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  • Where to Eat in Tagaytay: 19 Restaurants With a Breathtaking View of Taal

    Last updated 15 Mar 2024
    tagaytay restaurants view

    Photo Credit (L-R): @marieanglo and @qiwellnessliving on Instagram

    Tagaytay restaurants that have reopened!

    The cool weather, steaming bulalo soup, hot tsokolate — these are just some of the things you probably missed about Tagaytay. Finally, after two years of lockdown, Tagaytay now back bringing visitors fresh mountain air, amazing food choices, and a spectacular view of Taal.
    That said, if you’re planning to head down for a trip this upcoming weekend, here are 19 new Tagaytay restaurants to check out that are on our radar for stunning views, delicious food, and the undeniable Tagaytay vibe.
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    1. The Purple Owl

    purple owl tagaytay
    Photo Credit: @thepurpleowltagaytay on Instagram
    Now open for private dining and intimate events, make sure you stop by The Purple Owl when you’re in the city of Tagaytay. They’re famous for their picturesque outdoor dining setups and tried-and-tested family recipes that both locals and tourists have loved for years!

    2. Mon’s Restaurant

    Imagine sipping on a cup of the best hot chocolate in Tagaytay (made with local tablea, of course) with this view! After a long lockdown period, Mon’s Restaurant is open again for dine-in, food pick-up, and delivery services. Finally, you can stay for lunch and try their fresh, hearty rice bowls, featuring your favorite Filipino dishes made with a twist!

    3. Lime and Basil Restaurant

    lime and basil
    Photo Credit: @paannnnc on Instagram
    lime and basil
    Photo Credit: @paannnnc on Instagram
    Craving for good quality Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup? Drive to Tagaytay and visit Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant! After a long day of exploring Tagaytay, you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine while dining al fresco so you can bask in Tagaytay’s cool breeze!

    4. Nurture Wellness Village

    nurture wellness village
    If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, this all-in-one wellness getaway is for you! Tagaytay’s Nurture Wellness Village is now open to help you relax while satisfying your healthy cravings! They offer a wide array of nutritious and organic meals—from fat-free dishes, to salads, to organic juices, to vegetarian favorites like their Mushroom Tempura. You can experience a guilt-free but hearty food trip with friends and family here. 

    5. Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant

    chateau hestia
    Photo Credit: @irisfigs on Instagram
    Take a break from your usual home cooked meals and up your palate at Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant! Known for their gourmet European dishes, you’ll find yourself wanting seconds after just a few bites. While you’re there, don’t forget to take beautiful photos at their luscious garden!

    6. Marcia Adams

    marcia adams
    Photo Credit: @marieanglo on Instagram
    marcia adams
    Photo Credit: @marieanglo on Instagram
    Some places are just worth the long drive—and this vibrant and homey restaurant in Tagaytay is one of them! Marcia Adams has been around for a while and is beloved for their signature Mediterranean three-course meals that will leave you satisfied from appetizer to dessert! One meal here will take you to the south of Italy for the day!

    7. Aozora Japanese Restaurant

    Photo Credit: Elaine Dogelio (https://www.elainedogelio.com/2020/02/aozora-japanese-restaurant.html)
    Photo Credit: Elaine Dogelio (https://www.elainedogelio.com/2020/02/aozora-japanese-restaurant.html)
    Awarded as one of the top Japanese restaurants in Tagaytay, you’ll be glad to know that Aozora Japanese Restaurant is ready to serve again. They are open daily, ready to satisfy your appetite for sushi and katsu which you can enjoy with a view of their farm!

    8. The Teahouse at Qi Wellness

    qi wellness
    Photo Credit: @qiwellnessliving on Instagram
    qi welllness
    Photo Credit: @qiwellnessliving on Instagram
    Who wouldn’t want to spend a relaxing afternoon lounging by this view? Head up to Qi Wellness for a rejuvenating spa getaway overlooking Taal Lake! If you’d like to skip the spa (for now), The Teahouse is also open to guests, allowing for a nice Chinese-cuisine meal with a view!

    9. Taza Fresh Table

    taal vista
    Photo Credit: @iamjeffong on Instagram
    Tāza is located in the 4-star Taal Vista Hotel, so you’re guaranteed the gold standard when it comes to quality and service. What makes this restaurant in Tagaytay special is how they use fresh, local ingredients to prepare their menu. Try out their Tomahawk Pork Chops or Ribeye Steak for your main dish while sipping a bottle of Moet et Chandon for an elegant dinner date.
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    10. Tsokolateria Artisanal Café

    Photo Credit: @uynate on Instagram
    As their name suggests, Tsokolateria Artisanal Café specializes in locally-produced cocoa that they incorporate so incredibly well into their dishes. Be sure to try their Tsoko Twists, a crispy pork dish with chocolate sauce, or their Malunggay Pesto with Tsoko Garlic, and of course, their signature Tsokolateria hot chocolate. Also - be sure to dine al fresco - there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy their food twice more while taking in one of the best views in Tagaytay!

    11. Balay Dako

    balay dako
    Photo Credit: @balaydako on Instagram
    balay dako
    Photo Credit: @balaydako on Instagram
    From the owners of the Antonio Group of restaurants in Tagaytay, Balay Dako is famous for its quality dishes authored by the best chefs in the country. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for buffet food in Tagaytay (the morning buffet is highly raved about). Reserve a table late in the afternoon to enjoy sumptuous dishes like Kare Kare, Sinigang na Hipon, or their Inasal with a sunset view. Cap it off with a bottle of fine wine and you’ve got yourself a 5-star meal!

    12. Sonya’s Garden

    sonya's garden
    Photo Credit: @chrisseanmae on Instagram
    sonya's garden
    Photo Credit: @biancalexadriaa on Instagram
    Another Tagaytay crowd-favorite, Sonya’s Garden is a go-to spot for some classic homemade meals. But not only does it boast delicious food, plantitos and plantitas can joyfully spend their leisure time strolling through the gardens, too. Another thing you’ll love about this restaurant is that they’re pet-friendly so you can bring your furry friends with you!

    13. La Creperie Twin Lakes

    la creperie tagaytay
    Photo Credit: @marieanglo on Instagram
    La Creperie can easily be found around Manila, but the experience at La Creperie cannot be replicated. Of course during your visit, you can't miss out on the opportunity to devour their delicious crepes - with a side of hot chocolate and coffee sounds perfect to us!

    14. Bag of Beans

    bag of beans
    Photo Credit: @bagofbeans_tagaytay on Instagram
    Many would consider Bag of Beans a classic choice for their weekend trips to Tagaytay - and for very good reason! Not only do they offer a delicious selection of food (that we've longed for all quarantine), but Bag of Beans' charming location and interior makes for a delightful dining (and admittedly, Instagrammable) experience.

    15. Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro

    buon giorno caffe
    Photo Credit: @kclintan on Instagram
    Calling all Italian food lovers! Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro finally reopened their doors last October 20 and are now ready to serve guests plates of authentic Italian dishes like Parma Ham, Quattro Formaggi pizza, and Canneloni Spinaci pasta. The best part? Their views are just as stunning too - with a clear view of the Taal Lake!

    16. Leslie's

    leslies tagaytay
    Photo Credit: Leslie's Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LesliesRidgeandRestaurant/photos/a.109033163879120/357496122366155/)
    First off: Leslie’s - a classic restaurant choice in Tagaytay! Situated in a prime location overlooking Taal Volcano, it’s no surprise that Leslie’s is a crowd favorite among locals and tourists alike. Here, you can dine indoors or enjoy the crool, crisp air in their al fresco dining cottages. For first-timers, we recommend getting their trademark bulalo (in all its savory goodness) and buttered garlic shrimp as pulutan. Afterwards, wash it down with a bottle of cold beer!

    17. Bulalo Point Turo-Turo

    bulalo point turo turo
    Photo Credit: @6100rusticfood on Instagram
    bulalo point turo turo
    Photo Credit: @june.tonio on Instagram | Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TripniJune
    Bulalo Point Turo-Turo is a famous resto bar in Tagaytay known particularly for their delicious bulalo special! It also helps that their menu offers good value for money, allowing guests to fill their bellies with unlimited bulalo, beer, and crispy tawilis - all while overlooking views of Taal Volcano! What a treat!

    18. Memory Lane

    memory lane tagaytay
    Photo Credit: @missbernadeth on Instagram
    Here in Memory Lane, the dishes are sure to remind you of home. While the 60’s-inspired interior might say otherwise, the charming decor will surely make for great Instagram photos!
    Just in case you aren’t sure what to order from their list of Filipino food, order Daing na Dagupan, Boneless Bangus, or Crispy Paksiw na Lechon! You can also order appetizers like the Nacho Platter and Squid Rings while sipping Spanish Red wine over stories with your loved ones.

    19. Cabanas Dine and Bar

    This modern Filipino restaurant and bar overlooking the Taal Lake is the perfect “tambayan” spot to visit with friends. They also serve delicious food and drinks like their Stuffed Rosemary Chicken with Java Rice, Lechon Belly Roll, and the Tagaytay classic, Bulalo. Soak in the views of the Taal Lake while sipping on your cocktail or beer with your friends.

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