Melaka Bird Park Ticket

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  • Treat the kids to a fun and exciting tour of Melaka Bird Park - the first open aviary and largest bird park in Malaysia.
  • See up to thirty species of birds from Asia, South America, Africa and even Australia!
  • Have your kids experience the thrill of seeing ostriches, flamingos and peacocks up close.
  • Bring some bird feed or buy at the park for a chance to interact with parrots, cacaws, and more!

What to expect at Melaka Bird Park

Go birdwatching with the whole family at Melaka Bird Park! Known as the first open aviary bird park in Melaka (about 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur), this humble wildlife park is built on a 1.8 hectare site at the Botanical Garden in Ayer Keroh, perfect for kids of all ages. Melaka Bird Park is the only bird park to house such a large collection of Malaysian birds - with nearly 30 bird species! This bird park also aims to protect every species and educate the public by hosting a number of educational and recreational programmes, you can take the kids on an educational adventure and explore every inch of the park! Discover different kinds of bird species - such as macaws, lovebirds, peacocks, and even chickens, from four different continents. The exterior of Melaka Bird Park resembles a downscaled stadium with plenty of greenery and a massive model of a parrot perched on a welcome sign. Make the trip even more memorable when you climb up the 108-meter long skywalk. With over 12 meters in height, the kids will be able to see the park from a bird’s eye view. Feel your kids’ excitement as birds fly freely overhead. Climb down the skywalk and proceed to the bird feeding area. Once there, hand some seeds and corn to your kids for an unforgettable feeding experience. Watch in amazement as birds flock the hands of your children and wait for leftover bits at a close range. End the day with a picture or two of the whole family! You can also pop by the nearby Melaka Zoo after a bird park adventure!

Melaka Bird Park
Get tickets to Melaka Bird Park and see the first open and largest aviary in Malaysia!
Melaka Bird Park
With over 30 species and counting, Melaka Bird Park aims to have the largest reserve of Malaysian bird species.
Melaka Bird Park
Buy a pack of bird feed for only RM10 at the park for a chance to feed the birds up close.
Melaka Bird Park
At Melaka Bird Park, birds happily interact with guests of all ages - as long as you have food!
Melaka Bird Park
Hand cobs of corn to macaws, parrots, peacocks, and even chickens!

Things to note

Insider Tips:

  • Enhance your experience and save cost by bringing sunflower seeds or corn from home to feed the birds.
  • Check out Melaka Zoo, the second largest zoo in Malaysia while you’re exploring nearby!
  • Melaka Bird Park is about 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.


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