Viral TikTok Food Recipes That Are Actually Worth The Hype

Felicia Dei
Felicia Dei
28 May 2020
viral tiktok food recipes

Photo Credit (Right): @seattlefoodieadventure on Instagram

Bored in the house in the house bored?

Over the past few weeks in lockdown, individuals from all around the world have been cooking up a storm in their kitchens - and a lot of this is surprisingly thanks to short-form video app, TikTok. From foodies to professional cooks, users have been sharing their unique food recipes and hacks on the platform to entertain and encourage users to get in the kitchen.
While it can get overwhelming to sort through all the trendy recipes, we've done the legwork and listed them for you below. Check them out:

1. Dalgona Coffee 

If you haven’t tried the famous dalgona coffee, what are you even doing? It’s a little more time consuming as opposed to making your ordinary cup of joe, but what better time to try this out than in quarantine? If you’re not a coffee person, recipes for a matcha, milo and milk tea version are available, too!

2. Pancake Cereal

Need something to look forward to in the morning? The pancake cereal recipe has been making rounds on the internet - and for good reason. Simply take your ordinary pancake batter and form coin-sized pancakes on the pan. Top it off with milk or maple syrup (or both, we don't judge) and breakfast pancakes will never be the same again.

3. Cookie Cereal

To follow up on the pancake cereal trend, why not give cookie cereal a try? You most likely already have cookie dough lying around from all the baking you’ve done over quarantine, so bake that up and pour in some milk and you’ve got yourself some cookie cereal.

4. Egg Sandwich

Now this one’s more of a hack. While you’re taking 5 minutes to toast bread, another 5 minutes to cook a cheesy egg omelette and another 2 minutes to put that all together - TikTok users have found an efficient way to make this cheesy egg sandwich in just 3 minutes.

5. Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookie

No flour? No problem! This Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe amassed over 6 Million likes on TikTok - and that should be enough reason for you to try it. It’s quick and easy to do and you probably have all five ingredients in your pantry already!

6. Oreo Cake in a Mug

You might question if this one actually works, but trust us, the Oreos will actually rise to a cake-like consistency. Not exactly the healthiest option, but you now have a quick 2-minute recipe for a new midnight snack!

7. Mac n Cheese in a Mug

Another in-a-mug recipe! If you're too lazy to prep and cook a meal or simply want something quick to appease your hunger, you will want to try this mac and cheese in a mug recipe! 

8. Strawberry Milk

Sure, you can buy strawberry milk in the store, but what's the fun in that? This recipe incorporates just three ingredients - fresh strawberries, sugar, and milk. If you don't have strawberries on hand, try and experiment with other available fruits like blueberries or even mangoes. Top it off with ice and it'll make for the most refreshing drink!
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