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Farglory Ocean Park
★ 4.8
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 31.89

From US$ 28.29

Hualien Whale Watching
★ 4.7
10K+ Booked

US$ 28.65

From US$ 24.19

Tree Top Adventure in Hualien
★ 4.9
2K+ Booked

US$ 28.65

US$ 25.09

Qingshui Cliff Stand Up Paddle Boarding Experience in Hualien
★ 4.9
1K+ Booked

US$ 60.19

From US$ 54.15

Taroko Gorge Day Trips from Hualien
★ 4.5
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 25.09

From US$ 23.29

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Hualien Liyu Lake
★ 4.9
600+ Booked

From US$ 57.29

Paragliding Experience in Hualien
★ 4.9
2K+ Booked

US$ 89.55

Zhuilu Old Trail Hiking Experience in Taroko National Park
★ 4.8
1K+ Booked

US$ 50.10

US$ 42.95

Nighttime Shrimp Picking with Dinner Experience in Hualien
★ 4.6
600+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 35.85

From US$ 35.79

East Rift Valley Day Tour
★ 4.0
200+ Booked

US$ 49.75

Experiences for everyone in Hualien

Nature Paradise
Delve into Hualien's scenic beauty and fall in love with the breathtaking Taroko Gorge
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Hualien Heritage
Immerse yourself into the rich culture and history with Japanese and Aboriginal roots
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Outdoor Excursions
The east coast boasts some top thrilling activities, so add some adrenalin to your visit
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Why people love Hualien

Mr. Huang, who helped us drive the car, was very enthusiastic. Although we booked for 4 seats, the driver used 7-9 seats to drive us for two consecutive days. It was very comfortable to sit up and introduced us a lot of Hualien’s history along the way. 、Recommended attractions, it is really an unforgettable experience!
I took my parents to Hualien for two days. Since I didn't drive and my parents were not suitable for being too tired, I naturally thought that I would help you in everything. On 8/4, Typhoon Hagby had just left. Although the sky and sea were not very blue, fortunately the weather was not too hot. It’s beautiful no matter how you look at the East Coast... Mr. Driver is in good control of his time, and the commentary along the way also reminded me that I must visit it next time.
The driver, Mr. Gao, picked us up at the hotel early and discussed the attractions with us. Finally, we went to Keishuin, Emerald Valley, Liyutan, Lichuan Fish Farm, Yunshanshui, Mr. Sam’s Cafe, and Lintianshan Park. The family had a great time. , Even children like Hualien. Because the companions have elders, the driver drove extremely smoothly, allowing us to have fun and peace of mind.
This cooking class was one of the highlights of my Taiwan east coast (Hualien-Taitung) trip! Overall, I enjoyed the experience but also it was such an eye opener, and I got to appreciate Taiwan more and its people! Monica and Sofia were also very accommodating, patient (especially when I absentmindedly threw the crushed garlic on the wooden trash bowl 😂), and passionate about indigenous culture. Three cups chicken was the first Taiwanese dish I learned to cook - thanks to this experience!
It's more fun than expected! ! After I came back, I recommended to friends and relatives that the haha zip line will not be too fast, but there is a sense of speed. The morning we went there seemed to be a lot of people, there were 40-50 people, but there are very few cards that need to wait, and the playing rhythm is still It's just right. I want to play again next time I go to Hualien~
The pre-preparation part-easy and simple to place an order-contact them to provide a shuttle service from Hualien Station to the parachute venue-because paragliders are restricted by weather, they may not be able to fly, the instructors will contact us to explain the weather before the appointment time The process-the flight precautions are explained very carefully-the instructor is very friendly, the flying process is very pleasant, will cue how you take pictures, introduce some of the local scenery-add a 500 yuan Gopro to record the whole process is very worthwhile!