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About Taiwan

Considered to be the "Hidden Gem of Asia", Taiwan is easily a dream destination for city and nature lovers alike. This small island nation boasts a unique blend of quiet countrysides and bustling metropolitan areas - neither of which should be missed during your visit.

Get 360-degree views of Taiwan's capital city from the 91st floor of Taipei 101 - once the world's tallest structure at 509m high - and make sure to take a trip to the night markets to enjoy street food as the locals do. If you're craving for a more slow-paced vacation, take a bike around the beautiful freshwater Sun Moon Lake in Taichung, or explore the networks of hiking trails at one of the country's many national parks.

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    New Taiwan Dollar

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    • DEC

      Iconic New Year's Eve fireworks displays & performances in Taipei 101, Kaohsiung & Taichung

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