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Tokyo Disney Resort Park tickets: 1-Day passport (E-ticket)

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What to expect

This convenient two-day pass to Tokyo's Disney theme parks is all you need to explore Japan's most magical and nostalgia-inducing locations. Pick between using your two-day pass to either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disneysea only or you can also use it to visit both parks on two separate dates! Either way will give you a grand time! Join Mickey Mouse and all the other prominent Disney characters and ride as much as you can. You can also watch the shows and parades located inside the venues and end your day with a stunning fireworks finale before heading back to your accommodation. Simply choose your visit options, pick up your passes at the Klook counter in Shinjuku, and it's off you go to the happiest places on earth!

Tokyo Disney Resort Castle and Mountain
With the two Disney theme parks -- Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea -- plus hotels, shops, and more, Tokyo Disney Resort is a themed resort offering more than can be enjoyed in just a few days.
Tokyo Disneyland Beauty and the Beast Castle
[Tokyo Disneyland] The large-scale development to Fantasyland will bring Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Beauty and the Beast film to life through the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction, shops, and dining locations.
Tokyo Disneyland Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
[Tokyo Disneyland] The attraction, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, is set inside Beauty and the Beast Castle. Guests board magical cups that “dance” in rhythm to the animated film’s well-known music as they move through scenes from the film.
Tokyo Disneyland It's a Small World
[Tokyo Disneyland] Dressed in the traditional costumes of their countries, children of the world sing as you voyage from Europe, through Asia, Africa, Central America, and the islands of the South Pacific. It's the happiest cruise that ever sailed!
The Beauty and the Beast popcorn bucket
[Tokyo Disneyland] Light up the popcorn bucket inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios' Beauty and the Beast, and enjoy the romantic shimmer of the stained glass design.
Tokyo Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain
[Tokyo Disneyland] Big Thunder Mountain:It's a few decades after the big gold rush. The rush now is from the mine trains that careen at high speed through the old gold mine. A wild ride with sudden drops and turns on runaway mine train.
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
[Tokyo Disneyland] Dumbo The Flying Elephant:Dumbo is the only elephant in the world that can fly. The most popular little elephant in the circus has come to take you higher and higher into the sky.
Tokyo Disneyland Splash Mountain
[Tokyo Disneyland] Board a log boat and go off on a fun adventure! Be prepared for a 45-degree drop down a 16-meter high waterfall!
Tokyo Disneyland Minnie's House
[Tokyo Disneyland] Minnie Mouse, as a fashion designer, will greet guests wearing her latest design. Visit her office and pass through the workroom, then enter the photo studio for a photo with Minnie!
Toy Story Mania!
[Tokyo DisneySea] Go in through Woody's wide open mouth and you'll find that you've shrunk to the size of a toy! A great time playing the carnival games set up under Andy's bed is waiting for you!
Tower of Terror
[Tokyo DisneySea] Board an elevator for the penthouse, but beware! A terrifying experience awaits you.
Nemo & Friends SeaRider
[Tokyo DisneySea] Nemo & Friends SeaRider: A submersible that “shrinks” to the size of a fish, Guests will explore the wondrous world of marine life from the same point of view as Nemo and Dory. And meet the other popular characters from Finding Dory .
Center of the Earth
[Tokyo DisneySea] Journey to the Center of the Earth: The enigmatic genius Captain Nemo has unearthed a heretofore unknown world deep underground. While exploring on a subterranean vehicle, unexpected danger sends you hurtling through the caverns.
Saludos Amigos! Greeting Dock
[Tokyo DisneySea] In a lively corner of this port town full of vibrant Latin music and stalls selling fruit, instruments, and more, take a keepsake photo with Duffy dressed in colorful Latin American apparel!
Mermaid Lagoon
[Tokyo DisneySea] The Little Mermaid and her friends' light-hearted kingdom under the sea.

Things to note

Ticket Information:

  • 1-day (specified date, admission guaranteed)
  • Variable Pricing:(Adult 8,200~8,700 yen; Junior high 6,900~7,300 yen; child 4,900~5,200 yen) Children ages 3 & under are admitted for free.
  • Admission can be specified up to 1 months after the date of purchase
  • Other type of tickets can only be purchased on Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets website.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort is currently in a reservation phase that requires all guests to make a reservation .Please note that park reservations are limited in number and subject to availability.
  • This ticket is valid only on the designated Park admission date and for the Park indicated on the ticket.This ticket cannot be canceled, changed or refunded at the Park Ticket Booths even if it is before the expiration date indicated on the ticket.
  • This ticket can be used to enter the Park only if it is displayed on a smartphone (printed tickets are not accepted).When entering the Park, Guests must each have their own ticket displayed on their smartphones. Please scan the code on your ticket onto the ticket reader at the Main Entrance.
  • This ticket cannot be canceled or refunded at the Park Ticket Booths even if it is before the expiration date indicated on the ticket. Please contact the travel agency that issued the ticket.
  • We are implementing health and safety measures and reduced the capacity in Tokyo Disney Resort. Please wear the mask and the temperature screening will be needed for enter the park.

COVID-19 Measures:

  • Guests with plans to purchase, or who have purchased, Park tickets, for everyone's safety and enjoyment, please see the Tokyo disney resort official website for the latest operating information,health and safety measures and the requests to guests visiting the park.
  • URL: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/topics/info/howtoenjoy.html
  • Temperature screening will be conducted before admission, and guests with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or above, or cold-like symptoms, will be asked to refrain from entering the Park.
  • If you become ill after entering the Park, you may be asked to leave depending on the symptoms.
  • Guests who do not cooperate may be asked to refrain from entering the Park.
  • Guests’ personal information may be provided to public health authorities upon request for the purpose of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.

Additional Information:

  • Experiencing Park attractions and other facilities
  • Attractions,Disney character greetings: We are now suspending the issue of fastpass.For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, certain experiences require a Standby Pass or entry request for admission. A Standby Pass and entry request can be obtained by using the Tokyo Disney Resort App after entering the Park. Downloading the Tokyo Disney Resort App on your smartphone in advance is recommended. Registration and log-in to a Disney account is required. It needs to scan the ticket QR code showed on another smart phone when using the Tokyo Disney Resort App to obtain a Standby Pass or Entry request after entering the Park.
  • Entry request
  • As a result of Entry Request, if an available time for the eligible experience is shown on the App, you will be able to experience the facility at a designated time.Guests can submit an entry anytime when Entry Requests are accepted. See more for the eligible experiences requiring an Entry Requests:
  • URL:https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tdl/guide/entry
  • Standby pass
  • A Standby Pass can be obtained by using the Tokyo Disney Resort App after entering the Park. You will be able to enter the queue for the venue at the return time of your Standby Pass. See more for the eligible experiences requiring a Standby Pass:
  • URL:https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tdl/guide/standbypass.html
  • Restaurant
  • To maintain the social distancing,Priority Seating is a system for booking a dining time at certain restaurants. With a Priority Seating time, you can be seated with a minimal wait after you arrive at the restaurant. We recommend booking in advance if you wish to dine at Park restaurants that offer Priority Seating. Booking the restaurants by using the Tokyo Disney Resort online reservations & tickets website or Tokyo Disney Resort App. For more details please see below:
  • URL:https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tdl/guide/priorityseating
  • Shops
  • Certain shops inside parks require an online reservation. If you would like to use the shops that require an online reservation, please make a reservation through the Advance Shop Entry Reservations system (in Japanese only) and select the date and time to enter the shop. For more details please see below:
  • URL:https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/topics/info/howtoenjoy.html

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