Why The Photo-Worthy Island of Penghu, Taiwan Is Our Dream Destination Post-Quarantine

Eunis Ong
Eunis Ong
23 Jul 2020
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Photo Credit (L-R): @max__630, @alan7022814, @shengkai_travel on Instagram

We're missing out on Penghu, Taiwan

We may have come to love Taiwan for its mouth-watering street food, never-ending lines of night markets to explore and not forgetting, our beloved bubble tea! But here's one more thing for you to add to that list - breathtaking scenery.
penghu dream destination 1
Image source: Instagram @max__630
If the first half of 2020 felt like a bad dream, let these beautiful photos of Penghu's best Instagram photo-spots soothe your soul, and here's to wishing that we can see these sights in person in the near future!

1. Xiao Chi Jiao Double Curved Bridge

The Xiao Chi Jiao Double Curved Bridge is located in Xiyu Township, Penghu and it's just a short drive away from the Chixi Rock Waterfall, which you can visit together.
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Image source: instagram @samantha0522s
Stretching out of the coastline surrounded by azure waters, this T shaped bridge has a small pavilion on each end allowing you to fully enjoy the surrounding view while chilling under the shade.
penghu dream destination 3
Image source: Instagram @han__wun
When the tide is low, you'll be able to see large corals on the shallow seabed and when it gets high, the pavilion will look like its floating on the water, making it a perfect spot for photoshoots!
Address: 881, Taiwan, Penghu County, Xiyu Township

2. Chixi Rock Waterfall

Formed by the cooling lava that created Penghu millions of years ago, the island boasts many of these beautiful basalt cliffs.
penghu dream destination 4
Image source: Instagram @shengkai_travel
The Chixi Rock Waterfall got its name from its unique appearance, with its basalt columns resembling that of waterfalls cascading above the horizon. There is also a saying that the rock's curved joint structure looks like a galloping horse!
penghu dream destination 5
Image source: Instagram @cin_0219
At the foot of the attraction lies a fish farm. During the low tide, you'll be able to walk on the rock grids to see the whole of Chixi Rock Waterfall in its full glory.
penghu dream destination 6
To get the best pictures of Chixi Rock Waterfall, remember to pay attention to the level of the tide.
Address: Xiyu Township, Penghu County

3. Wangankou Beach

Located at the southern end of Wangan in Penghu, Wangankou beach is known as the 'Dream Beach' for its clean and soft white sand.
penghu dream destination 7
Image source: instagram @gamanini
This hidden beach is a natural habitat for green turtles to lay eggs and has been designated by the government as a protected area for them.
penghu dream destination 8
Image source: instagram @gamanini
An iconic sight, the wave-shaped low wall on the shore has also become a popular Instagram spot for both locals and tourists!
Address: Wangan Township, Penghu County

4. Penghu Paradise Road

Bending like a sea snake that's heading out into the ocean, the Penghu Paradise Road used to be an old ship port, but is now one of the most popular photo-spots in Penghu!
penghu dream destination 9
Image source: Instagram @shengkai_travel
An unguarded and narrow footpath that leads out into the ocean, remember to mind your step and check for the weather before heading out to get that Insta-worthy shot.
Address: Baisha Township, Penghu County

5. Youfu Pavilion

Located next to the popular Fenggui Caves, the Youfu Pavilion is a white mushroom shaped structure that's also a popular photo-spot in Penghu. Here you can take photos while listening to the sound of crashing waves.
penghu dream destination 10
Image source: Instagram @alan7022814
With a clear blue sky, white clouds and the seagulls flying by from time to time, this makes for the perfect backdrop for your selfie!
Address: Magong City, Penghu County

6. Qingwan Cactus Park

While the cactus park is now closed, locals and tourists still flock to the abandoned building next to it for a good photo opportunity! With its unfinished structure and worn out texture, this building makes for a great aesthetic backdrop in your photos
penghu dream destination 11
Image source: instagram @telson10
Address: 880, Taiwan, Penghu County, Magong City, 嵵裡里嵵裡300號

7. Penghu Aquarium Seawall

Just opposite the Penghu Aquarium is a line of seawalls that stretch out of the coast, with it's wavy design making it a popular photo-spot for locals and tourists! Take a stroll out and enjoy sight of the ocean and the cooling sea breeze.
penghu dream destination 12
Image source: instagram @butt2fly_
Address: No. 58, Qitou Village, Baisha Township, Penghu County

8. Wai'an Fishing Port

Wai'an Fishing Port is a small fishing town and it is also the most prosperous place for fishing in Penghu County. Thus luring fishermen from around the country to call this place home.
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Image source: instagram @appururingoo
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Image source: Instagram @a_____ton
From the top of nearby Sanxian Tower, the view of Wai'an Fishing Port looks like a small replica of Greece and the Mediterranean Sea!
Address: Wai'an Fishing Village, Xiyu Township, Penghu County

9. Leisure Time Cafe

For an afternoon snack, take a break at the Leisure Time Cafe with its beautiful interior decor! Constructed by the owner himself, the cafe's colourful roof and white space is the perfect place to grab a picture!
penghu dream destination 15
Image source: instagram @r.ii.sa
Address: No. 71, Haihai Village, Baisha Township, Penghu County

10. Duxingshi Village

Formerly known as Penghu Island Stronghold Command, Duxingshi Village is now the oldest military housing in Taiwan.
penghu deam destination 16
Image source: Instagram @chincy_
During the second world war, the Japanese army established their official residence in this town, thus you'll find many Japanese-styled homes here.
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Image source: Instagram @____dolly095____
This village is also the childhood homes of two famous Taiwanese singers, Chang Yu Sheng and Pan An Ban. While they have both passed on, their homes have become a space for art exhibits and a memorial museum.
Address: 22nd Alley, Xinfu Road, Magong City, Penghu County

11. Nanliao Village

The Nanliao Ancient Village is one of Penghu's oldest village and is full of antique traditional culture and historical traces!
penghu dream destination 18
Image source: Instagram @vivian14029
penghu dream destination 19
Image source: Instagram @chincy_
If you want to know more about the historical and cultural style of Penghu, it is worth visiting. You can enjoy Penghu from different angles and experience the charm of the island.
Address: No. 78 Nanliao, Huxi Township, Penghu County

12. Erkan Ancient Residences

Penghu is rich in cultural landscapes, and ancient villages like the Erkan Ancient Residences, which is the first folk village in Taiwan!
penghu dream destination 20
Image source: instagram @hong.wuu
penghu dream destination 21
Image source: Instagram @w506203
With its charming stonewalled houses and traditional decorations, this village definitely brings with it a retro vibe that would look great in pictures.
Address: Xiyu Township, Penghu County