How to Apply for Malaysia Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) to Drive in Malaysia

14 Mar 2020
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New Vehicle Entry Permit For Singaporean Motorists to Johor Bahru

Starting from 1 October 2019, all vehicles travelling across the causeway to Malaysia will require a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) to enter. Only foreign vehicles installed with the VEP-RFID tags issued by the Road Transport Department will be allowed to enter Malaysia.
*UPDATE : Due to the long waiting time for the application of an appointment to obtain the Vehicle Entry Permit, you will minimally need to get a confirmation slip before heading to Malaysia in October. Drivers who have not received an invitation to book an appointment at the Johor office can still enter Malaysia with the confirmation slip in place of the RFID tags.
These tags are equipped with RFID technology that will be detected by readers at customs. After application, the permit is valid for 5 years and users are encouraged to apply for a renewal at least 2 months before the expiry date.

How to apply?

Thankfully, you can register for a permit online at the VEP website and then make an appointment to install your tag. The VEP-RFID tags can then be collected and installed at the Gelang Patah Southbound RnR, Plaza Angsana Open Carpark, Pandan RnR, and Lima Kedai Toll Plaza.
Phase one of the VEP readers will be placed at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar in Johor Bahru.

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