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  • The Complete Guide To Lost World of Tambun Ipoh: Theme Park Ticket Price, Attractions And Other Visit Tips!

    Jacey Hen
    Jacey Hen
    Last updated 10 Mar 2021
    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park

    Photo Credit: @syhminamahiyuddin, @alwaniraihan, @itsyanmariano

    About Sunway Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @lenglengxx (Instagram)
    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @i.am.govind (Instagram)
    Prepare yourself for a fun day out in the sun at the Lost World of Tambun, a wholesome adventure destination for people of all ages and a theme park unlike any other. Located in Ipoh city, this theme park is surrounded by nature and situated at the foot of an ancient 400 million year-old limestone hill!
    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @aimisufea (Instagram)
    Whether you choose to go for the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park or the Lost World Hot Springs Night Park, this adventure-filled land has exciting attractions and activities for you to explore. Discover fun water park attractions, healing hot spring baths, exciting animal encounters and many more. Whether it’s day or night, there’s surely something for everyone!
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    Planning Your Visit

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Lost World of Tambun is restored on the grounds of an old tin mining land, becoming the paradise funland that it is right now. From its natural hot springs to a charming petting zoo, there are a total of 8 themed areas in the theme park. With so much to explore, read on to plan your perfect day at Lost World of Tambun with our tips!
    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @yizhen0602 (Instagram)

    How To Get To Lost World of Tambun

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @syhminamahiyuddin (Instagram)
    Located in the Tambun town of Ipoh, Lost World Of Tambun is only a 2-hour drive distance away from Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Free parking is available right outside of the theme park entrance. In line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, the theme park has also prepared special parking lots equipped with charging stations for electric and hybrid cars, which are completely free of charge to use.
    If you prefer public transport, you can take an express bus (Konsortium, Sri Maju, Star Shuttle) right into the heart of Ipoh city and then a short taxi ride straight to the park.
    • Address: No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Perak, 31150 Ipoh, Perak
    Alternatively, you can also charter a private car through Klook, suitable for travelling in groups throughout Ipoh city.

    Opening Hours

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @adda.zainal (Instagram)
    The standard opening hours at Lost World of Tambun are as follows:
    Lost World of Tambun Theme Park (Day)
    • Monday - Friday: 11am - 6pm
    • Saturday, Sunday, school & public holidays: 10am - 6pm
    • Closed every Tuesday, except during Malaysian school and public holidays
    Lost World Hot Springs Night Park
    • Daily: 6pm - 11pm
    • Crystal Spa Treatment: 12pm - 11pm
    • Luminous Forest: 8pm - 10pm
    Lost World of Tambun has many attractions for you to discover, so we would recommend allocating a full day for your visit here! Our #KlookTip is to start with the dry zones first, before having some fun at the water park. Finally, end your day at the hot springs and experience their night time attractions.
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    Lost World of Tambun Ticket Price

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    An all-parks access ticket purchased over the counter is priced at RM117 for adults and RM110 for children and senior citizens, but you can enjoy 34% off your tickets when you buy your tickets online on Klook!
    All available admission rates for Lost World of Tambun are as follows:

    Counter Price (RM)

    Klook Price (RM)





    Entrance to All Parks





    Lost World Hot Springs & Night Park





    Do note that these ticket prices include park entry and access to most attractions in the theme park EXCEPT for their pay-per-ride ones.
    Browse through all the different available tickets, combo packages and add-ons here:

    What To Wear

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    For those getting on water slides and other attractions at their wet park zones, there is a Lost World of Tambun swimwear dress code that you have to comply to. As for footwear, slippers and sandals are the most convenient. You’ll be required to remove your footwear before going on the water slides and they’re usually kept at a designated area.
    We would also recommend for you to bring a spare change of clothes to change into after you’re done with the wet park. If you’re not planning to get wet, our suggestion would be to wear light clothing, as the park is outdoors and it does get hot during the day!

    Lost World of Tambun Facilities

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @damiyaqistina (Instagram)


    There are Multiple Time Usage lockers for rental with various sizes to keep your bags and personal belongings, since they aren’t allowed on a majority of the rides and attractions within the park. Plus, it’s a hassle to be carrying your belongings if you plan on dipping into the pools. We definitely would recommend for you to keep your things in a locker if you don’t have someone watching over your things.
    Here are the rental rates for multiple time usage of each locker:

    Locker Size








    Tube Rental

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @alwaniraihan (Instagram)
    There are tubes up for rental in Lost World of Tambun, mainly to be used on the Adventure River. The water slides and rides come with their own tubes, so renting one isn’t necessary if you have no need for it.
    If you do choose to rent a tube, do keep in mind that you will have to carry it with you for the day. You won’t be able to get your deposit back if you lose or misplace your tubes. The following are their tube rental rates:

    Deposit Fee

    Rental Fee

    Total Fee

    Double Tube




    Single Tube




    Daytime Attractions at Lost World of Tambun Theme Park

    1. Hot Springs & Spa

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @hafizijohan (Instagram)
    What sets Lost World of Tambun apart from many other theme parks is the fact that it’s home to many natural mineral hot springs. Yes, that’s right, hot springs in a theme park! You can find 12 hot spring pools throughout the park, each flowing at a different temperature. 
    Swim in the healing waters of the hot spring in the Infinity Pool, be served some light refreshments while soaking in the water at Saphira’s Bistro, or get the true spa experience at the Steam Cave. Your experience here will surely beat any conventional hotel jacuzzis or saunas!
    You can find out more about the hot springs here:

    2. Water Park

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @karnishapillai (Instagram)
    Amidst the heat on hot afternoon days, you can also seek refuge in the Lost World Water Park. Have a splashing fun time slipping and sliding down the water rides like Tube Raider and Cliff Racer.
    Feeling like having some chill time? Head over to the Adventure River where you can drift away lounging on a rubber tube down Malaysia’s longest manmade adventure river! There’s also Sandy Bay and Kids Explorabay, perfect for the little ones and families.

    3. Amusement Park

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @itsyanmariano (Instagram)
    It’s not all just hot springs, water slides and pools at the Lost World of Tambun! There is also a selection of rides and attractions in their amusement park. You can find several family-friendly rotating swing rides - Dragon Flights and Giddy Galleon, both promising a fun swinging time for both kids and adults.
    For those seeking more thrill, there’s also Lupe’s Adventure, Perak’s first-ever roller coaster, and Stormrider, a 180-degree-swinging pirate ship! There’s even a haunted house, Haunted Chambers, if you’re up for some spooky adventures. But of course, no amusement park is complete without a merry-go-round!

    4. Tin Valley

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @ernydzhr (Instagram)
    As an homage to the prominent tin mining history of Ipoh, the park has dedicated a section to educate and demonstrate the craft of the past to visitors. You can learn how tin was gathered amongst all the gravel, see artifacts from the past, and more in Ipoh, “The City that Tin Built”. 
    If hunger strikes you, you can also dine at Dulang Tea House, a picturesque cafe taking shade beneath the limestone, serving local fares that tin workers used to enjoy. The old fashioned breakfast and famous locally-roasted coffee are must-try!

    5. Tiger Valley

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Tigers are an ever-present national icon in Malaysia - a feline that is the largest of all wild cats and a symbol of bravery, charm and regality. Drop by the Tiger Valley at Lost World of Tambun and take the opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures!
    Watch in awe as trained rangers at the park conduct feeding sessions with their Siberian tigers. Their Tiger Feeding Show is held at 3pm and 4pm daily, so make sure to catch these great cats as they present their marvelous agility and strength, as well as excellent climbing and swimming abilities.

    6. Petting Zoo

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @mieyaazmi (Instagram)
    From exotic wildlife animals like pythons and hyenas to gentle furry friends like giraffes and rabbits, Lost World of Tambun Theme Park is also home to a wide variety of animal species as well. There are many animal encounters you can expect at the Petting Zoo, such as feeding the cheeky raccoon named Ruby or being surrounded by feathered friends at Bird Paradise.
    Here, you can also feed carrots to Rain the Giraffe as well as his camel and zebra friends. For those who don’t get squeamish easily, Tarantula Alley also promises a fun experience. Check out every single chamber and look at the different types of large, hairy tarantulas that would make any spider hater skin crawl.

    7. Adventure Park

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @sunwaylostworldoftambun (Instagram)
    This adrenaline-filled section of the park is reserved for those in groups looking for some fun team outing activities. Entertaining yet competitive, these pay-per-ride activities are geared to encourage team spirit.
    From the rope courses to kayak challenges, cave tunnel exploration and camping, these activities would surely take you out of your comfort zone. However, for those who want just a small taste of the outdoors without going all out, there’s even glamping on-site and a paddle boat ride at Swan Lake!

    Nighttime Attractions at Lost World Hot Springs Night Park

    1. Hot Springs & Spa

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    All of the hot spring pools in the theme park that are open during the day continue to be open even after the sun goes down. Since it can be too hot in the afternoon, many visitors tend to favour visiting the hot springs after sunset. Soaking yourself in the hot water is truly a treat on those cold nights.
    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    If you want to take your self-pamper up a notch, there’s also the Crystal Spa where you can treat yourself to an invigorating massage. Cap off the night with one of their massages and you’ll be guaranteed to walk out rejuvenated and relaxed.
    The relaxation doesn’t have to stop here! End the night luxuriously at The Haven Resort if you purchase a resort staycation on Klook, inclusive of Lost World of Tambun admission tickets and a full board menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    2. Luminous Forest

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @joanneho33 (Instagram)
    Cross the Bridge of Luminosa and be prepared to be amazed as you enter into the mysterious and mystical realm of the Malayana tribe. The Luminous Forest is an enchanting land dotted with glowing flowers, magical creatures and mythical wonders!

    3. Flaming Percussions

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Every night (except Tuesdays) at 9pm, visitors can gather around a stage to catch the fiery and exciting flaming percussion performance. Watch as fire eaters, jugglers and percussionists put together a daring show of fire stunts and tricks to wow the audience. As your heart thumps with the medley of beats, make sure not to look away or you’ll miss all the action!
    These aren't all - view more night-time attractions at the Lost World of Tambun here:

    Where To Stay

    tambun lost world ipoh hot spring water park
    Photo Credit: @fikripudzi (Instagram)
    The fun doesn’t have to end once the park closes for the night. You can now book an exciting night’s stay at Lost World of Tambun and have a memorable glamping experience in awesome floating chalets.
    You can also enjoy your night in a spacious Family Lakeview Suite or in a Couple Suite at The Haven Resort, an award-winning 5-star hotel in Ipoh and located just 6 minutes away from Lost World Of Tambun. Book a charming 2D1N stay at this stunning luxury resort, complete with theme park admission tickets!

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