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[Special Offer] Nami Island Admission with Restaurants & Activities
★ 4.7
10K+ Booked
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US$ 5.25

From US$ 4.49

Nami Island, Garden of Morning Calm and More
★ 4.7
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 48.19

From US$ 44.29

Seoul Land Sky X Ticket
★ 4.5
100+ Booked

US$ 13.15

From US$ 8.75

Seoul Zoo (Included Sky Lift & Elephant Train) Combo Ticket Seoul
★ 4.6
4K+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 14.89

US$ 13.89

DMZ and Third Tunnel Tour from Seoul
★ 4.6
900+ Booked

US$ 65.69

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Tour from Seoul
★ 4.5
30K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

From US$ 56.95

Hanwha Aqua Planet Ilsan
★ 4.5
3K+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 27.25

From US$ 15.19

Gapyeong Zipline Experience
★ 4.6
200+ Booked

US$ 42.05

From US$ 35.05

Gapyeong Zipline, Railbike, and ATV Trip from Seoul
★ 4.8
100+ Booked

US$ 100.70

Fly Station Indoor Skydiving Experience in Gyeonggi-do

US$ 57.79

From US$ 52.55

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Land of Fantasies
Gyeonggi-do is located near many wonderful theme parks, which are ideal destinations to visit all-year round!
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Day Tours to Discover
Gyeonggi-do is home to various colorful towns and gorgeous gardens. Take a look and you will sure be fascinated
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Why people love Gyeonggi-do

I strongly recommend this place to everyone. So calm and beautiful. Also, I highly recommend this travel agency. The driver was very, very kind, and I was able to have a really comfortable and pleasant trip. If I ever get another chance to visit Nami island again, I would definitely re-book this agency's shuttle! The driver was so kind. It was a very crowded day, and even though there was only one team between me and my mom, my mom continued to praise her for how kind she was.
Really easy experience using the QR code to get on the ferry to Nami island. The staff/captain who was checking tickets saw the QR and immediately knew what to do. The discount is about ₩1000 per person for 2 person package but the convenience of not lining up to buy ticket was worth it. The coupon can be purchased on the same day so you don't need to purchase until you are there.
It was the first time I took the shuttle bus to Everland. 9:50 AM Pick up at Dongdaemun -> Arrive at Everland at around 10:30 AM-about 40 minutes Departure at Everland at 6:30 PM -> Arrive at Dongdaemun at around 7:15 PM-about 45 minutes At first, it takes 10,000 won per person I thought this was a little expensive, but I am very satisfied with using it. When I was going, there weren't many people, so I sat comfortably one by one, but there were many people who used one-way on the way back to Seoul. As I went to the bus-only road, I was able to arrive quickly because I didn't have to worry about getting crowded, and because I didn't drive myself, I got away from the stress of driving and went home comfortably. However, since the bus service time is a little late, I wished that there would be an earlier schedule. Everland is okay, but it's better to go to Caribbean Bay early...
I was the only passenger so it was awkward in the beginning but the driver/ tour guide Mr. Seo was very friendly. The entire tour was on time and while there was some distance between each locations, tourists only have to sit behind and enjoy the ride. The entire tour was really fluid and well-planned. Though, visiting these places in other seasons may have been more enjoyable like fall or winter. If I ever do it again, I’ll visit during a different season. Thanks!
I highly recommend this journey. In the morning, a driver will greet you at the hotel and go to a meeting point in the city center to meet up with other fellow travelers. On the way, the tour guide gave professional explanations, and his Chinese was very clear and kind. Go to different attractions, and take the initiative to take pictures for us! The journey includes access to the third tunnel, but unfortunately it is not possible to take pictures in the tunnel. The mobile phone camera must be stored in the passenger center before departure, so relevant regulations will be respected. But it’s a great honor to feel the local history. Finally returned to Seoul and took us to a famous restaurant for lunch before disbanding!
There are mermaid performances and walrus introductions. Although they are not big rooms, you can play for a long time if you like fish and animals. I stayed with my friends for 3 hours 😂 There are sheep waiting for you on the top floor! Really great value. Moreover, it is more expensive to purchase on the Korean website. After buying, you can change the ticket at the counter and it will be OK! Klook에서사면가장싸요~ 일산아쿠아플라넷에처음에가보니까정말재미있어요!!