Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL): Here's What You Need To Know Before You Fly

Noelle Ong
Noelle Ong
30 Nov 2021
singapore vaccinated travel lanes

Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lanes to 27 Countries

It’s time to brush off the thick layer of dust on your passports because it seems we can finally travel the world again! Singapore has launched Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) to 27 countries and here’s what you need to know if you are planning to finally take that well-deserved trip. 
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What is a Vaccinated Travel Lane? 

Under the Vaccinated Travel Lanes, those fully vaccinated will no longer have to undergo quarantine at the destination country and upon returning to Singapore. Instead, you may be required to take additional COVID-19 tests before departure, at your destination, and when you return to Singapore.
  1. A pre-departure Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test within 48/72 hours of your scheduled flight overseas. This requirement varies depending on the country you are visiting.
  2. A test upon arrival at your designated country. This requirement varies depending on the country you are visiting.
  3. Another test upon arrival at Changi Airport. You must be in self-isolation until you receive a negative on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test result.

Which countries can I travel to? 


Start Date

Australia (New South Wales, Victoria)








South Korea



United Kingdom

United States







29 November 2021


Saudi Arabia


6 December 2021 Deferred till further notice


14 December 2021




Sri Lanka


16 December 2021

Vaccinated travellers can already enter more than 10 countries including Australia, Brunei, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States under the Vaccinated Travel Lanes.
Do note that starting 10 November, Denmark will require all travellers from Singapore to be tested upon arrival and self-isolate for 10 days. If a negative PCR test result is produced, the isolation will end on day 4.
It was also announced on 9 November that Vaccinated Travel Lanes will be established with Malaysia, Sweden, and Finland starting 29 November. Vaccinated Travel Lanes to India, Indonesia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE were also announced on 15 November.
Travellers can also visit Thailand starting 14 December, as well as Cambodia, Fiji, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Turkey starting 16 December in an announcement made on 26 November.
[Update on 30 November]: With effect from 11.59PM on 2 December 2021, those arriving in Singapore under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme will have to undergo supervised, self-administered antigen rapid tests (ART tests) at a Quick Test Centre on days 3 and 7 of your arrival.

Is COVID-19 Vaccination a must to travel? 

You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have vaccination certificates that can be digitally verified. You will be considered fully vaccinated 14 days after you have received the full regimen of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty, Moderna or other World Health Organisation Emergency Use Listing vaccines.
You must have been vaccinated in any of the VTL countries or Singapore. Specifically for South Korea, you will need to be vaccinated in Singapore only.
#KlookTip: Not all countries may accept vaccines such as Sinopharm or Sinovac. Check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to find the latest updates and requirements of your destination country.
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What are the testing requirements to travel under a Vaccinated Travel Lane?

Pre-Departure PCR Test

If you are required to take a COVID-19 test in Singapore up to 72 hours before your departure, you can make an appointment at any of the clinics offering pre-departure PCR tests, listed here.
You can book your PCR tests via Klook at any one of these clinics with multiple outlets islandwide.


Number of Locations


AcuMed Medical Group

10 clinics islandwide


Doctor Anywhere

8 Doctor Anywhere clinics islandwide


Home-based right to your door


Healthway Medical Group

28 Healthway GP clinics islandwide


Pre-Departure PCR Test VTL Travel
You should obtain a test result certificate in English stating the following:
  • Traveller’s name, and at least one other personal identifier such as the date of birth or passport number
  • Negative COVID-19 PCR test result
  • Date and time when the COVID-19 PCR test was taken
  • Name of the testing institution conducting the COVID-19 PCR test
Children aged 2 and below in the calendar year (i.e. in the year 2021, those who are born in or after 2019) are not required to undergo a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test.

On-Arrival PCR Test

You should also register and make payment for their on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test prior to your departure for Singapore.
For South Korea in particular, travellers from Singapore must undergo an additional 2 COVID-19 tests:
  1. On arrival in South Korea. Travellers must make an online reservation for the test at any of the three COVID-19 testing centres in Incheon International Airport before leaving Singapore. 
  2. On day 6/7 in South Korea

What flights can I take?

Travellers from Singapore can take any flights to the VTL country. However, upon return, travellers must take designated VTL flights where all passengers are fully vaccinated and travel to Singapore as their final destination. 
South Korea has only opened its borders to Singapore so far. In this case, you must take a designated VTL flight from Singapore to South Korea as well.

Can I bring my children?

Singapore's vaccinated travel lanes will extend to unvaccinated children aged 12 and below from Oct 19, in a move to facilitate family travel. Children can enter Singapore without quarantine or proof of vaccination, and will not need to apply for a vaccinated travel pass.
Requirements for children: 
  • Must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated traveller who meets all the requirements of the vaccinated travel lane scheme.
  • Your child must be aged 12 and below.
  • Must be a Singaporean, permanent resident, long-term pass holder or short-term visitor.
  • Must have remained in any of the vaccinated travel lane countries or Singapore in the last 14 days before leaving for Singapore.
  • Must be flying into Singapore on a designated vaccinated travel lane flight.
Do note that South Korea will allow general travel under the vaccinated travel lane, but not for children who do not qualify for vaccination or people medically unfit for vaccination.
For Australia: Unvaccinated children aged 12-17 years entering Sydney or Melbourne will need to self-isolate upon arrival and undertake Covid-19 PCR tests. Do note that unvaccinated children aged 13 and above, will not be eligible for VTL flights if returning to Singapore. All travellers aged 5 and above will also be required to take a pre-departure PCR test 72 hours prior to the flight.

Pre-departure Checklist

VTL pre departure checklist
  • Received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination with any vaccine in the World Health Organisation Emergency Use List. 
  • Set up your digital vaccination certificate (i.e. contains a QR code for verification) in English. This has to be issued by Singapore or the VTL country in question. You can get yours from Notarise.
  • Remained in Singapore or the VTL destination for at least 14 days prior to departure. 
  • A pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours of flight departure. 
If the traveller has been in Singapore within those last 14 days, his/her stay in Singapore can be counted towards fulfilling this 14-day travel history requirement.

What are the entry requirements for the different countries? 



Australia (New South Wales & Victoria)

- All travellers five years or older must provide proof of a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of their scheduled departure time.

- Complete the Australian Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before departure for Australia.

- Travellers to New South Wales must take a PCR test within 24 hours of arrival, and on or after day 7 of arriving.

- Travellers to Victoria must take a PCR test within 24 hours of arrival and between day 5 and 7 after arriving.


- All travellers five years or older, vaccinated or otherwise, must provide proof of a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of their scheduled departure time to enter Canada.

- Travellers must enter their proof of vaccination and travel information in ArriveCAN, which is free to use, up to 72 hours before the trip.


- The vaccine must have been taken in the last 12 months.

- Starting 11 Nov 2021, all travellers from Singapore must be tested upon arrival and self-isolate for 10 days. If a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result is produced, the isolation will end on day 4.

- This applies to all travellers regardless of vaccination status as Denmark does not recognise Singapore's vaccination certificate.


- Fully vaccinated individuals are not subject to any health measures as Singapore is on France’s “Green” list.

- Unvaccinated travellers aged 11 years or older must present a negative PCR or antigenic test taken less than 72 hours before the flight.


- A​​ll travellers 12 years and older arriving in Germany have to furnish proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 or a test certificate.

- Travellers may use their digital or paper certificate from Singapore to prove their vaccination status. To generate the vaccination card, log in to HealthHub and navigate to the section labelled "COVID-19 records" to download the PDF.


- Vaccinated visitors from Singapore need to present a certificate of vaccination with an EMA-authorised vaccine.

- They also need to take a PCR or ART test 72 hours before they arrive, with a negative result. Children aged five or younger do not have to take a COVID-19 test.


- All travellers from Singapore are allowed to enter the Netherlands without the need for a test or for quarantine.

- Requirements for proof of vaccination are available here

South Korea

- Travellers are required to take a pre-departure PCR test within 72 hours before the scheduled departure time to South Korea and test negative.

- They also need to take an on-arrival PCR Test. Travellers must make an online reservation for the test at any of the three COVID-19 testing centres in Incheon International Airport before leaving Singapore. 

- They must receive the COVID-19 PCR test at the COVID-19 testing centre located in Incheon International Airport upon arrival. The test result should be ready in 12 hours.

- Those who remain in South Korea for eight days or more are required to take a PCR test at a medical clinic designated by Korean government on day six or day seven of their stay at their own expense. 

- Short-term visitors must purchase travel insurance for the entire duration of their stay, with a minimum coverage of 30 million won (about S$34,000) for COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs. 


- Travellers from Singapore are currently exempted from taking a COVID-19 test and do not need to provide a vaccination certificate, as long as they have been in Singapore in the last 14 days.

- Travellers must complete the Health Control Form on the website or the app, and can submit it from 48 hours before the flight


- Complete the entry form up to 48 hours prior to arrival.

- Request for a COVID-19 Certificate here. It will cost CHF30.

United Kingdom

- Travellers must book and pay for a day two COVID-19 test to be taken after arrival.

- Those who have recovered from COVID-19 also need both doses of any two-dose vaccine.

United States

- All travellers aged two years or older must present a negative COVID-19 test taken within three calendar days of departure. They may also show proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days​.

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