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★ 4.8
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Kaohsiung E-Da Theme Park Entry Ticket
★ 4.4
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FLOMO Stationery Museum and DIY Experience Ticket in Kaohsiung
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[From 10% off] Kaohsiung Sunset Cruise
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Pari Bali Buffet at MRT Kaohsiung Arena Station
★ 4.5
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White Carousel Admission in Kaohsiung
★ 4.8
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Port Retro Train Ticket in Kaohsiung
★ 4.6
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E-Da Outlet Mall Gigantic Slide Ticket in Kaohsiung
★ 4.7
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Hamasen Museum of Taiwan Railway Admission Ticket in Kaohsiung
★ 4.6
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ARTCO.C6 at Kaohsiung
★ 5.0
200+ Booked
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US$ 12.55

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It should be listed as a must-visit attraction in Hong Kong! The flight is matched with the sunset time. Under the vivid and rich explanation of the guide, you can learn about the history of Kaohsiung Port, important trade in the port area, shipbuilding construction and various important landmarks: Dream Times, China Steel Building, Hanshin... When the sun sets, the ship passes the British Consulate, Qihou Mountain, and sails out of the harbor to face the finale of the voyage-on the vast sea level, dotted with cargo ships, the yellow sunset is slowly falling... a turn , No need to worry that the sunset is infinitely good, because you are throwing into the light of the Hong Kong capital. The passion and romance of the Seine River in Paris, the splendor and wildness of the Danube River in Budapest, and the accumulation of culture and years, Kaohsiung is certainly far behind, but this route focuses on the best moments in the city and presents her fleeting moments. Gorgeous, only this one!
Pier No. 1 High-altitude Bar is close to the lively Xinjuejiang Business District. The rooftop bar has a wide view and overlooks the beauty of the lively city of Kaohsiung. The city of Kaohsiung is shining at night. You can also see the beautiful lighting and atmosphere of the 85 Building Pier No. 1 rooftop high-altitude bar. Jia is very suitable for couples and friends to come here to have a drink and chat to eat food
After walking around Kaohsiung’s newest scenic floating bridge and the evening market in the evening on September 19, 2020, it is very convenient to walk to the Pier-2 Store for a meal. The seafood volume on the selected seafood plate is very surging, the materials are fresh, and the two have a full meal, plus a large bowl of fresh yellow mango snow ice toppings with mango ice balls, cheese and large mango chunks. It is a rich combination. If you can actively provide crab stick jigs, it will be more convenient to take lobster feet.
The first time I ate the revolving hot pot, I found it very novel. There are more than 30 kinds of ingredients, and there are many kinds of hot pot ingredients, seafood, meat, and cooked food. The service staff is also very fast to replenish the ingredients. When you scrape the meat, you will immediately replenish the new ones, and you will not be afraid of being caught by the people in front. The whole problem is very enjoyable and the CP value is very high, so remember to book a table!
Buying at KLOOK is cheaper than on-site, and you can exchange the Starlight Changyou coupon bracelet with your voucher. Because everyone who purchases Changyou coupons needs to be in front of the counter for the service staff to wear the wristband, it cannot be picked up by one agent, so the counter looks crowded. Every facility does not need to be queued for a long time on Sunday night, and it can be repeated many times.