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Popular activities in Penghu

South Penghu Marine National Park Tour
★ 4.9
3K+ Booked

US$ 114.65

Chimei - Wang'an Island Hopping (Boat Ticket and Scooter/Bus Available)
★ 4.4
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 35.85

From US$ 26.85

Transparent Kayaking & SUP Experience at Aimen Beach Penghu
★ 4.8
5K+ Booked

From US$ 28.65

Golden Beach Water Sports
★ 4.6
4K+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 28.65

From US$ 16.15

Penghu Pescadores Islands Nature Experience
★ 4.9
1K+ Booked

US$ 89.55

Penghu Islands Cruise with Water Sports Experience
★ 4.8
2K+ Booked

US$ 21.49

From US$ 17.90

The Eatery of Four Points by Sheraton in Penghu
★ 4.6
6K+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 34.69

From US$ 30.80

Penghu Sailing or Sunset Dinner Experience
★ 4.9
700+ Booked

From US$ 89.55

Wakeboarding Combo Experience in Penghu with SUP and Scuba Diving
★ 4.8
600+ Booked

US$ 53.69

China Spice of Four Points by Sheraton in Penghu
★ 4.7
200+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 129.25

US$ 117.49

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Immersive Experiences
Discover the best of Penghu with these exciting adventure that you're sure to remember - a must for every traveler!
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Insatiable Selections
Enjoy an array of exotic seafood selections, dine inside luxurious hotels or catch your own dinner before sunset in Penghu!
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Adventures on the Open Sea
Experience amazing ocean adventures while exploring this exotic location
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Wonders of the Waters
Explore the surrounding islands and discover the marine life that inhabit the waters of the city
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Why people love Penghu

The new experience boating is really fun and easy! The water in Penghu is really beautiful~😍 The coaches are very good at taking pictures and super beautiful! It is worth a big push 👍🏻 But it is also a good idea to float on the sea for two hours. It is recommended to wear a one-piece long-sleeved swimsuit😄😄
Awesome. The three stickers for the children were returned to our big locomotive, and the car was quite new, easy to ride, the staff at the counter was very kind, and the luggage was not long-winded. I also recommended us to eat food. Next time I go to Penghu, I will find Liuhe Rent a Car (Min Fudian), awesome!
The day before the departure, I will call to inform you that it is very convenient to pick up the tickets on the spot. The boat is also very clean, and there is a certain amount of space for seats and it will not be very crowded. I am honored to have this opportunity to ride. It made me very happy when I first came to Penghu. I saw the customs of Penghu, ate the slightly sour cactus ice, and strolled around the natural scenery and cultural footprints~
Penghu is very fun and makes people reluctant to leave. Everyone was tired and fell asleep on the return journey, and even on the return journey, there was an illusion that the journey was not finished on the boat. On the return trip, I learned that the small typhoon was about to enter the country and the waves were getting bigger, so I could safely reach Taiwan in time. I am very grateful for the professional services provided by the ship.
The seafood crabs and shrimps are fresh and easy to peel. The freshly cut grilled steak is tender and tasteful with rose salt or red wine sauce. The waiter closes the table quickly. One star is missing because I didn’t see the draft beer next to the ice cream, so I didn’t drink it. Unfortunately, Haha, I can recommend a meal when you come to Penghu.
Review for: Penghu Car Rental
This time I stayed at the hotel, the store was able to assist in the transfer to the car rental location, which was very convenient and saved the taxi money. The performance of the car is ok, and the navigation in the car also records most of the scenic spots. It is very practical~ I hope I have another chance to come to Penghu next time.