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Explore the beautiful city of Xiamen, also named as Amoy, widely known for Gulangyu city and its symbolic Hokkien culture
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Private Transfer Between Xiamen City and Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster & Yun Shui Yao Ancient Town
We would like to express our gratitude to those who have struggled with driving and guiding from morning to late evening. It was a national holiday in China, so there were more people and traffic jams, but you were kind to the end. When I came back to Xiamen, it was around nine o'clock in the evening, but he died with a smile. It was good.

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Ferry Round Trip Ticket between Xiamen City and Gulangyu Neicuoao Pier
Arriving at the pier early in the morning, many people queued up. Fortunately, you can buy the ferry tickets on Klook. You only need to queue up to collect the tickets and you can pay directly in Hong Kong dollars. Gulangyu is a beautiful island, where you can see buildings where history and Chinese and Western cultures intersect. The red brick walls and the beach on the sea have newlyweds taking pictures. The most beautiful corner is too many people. Come and walk the footsteps of New Journey to the West, eat a bowl of special Shacha noodles, try snacks, leisurely and freehand 🏞