trips
Iconic to the Grampians, the Mackenzie falls is one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in Victoria. If you’re lucky, you might just be able to spot rainbow mist above this stunning gorge that falls all year round. With a considerably steep journey downwards, this 1km trail that will take you 45 minutes one way. Be rewarded with a view that is worth every step!
Mackenzie Falls Grampians Melbourne Road Trips
Through Open Stringybark Forest, you can even take a short detour along the route to check out Broken falls, a smaller and wider version of the Mackenzie falls – a different view of the sweeping water river flowing downstream.
Address: Northern Grampians Rd, Zumsteins VIC 3401, Australia
How to get there:
  • A 20 minute drive from Grand Canyon
  • Take Mt Victory Road/C222 and follow signs to MacKenzie Falls Car park
  • Once on foot, follow signs to MacKenzie Falls
  • This trial will take 1 hour 30 minutes return

4. Mount William – The highest Peak in Grampians!

Mount William Grampians Melbourne Road Trips
The highest peak in Grampians, Mount William offers awe-inspiring views of the mountains and open plains of the area. This is the place to be if you’re looking for the perfect spot to capture the sunset! Standing at a height of 1,168 meters, the hike to the peak is approximately 2 kilometres and will take about 1 to 2 hours.
Mount William Melbourne Road Trips
As you make your way up Mount William, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of wildlife. You might just be able to spot Kangaroos or Wallabies wanting to join your hike to the peak! Upon ascend, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of the landscape so don’t forget to pack your cameras!
Address: Mt William Rd, Pomonal VIC 3381
How to get there:
  • A 50 minute drive from Mackenzie Falls
  • Head on to Mt Victory Rd/C222 and follow signs to Mount William Car park via Mt William Rd
  • After parking your car, follow signs to Mount William Peak
Bonus: We know that on a holiday, all you want to do is relax. Even if you don’t have a driver’s license, don’t worry about missing out! Klook a day trip to Grampians with this guided tour that covers the Grand Canyon, Mackenzie Falls, Silverband Falls and Boroka Lookout. It even comes with 2 way transfer, saving you the hassle of navigating and driving there yourself!

Otway Attractions

Otway Melbourne Road Trips
The Melbourne Otway National Park boasts both the best rainforest and coastline sceneries. With the Otway Rainforest Treetop Adventure and iconic Great Ocean Road located within the Otway region, explore the best of both worlds! Trek within the forest or feel the ocean breeze as you stroll along the iconic Great Ocean Road. Here are some must-see stops at the Otway National Park that you should not miss!

5. Loch Ard Gorge – Sparkling waters perfect for a swim

Loch Ard Gorge Melbourne Road Trips
Now that you’ve seen the Apostles from the peak,head down to check out the Loch Ard Gorge. Take the long flight of stairs down to the sandy shore and be greeted by sparkling waters! Inhale the salty sea or swim in the crystal clear waters that forms the Great Ocean Road Coast.
Loch Ard Gorge Melbourne Road Trips
Getting its name from a shipwreck in 1878, the two rock pillars of the gorge are similarly identified as Tom and Eva – the only two survivors of the Loch Ard Gorge ship. This spot in the Port Campbell National Park has even been used as a filming site for the 1999 TV series, Journey to the Center of the Earth!
Come evening, this site turns into a perfect bird watching spot. During sunset, spot vast flocks of short-tailed shearwaters fly overhead the setting skies. They say the early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the gorgeous cotton candy skies at the break of dawn!
Address: Great Ocean Road Port, Campbell VIC 3269, Australia
How to get there:
  • A 3 hour drive from Melbourne
  • Get on M1 in Southbank from Queen St and Power St
  • Follow M1 and Princes Hwy/A1 to Timboon-Colac Rd/C163 in Nalangil
  • Continue on C163 to Port Campbell and turn onto Great Ocean Road/B100 to reach Loch Ard Gorge

6. Twelve Apostles – Natural towers rising from the ocean

Twelve Apostles Melbourne Road Trips
No roadtrip in Victoria is complete without a stop at the iconic Twelve Apostles! Located along the Great Ocean Road, this natural beauty was created through the erosion of soft limestone. Though these majestic towers seem sturdy, one of the original collapsed in 2005, leaving 8 to survive the unpredictable weather condition and waves.
Twelve Apostles Melbourne Road Trips
These formations might just disappear within the next 100 years so quickly plan your visit to Twelve Apostles before the sight is erased from the coastline!
Address: Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia
How to get there:
  • A 5 minute drive from Lorc Ard Gorge
  • Take the B100 via Great Ocean Road and follow road signs to the Twelve Apostles Visitor Facility
Bonus: You can still visit these picturesque destinations without a driver’s license. Klook your Great Ocean Road & Twelve Apostle’s Day Tour and you’re all set for your Otway adventure. With 2 way transfer and a local guide, you’ll not only get to learn more about the science behind these natural beauties, you’ll even get ferried there in comfort.

7. Otway Fly Treetop Adventure – Zip across the whole forest

Otway Fly Treetop Adventure Melbourne Road Trips
What better way to enjoy the best of Australia’s rainforest by ziplining your way through it! The most thrilling way to immerse yourself in nature is probably the Otway Fly Zipline Tour. Enjoy the view from the top and conquer the rainforest! With a guided instructor following you this entire journey, this three and a half hours fun filled experience is a perfect activity for the whole family!
Otway Fly Treetop Adventure Melbourne Road Trips
If you prefer taking your time to appreciate the lush greenery, take a slow walk on the Otway Treetop walk. One of the only four steel canopies in the world, this spot is not to be missed to experience a different side of Australia.
Climb up the Spiral Tower that is 47 meters above ground and spot a variety of the native wildlife including the sleep Koala that hide amongst the trees!
Klook Tip: Get top-view shots of the different ferns blooming across the forest ground for pictures that scream #instagramfeedgoals!
Address: 360 Phillips Track, Beech Forest, Victoria, 3237
Opening Hours: 9.00am – 4.00pm
How to get there:
  • A 55 minute drive from Twelve Apostles
  • Take Booringa Rd to Great Ocean Rd/B100
  • Continue on to Ferguson and Phillips Track to reach Otway Fly Treetop Adventures.
Bonus: You don’t have to spend a bomb to enjoy all your favourite activities while on holiday. Klook your Otway Fly Zipline Tour inclusive of entry to the Treetop walk or purchase your single entrance ticket to the Treetop walk and get it at a steal!

Mornington Peninsula Attractions

Mornington Peninsula Melbourne Road Trips
A seaside town filled with over 100 wineries within this region, Mornington is the best place to chill out and fill up on the best wines in Victoria. With Victoria’s first geothermal thermal mineral springs here and Phillip Island just across the shore, you will not be bored with the wide array of activities! From swimming with the dolphins to going horseback riding, there’s so much to explore at the Mornington Peninsula.

8. Moonlit Sanctuary – encounter endangered animals in the day and night

Moonlit Sanctuary Melbourne Road Trips
Moonlit Sanctuary is home to over 60 different species of animals, including several rare and endangered species such as the Spot-tail Quoll, the Squirrel Glider and the Tasmanian Devil. Plus, the only surviving Southern Bettongs in the whole of mainland Australia live here! With various opportunities to get up close and personal with Kangaroos, Koalas and Pythons, this place is perfect to fulfil your Steve Irwin dreams of hanging out with Aussie animals.
When the sun begins to set, the park conducts their world-famous lantern-lit evening tours. Witness the nocturnal animals awake and energetic, as they roam around the park hunting for their next prey. On top of that, you can even feed a Southern Bettong or even have a Squirrel glider climb all around you!
Address: 550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale VIC 3912, Australia
Opening Hours: 10.00am – 5.00pm (Day Admission), evening tours can be arranged by calling Moonlit Sanctuary before 3pm.
Contact: +61 3 5978 7935
How to get there:
  • A 1 hour drive from Melbourne
  • Get on M1 from Batman Ave and Exit E3
  • Continue to Hampton Park and follow M780, Dandenong-Hastings Rd/Western Port Hwy/A780
  • Head towards Baxter-Tooradin Rd/C781 to Tyabb-Tooradin Rd in Pearcedale
Bonus: Get a bang for your buck by purchasing an iVenture card at a discounted price with Klook. Take your pick from a 3 or 7 day pass that gives you unlimited access to the various attractions including, Moonlit Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne River Cruise and SEA Life!

9. Point Nepean National Park – Discover history and amazing coastal views

Point Nepean Melbourne Road Trips
Point Nepean National Park of the Mornington Peninsula is a historical site amidst nature! Be greeted by a coastline of panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay and explore cool wartime sites such as gun emplacements, barracks tunnels and the old engine house that have withstood the test of time.
Klook Fun Fact: Did you know the British Empire fired their first shot in World War II from this very park!
Point Nepean Melbourne Roadtrips
Great for hiking or cycling, there are various routes that you can choose from. Our recommended route is The Fort Nepean Discovery walk with coastal views that lead you straight to Fort Nepean. The 1km walk will take about 1-2 hours. Take 1-2 hours on this 1.8 Km Range Area Walk that passes by a former Rifle Range, Monash Break and Light Tower.
Address: Portsea VIC 3944, Australia
Opening Hours: 8.00am – 5.00pm
How to get there:
  • A 36 minute drive take Browns rd and head south towards Shands Rd
  • Next, take Browns Rd and Melbourne Rd to Point Nepean Rd in Portsea
  • Continue on towards Point Nepean Rd till you reach Point Nepean National Park
Mornington Peninsula Melbourne Road Trips
Bonus: If you find it a hassle to rent a car for a day trip out, Klook your Mornington Peninsula Ultimate Day Trip and experience the best of Mornington! An hour’s away from Melbourne, you don’t have to worry about anything on this tour with a convenient city pick up. Head to Point Nepean National Park and complete the day at the Enchanted Adventure Garden – an outdoor based theme park everyone will love!