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Nishiki Market is a marketplace in downtown Kyoto, located on the east end of Nishikikōji Street,[1] one block north and parallel to Shijō Street and west of Teramachi Street. Rich with history and tradition, the market is renowned as the place to obtain many of Kyoto's famous foods and goods.
Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00
609番地 Nishidaimonjichō, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8054, Japan

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Sin Yi
15 Feb 2020
The classroom is near the Nishiki Market. The teacher will take us to the market to buy the necessary ingredients, and then return to the classroom to cook. Mr. Keiko is kind and friendly, and has good English. There are basically three dishes to choose from. We chose tempura ravioli and parent-child ravioli. They are simple and easy to organize. Everyone who comes to Kyoto must participate in this event!
7 Feb 2020
The location of the classroom is a bit secret, so take some time to find it. As soon as the teacher Yukari is waiting for me in the classroom, after discussing what to eat at noon, I will go to the nearby brocade market to buy ingredients. Yukari also very carefully and carefully introduced the entire market. History and food. After returning to the classroom, I also carefully taught each step, so that I successfully made delicious tempura rice.