24 Best And New Bubble Tea Joints In PJ, KL & SS15 To Get Your Boba Fix

18 Jun 2020
best bubble tea malaysia

The ultimate list of bubble tea places in KL & SS15

It seems there’s a new boba place popping up every few weeks around Klang Valley! Whether you’re looking for the best bubble tea in SS15, a boba place with unique drinks, or simply searching for ‘bubble tea near me’ on Google, you’ve landed in the right place.

1. Xing Fu Tang 馬來西亞幸福堂

xing fu tang brown sugar boba milk
xing fu tang stir fried pearls with brown sugar
Photo Credit: Xing Fu Tang
A popular chain hailing from Taiwan, Xing Fu Tang prides themselves in their specialty which is stir-fried pearls with brown sugar. Since the opening of their first outlet in the SS15 bubble tea street, they have expanded to 14 outlets across Malaysia.
Must-try: Signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk
Find out the nearest Xing Fu Tang outlet near you. For more updates on new outlets and promotions, check out the Xing Fu Tang Facebook page.

2. Gong Cha

Gongcha is one of our favourite spots to head to when we're craving some boba! An international bubble tea chain that originated from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, it is to date the fastest growing bubble tea brand with over 1,500 stores worldwide.
Must-try: Signature Winter Melon Tea, Lemon Juice With Ai-Yu Jelly

3. I'Milky

Cha Wan Jia Johor
With the philosophy of producing "true, real" drinks, I'Milky prides itself for offering beverages that use only 100% natural and healthy raw materials. For instance, the shop uses cane sugar in their drinks, and not fructose; fresh farm milk, and not creamer; as well as fresh fruits, pure honey, and premium tea leaves.

4. The Alley 鹿角巷

the alley brown sugar deerioca milk
Another household name, this Taiwanese homegrown milk tea franchise has been taking over the boba scene in Malaysia. It’s said that The Alley make their own sugar cane syrup and tapioca pearls, referred to as ‘Deerioca’, from scratch using quality ingredients. You can also different varieties of flavour blends aside from their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca series.
Must-try: Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk
Check out The Alley’s website for outlet locations and opening hours.

5. Chatto

Photo Credit: Chatto Malaysia
Another homegrown tea cafe brand, Chatto has expanded to 25 outlets across Malaysia in the few years since they’ve opened. Make sure to snap photos of the Chatto drinks’ ombre effect with distinct layers! If you’re feeling hungry, they offer snacks and Japanese bento boxes in the cafe as well.
Must-try: Charcoal Pearl Oolong Tea, CHATTO Milk Hojicha
Check out the Chatto website for outlet locations, opening hours, food & drinks menu.

6. Tiger Sugar 马来西亚老虎堂

tiger sugar brown sugar boba with milk
Photo Credit: Tiger Sugar
Known for the tiger-striped appearance of the brown sugar drizzle on the walls of the cup, Tiger Sugar is a highly anticipated boba chain that opened in January at Sunway Pyramid. Since then they’ve expanded and just opened their seventh Malaysian outlet in Mid Valley Megamall. When you get your cup of Tiger Sugar, it’s recommended to shake 15 times before drinking!
Must-try: Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cream Mousse, Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl With Milk
Pro-tip: Tiger Sugar – boba vs pearl? You can get your drink with boba or pearls, the distinction between the two types of tapioca pearls are in their sizes – pearls being the smaller ones. There’s also an option with a mixture of both!
For more updates on new outlets and promotion, check out the Tiger Sugar Facebook page.

7. Chun Yang Tea 春陽茶事

chun yang tea brown sugar pearl fresh milk
chun yang tea
Photo Credit: Chun Yang Tea
With one outlet in the Klang Valley at 1 Utama, Chun Yang Tea prides themselves in quality and authentic tea. Apparently, Jay Chou is a fan of Chun Yang Tea! Aside from their signature oolong tea and pearl milk tea, they also have a unique menu item which combines brewed black tea and cheese foam topping.
Must-try: Oolong Tea with Honey Lemon, Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk, Black Tea Cheese Macchiato
Location: LG313 Lower Ground, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 10pm | Friday & Saturday, 10am to 10:30pm

8. Daboba Malaysia 熊黑堂

daboba honey golden pearl milk tea
daboba roasted brown sugar pearl fresh milk
Photo Credit: Daboba Malaysia
Along the SS15 bubble tea street, amongst the longest waiting times is at Daboba! This popular franchise is currently expanding very quick, with new outlets cropping up every month. The Daboba menu includes brown sugar milk, classic milk teas, cheese teas, fresh teas and more. Aside from regular tapioca pearls, they have golden bobas as well which are worth a try!
Must-try: Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk, Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea
For more updates on new outlets and promotion, check out the Daboba Malaysia Facebook page.

9. Black Whale

Black Whale Boba
Black Whale is a relatively new kid in town, but has since opened up stores across Klang Valley, Johor, Penang, as well as a few outlets in Perak, Melaka, Kedah, and Sabah. They serve a wide-range of drinks including a fruity yogurt series, dalgona series, as well as their very own specialty ice cream and creme brulee!
Must-try: Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk, Brown Sugar Avocado Milk, and Brown Sugar Shizuoka Matcha Latte

10. Fire Tiger by Seoulcialclub

Fire Tiger
Fire Tiger
Fire Tiger is a popular bubble tea brand from Thailand that serves delicious cups of tea with ribbons of brown sugar and chewy boba pearls! You can only get Fire Tiger at its only location in Malaysia - Mid Valley Megamall.
Must-try: Fire Tiger Milk, Fire Tiger Milk Tea

11. OneZo Malaysia 丸作

onezo black humour
Photo Credit: OneZo Malaysia
Another famous bubble tea in SS15 is OneZo, with an extensive menu of unique drinks. If you’re not sure what to get, you can’t go wrong with their Brown Sugar Series. There’s no need to worry about having mass-produced tapioca pearls in OneZo because each boba is made by hand in-store! This allows them more creativity to create different types of pearls as well, like their recent Pokeball pearls.
Must-try: Flaming Brown Sugar Milk, Black Humour
Location: 70-G, Jalan SS15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am to 1am
Check out the OneZo Malaysia website for their menu and information on other outlet locations.
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12. Cojiitii

Photo Credit: Cojiitii
Unlike the many boba places, Cojiitii distinct themselves with their combination of drinks. Instead of the typical black tapioca pearls, they offer golden pearls and jelly pearls. They are perhaps most known for their chocolate and pearl drinks alongside other fruit-based drinks, cheese teas, fresh juices and more.
Must-try: Cojii Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Golden Pearl Milk Tea
Location: Lot K-F-101, Level 1 No, 6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am to 10pm

13. Chawanjia Tea Bubble Malaysia (茶丸家 Tea Bubble Malaysia)

Photo Credit: Chawanjia
Taking the craft of boba to a whole new level, you can get yourself some multi-coloured rainbow pearls at Chawanjia! Besides that, they also have mango pearls, sakura pearls, dragon fruit pearls and more. With an extensive menu of unique items, you’re bound to find something exciting to try at every visit!
Must-try: Rainbow Pearl Black Green Tea, Sakura Pearl Green Tea, White Pearl Winter Melon Tea
Location: 34, Jalan SS 15/8, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Saturday to Wednesday, 11:30am to 12am | Thursday & Friday, 11:30am to 1am
Check out Chawanjia’s website for their extensive menu and description of each drink.

14. Yumcha My

white rabbit bubble tea
yumcha tea bar my
Photo Credit: Yumcha My
Bringing the concept of popular boba with a twist on local flavours, Yumcha prides themselves in using fresh and natural ingredients from making their own boba pearls, brewing their own tea with premium tea leaves to using fresh milk, real black sugar, and more.
You can get from a variety of their vibrant, ombre drinks and adjust your own ice and sugar levels. They’re always coming up with seasonal flavours like Durian Potong Milk Cha but perhaps what you mostly know them for is their viral White Rabbit Milk Cha with Butterfly Pea Boba.
Must-try: Signature Golden Cha, Gula Melaka Dirty Milk Cha, limited edition drinks
Yumcha @ Happy Mansion
Location: Happy Mansion Block BG-7, PJ Section 17
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am to 10pm
Yumcha @ Bandar Sunway
Location: Bandar Sunway, No. 39, Jalan PJS 11/9
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am to 9pm
For those in Ipoh, Yumcha has an outlet in Ipoh Old Town! For more updates on their limited edition drinks and new outlets, check out the Yumcha My Facebook page.

15. JLD Dragon 吉龙糖马来西亚

jld dragon milk tea bubble tea
jld dragon
Photo Credit: JLD Dragon
Prepared using quality ingredients from Japan and Taiwan, you can definitely taste the love that goes into making each cup. The chewy boba pearls from JLD Dragon are also made from scratch, by hand. Topped with fresh milk and sweetened with Okinawa brown sugar, you can’t go wrong with their signature brown sugar boba with fresh milk!
Must-try: JLD Dragon Milk Tea
Location: No 7, Jalan SS 15/4e, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 12pm to 12am | Saturday & Sunday, 12pm to 1am
Check out the JLD Dragon Facebook page for updates on limited edition flavours and boba creations!


hola tea
Photo Credit: HOLATEA
Amongst the many bubble tea franchise hailing from Taiwan, there’s a homegrown brand new to the scene – HOLA Tea. They offer 4 different tea bases and many of the main ingredients for their drinks are imported from Taiwan. Aside from bubble tea and other drinks, they also have savoury dishes and cakes like Burnt Cheesecake.
Must-try: Double Cheese Milk Foam
Check out the HOLATEA Facebook page for more updates and outlet details.

17. Soylab

soylab bean looking for him her
soylab soy ice cream
Photo Credit: Soylab
Finally one for the lactose intolerant friends out there, Soylab offers soya milk with brown sugar tapioca pearls! Serving all sorts of soya dessert made using non-GMO soybeans, you can also have the classic tau fu fah, soy shaved ice, soy soft serve, soyffle pancakes, and more. Soylab is definitely dessert heaven for those who can’t have dairy!
Must-try: Bean Looking For Him, Bean Looking For Her, Shuai Beancurd
Location: 104, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 1pm to 11pm
Check out the Soylab website for more information.

18. KOI Thé

koi golden bubble milk tea
Photo Credit: KOI Thé Malaysia
While not new to the bubble tea scene in Malaysia, KOI Thé or more commonly referred to as KOI, still continues to be a favourite amongst boba lovers. Known for their golden pearls, the drinks menu extends beyond just bubble tea and you can also customise the sugar levels in your drinks.
Must-try: Golden Bubble Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Matcha Latte with Golden Bubble
Check out the KOI Thé Malaysia Facebook page for more updates.

19. Moge Tee Malaysia

moge tee souffle
moge tee
Photo Credit: Moge Tee Malaysia
While Moge Tee has bubble amongst many other exciting and unique drinks, their boba souffle is a must-try! Their souffle also come in various flavours like savoury meat floss or fruity mango, strawberry and more. Make sure to order a drink on the side from their selection of fruit teas, milk teas, dirty milk, and cheese teas!
Must-try: Bubble Flow Souffle, Brown Sugar/ Black Pearl Dirty Milk, Cheese Watermelon Tea
Check out the Moge Tee website for more information.

20. Moojicha Malaysia

moojicha kao ne ne
Photo Credit: Moojicha Malaysia
Famous for their signature bubble milk tea topped with torched black sugar known as ‘Kao Ne Ne’, Moojicha is a must-visit for those in Cheras. Aside from the normal black tapioca pearls, you can also get their crystal white pearls!
Must-try: Kao Ne Ne, Signature Bubble Milk Tea With Crystal Bubbles, Goddess Tea With Crystal Bird Nest
Check out the Moojicha Facebook page for more updates and information.

21. Teadayz Malaysia

teadayz bobo milk
teadayz messy mango
Photo Credit: Teadayz Malaysia
Another fairly new bubble tea spot in Cheras, TEADAYZ is a modern concept tea bar worth a visit. They use premium tea imported from Taiwan and quality ingredients like fresh milk and fruits for their drinks. If you’re feeling peckish, you can order from their snacks menu as well!
Must-try: Bobo Milk, Messy Mango, King Crysanthemum x Wintermelon
Location: 29-G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 2, Dataran Perniagaan Cheras, Cheras, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm to 12am
Check out the Teadayz website for more information and outlet locations across Malaysia.

22. 十分车站 Shifen Station Malaysia

shifen station signature marblearl milk tea
shifen station sweet potato taro puree
Named after the famous Shifen old streets in Taiwan, Shifen Station has not only the classic bubble tea in their menu but also uncommon flavours using sweet potato, banana, sour plum with grapefruit and more.
Must-try: Signature Marblearl Milk Tea, Signature Shifen Milk Tea, Honey Golden Bubble Milk Green
Check out the Shifen Station Malaysia Facebook page and website for details on their outlet locations, menu, updates, and more.

23. Tea Amo

tea amo taufa royal milk tea
tea amo milk tea ice cream
Photo Credit: Tea Amo
Another homegrown bubble tea brand along the SS15 bubble tea street, Tea Amo’s signature Taufa brown sugar pearl series is a must-try when you visit the store. While you can get it with regular milk, other options are also available like rose milk, peach milk, amongst others. Instead of drinks, they also offer milk tea soft serve with boba, tea, and more.
Must-try: Taufa Royal Milk Tea, Taufa Rosemilk, Milk Tea Ice Cream With Brown Sugar Pearl
Location: 51, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday, 12pm to 1am | Saturday, 12pm to 12am
Check out the Tea Amo Malaysia Facebook page for more updates and promotions.

24. Royaltea 皇茶

royaltea creme brulee cheese milk tea pearls
royaltea fruit series
Photo Credit: Royaltea
The first to introduce cheese tea to Malaysia, Royaltea’s specialty is making their drinks with modern technology and using fresh, natural ingredients. While their signature is their cheese tea series, you can also find a selection of fruit drinks, milk teas, coffee drinks and more.
Must-try: Cheese Green Tea, Royal Milk Tea, Creme Brulee Milk Tea
Check out the Royaltea website for more information, outlet locations and menu.


secret recipe bubble tea
Photo Credit: Secret Recipe
Jumping on the boba craze, FamilyMart has also released their very own Brown Sugar Bubble Milk for only RM6.90! Due to its popularity, it’s not uncommon to see them out of stock.
Besides that, Secret Recipe has also come up with their own bubble tea drinks. With many outlets across Malaysia, it’s now easier than ever to get yourself a cup of boba.

Will you travel for boba?

ya kun bubble tea milk tea
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