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Explore Bromo
See Indonesia’s best kept wonders! Witness a breathtaking sunrise over Mount Bromo and enjoy the fascinating views of the Madakaripura Waterfall in East Java
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Venture off the beaten path and plunge into the cool waters of the Gili Ketapang Sea, see the colorful Rainbow Village, or learn about the ancient "Batik" tradition of cloth dying using wax
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Don't miss these must to do activities when you are traveling to Surabaya - from fantastic theme parks to the famous indoor playgrounds
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Mount Bromo Sunrise and Madakaripura Waterfall Tour
The guide picked us up around 11.30pm the night before and we reach the base around 2am. After that, we took a jeep for about 1 hr to Mount Bromo. The road has lots of curve and I almost vomited when I was in the jeep. Luckily, we arrived before it happened. We arrived at the mountain around 3am and was waiting till 4.30am for seeing the sunrise. The weather was so cold but the scenery is very beautiful. The highlight of the trip was when we rode the horse to climb Bromo itself. The view before the crater is so impressive and more beautiful compared to Tangkuban Prahu in Bandung.