You Can Now Get Halal Kari Ayam And Beef Rendang At Over 400 Muji Stores In Japan!

Klook Malaysia
Klook Malaysia
12 Jun 2020
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Photo Credits: @muji (Facebook), @AzraaiAzuha (Twitter)

No More Searching Up And Down For Halal Food

Although there are a handful of halal restaurants in Japan, they are not exactly easy to come across, and options are limited. Often times Muslim travellers resort to stuffing our luggage with maggi, biscuits, and even our own sambal belacan in case we’ll have to whip up our own meals during our trip. We're guilty of doing that, and we know we're not the only ones (hopefully)!
Muji Japan
However, it seems like we don’t have to do all that anymore, because you can now find halal-certified Brahim’s ready-to-eat packet meals at Muji outlets in Japan

We're Feeling Proud As Malaysians!

Brahims Muji Japan
Photo Credits: Brahim's Facebook Page
Brahims Muji Japan
Photo Credits: @AzraaiAzuha (Twitter)
Fun fact: Brahim's is a home-grown Malaysian food product line manufactured by Dewina Food Industries Sdn Bhd. It was founded by Datuk Haji Ibrahim along with Mr. Tatsunobu Abe, a Japanese entrepreneur!
Brahim’s announced on their Facebook page few days ago that they have launched 3 of their packet meals in over 400 Muji outlets across Japan. In fact, you can expect them to be available nationwide pretty soon! The 3 products available on shelves now are:
  • Malaysian Chicken Curry
  • Beef Rendang
  • Chicken Masak Lemak
According to the pictures released, each meal packet comes in a minimalistic, Muji-style packaging and costs an affordable JPY490 each (RM19). The meals are all halal-certified by JAKIM, and made by Brahim’s Food Japan, so there's nothing to worry about should you consider getting your hands on one of these ready-to-eat meals!
Brahims Muji Japan
Photo Credits: @AzraaiAzuha (Twitter)
The best thing about this is that the dishes are super easy to put together -you can either easily boil it in water or heat it up in the microwave for a satisfying dish that tastes of home. Cooked rice is also readily-available at most convenience stores in Japan, so just be sure to snatch a pack to eat with your chicken curry the next time you travel to Japan.
This will definitely also be amazing news for Malaysians residing, studying, or working in Japan - sometimes a good old bowl of kari ayam honestly beats even the best bowl of ramen. 
Images obtained from Twitter - check out the tweet by @AzraaiAzuha here.

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