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Dufu’s Thatched Cottage Ticket Chengdu

Admire the former residence of the famous Chinese poet Dufu

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  • Visit the idyllic home of one of China's most prominent poets, Dufu, and marvel at the sanctuary-like atmosphere
  • Let the surroundings awaken your inner poet and experience the atmosphere that inspired the great writer
  • Explore Dufu’s cottage and wander the lush gardens that surround this peaceful memorial museum
  • Don’t forget to explore Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng, Leshan Giant Buddha as well!
  • Watch the magnificent Sichuan Opera and delight your night!

What to expect

Visit the home of one of China's most prominent and influential poets, Dufu. This great artist lived during the Tang Dynasty, and is considered one of China's greatest poets. This ticket gives you access to visit his home, which has been turned into a beautifully serene memorial museum. As you step into the grounds, you'll be able to experience the same atmosphere that inspired the great poet's works, allowing your own inner creativity to spring forth. It's both a park and museum, and you can spend your time walking in its lush gardens to soak in the tranquility and harmony of nature all around you. In the Memorial Museum, you will be able to learn about the life and the works of Dufu, and how deeply it had affected the cultural temperament around him during his time. For any budding Chinese scholars, you might even be able to practice your literary Chinese as you try to read some of his works on display in the museum. It's a wonderful place to step away from the world and allow your creativity to flourish.

Chengdu Dufu Thatched Cottage ticket
Visit the home of one of China's most significant poets
Chengdu Dufu Thatched Cottage ticket
The tranquil atmosphere will inspire you to meditate and relax
Chengdu Dufu Thatched Cottage ticket
The surroundings are conducive to artistic creativity befitting of the great poet himself
Chengdu Dufu Thatched Cottage ticket
Learn about his life, his works, and the impact Dufu has made upon Chinese literary history

Things to note

Insider Tips:

  • You can also visit Jinsha Site Museum nearby. This is another great place to supplement your knowledge of Chinese culture


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