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Often overlooked by holidayers set on visiting the south of Tasmania, Launceston is a city that captures the heart of its visitors with its understated elegance and urban nature. Its great outdoors are just a stone’s throw away from the city center, while its food and coffee culture abound in sleek-styled streets. Discover the best attractions in Launceston for every kind of traveller with this handy travel guide!

Cataract Gorge Reserve

At the lower edge of South Esk River lies Cataract Gorge Reserve, a natural water basin that doubles as a wilderness refuge in the heart of Launceston. Its hiking trails are a popular escape from the city, where towering cliffs, wild bushland, and the intersecting river body can be seen through various paths. Families can also enjoy the natural park’s playground and Victorian-era gardens, where peacocks and wallabies freely roam.
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City Park

City Park’s expanse is home to Launceston’s various brands of simple entertainment. Chess tables, a Japanese macaque enclosure, art exhibits, live music performances, and so much more await locals and tourists alike. Immerse yourself in the laid-back way of life in Launceston, with most of the people lazily enjoying an afternoon picnic on the grass. Be in touch with nature through a walk in the gardens, or use your last slice of bread as feed at the duck pond.
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Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Discover Launceston’s origins and Tasmanian history at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. Learn the story of Tasmania’s native settlers at the First Tasmanians Gallery, where history stretches as far back as the Stone Age and the region’s Aboriginal beginnings. Don’t miss out on John Glover’s restored works of the colonial era, the most valued collection in the museum. Scientific history is also included, with dinosaur exhibits and the planetarium growing in popularity thanks to kids. End your visit with a bite at the on-site cafe or a souvenir purchase at the gallery shop.
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Tamar Island Wetlands Centre

Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or a curious tourist, Tamar Island Wetlands Centre will surely captivate you. As its name suggests, this nature reserve is home to various specifies of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, and more wetland animals. Access various enclosures by foot through the boardwalk path and footbridges, guarded by tall Tasmanian grass in true wetlands fashion. Check out the bird observation area and visitor center to see more of birdlife, or enjoy the sunny weather on Tamar Island’s picnic grounds.
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