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Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria in Australia. It is also referred to as the “Coffee Capital of the World” because of its coffee and cafe culture, which was established by Italian immigrants. It is a multicultural city that celebrates diversity and creativity, and these are evident as you explore its streets and laneways where you’ll find vibrant street art and artisanal enterprises.

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Eureka Skydeck Ticket in Melbourne
The scenery is so beautiful! It is recommended that you can go around after dinner recently, because the sunset time in Melbourne in summer is about 8:30, and you have to wait a long time to go early. It’s okay to go by around 7:30, and you can see Melbourne during the day, sunset, and Melbourne with lights at night.

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[On Sale] SkyBus Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL) Express Transfer Ticket
As soon as you exit the lobby on the first floor of the airport, go to the right and follow the crowd to find the skybus boarding point. You can directly show the mobile phone barcode for the staff to scan, which is very convenient! Because skybus travels to and from the airport, there is an area to enlarge luggage, and there is a lot of space. About 30 minutes to the city, get off at the indoor platform of Southern Cross Station.

5 /5

Highly recommended
Melbourne Tandem Skydive Experience
Shattering! Mom, I finally succeeded in challenging the altitude of five thousand feet. The door opened and I fell out of the fruit. I have forgotten the heartbeat of just ten minutes. After free fall, I slowly enjoy the beautiful scenery under my feet for 10 minutes in the air. Plan to jump at that point next time😆

5 /5

Highly recommended
Werribee Zoo Ticket
Fuss free redemption via klook app to Werribee Open Range zoo. Cheaper than buying on site & faster as well as there were long queues due to school holidays. Great place to get up close with the animals on the highly recommended open bus ride! Too bad we can't carry koalas in Victoria state. Miss that part of interaction with the cute fluffy creatures. Highly recommended place to chill out for animal lovers. There is a cafe that serves good food too, where we get to watch Meerkats running outside while we enjoy the food and cuppa.

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