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4G WiFi and Power Bank (JP Airport Pick Up) for Japan [Unlimited]

4.7 (1,284 reviews)

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4.7 1,284 reviews
  • Erwin 17 Mar 2020
    Highly recommended

    i was so amazed because we didn't need to pay any deposit just to claim the wifi. i am so happy with the service because we had fast internet connection for 10 days. we stayed in Tokyo and Osaka there's not even a time where we experienced bad service.

  • Lisle Owen 16 Mar 2020
    Highly recommended

    This is definitely a must have when travelling to Tokyo. Claiming and return process were smooth. Internet connection was strong all throughout our stay. Battery life is superb. We were able to use the included power bank to charge our phone too. This is highly recommended. Will absolutely book when we visit Tokyo or other parts of Japan again.

  • Jayson Mark 13 Mar 2020
    Highly recommended

    This 4G WiFi is a must have!!! Our 14days trip in Japan made our life easier. Because of this good internet connection, we can go anywhere we want as we did DIY. And also we stay connected with our Family and friends. This is very helpful for us! 👍🏼 OSAKA KYOTO SAPPORO NISEKO TOKYO

  • JO KRISTI 11 Mar 2020
    Highly recommended

    I booked a wifi device in Nagoya, Japan. They'll deliver it to Chubu Center Air International Airport Post office on the 1st floor near the Information Center. They sent the packaged with the complete set: wifi device, charger, power bank, pouch bag and an envelope with stamp for you to mail back upon returning the device either via the Post office or post box. The wifi has unlimited data but the speed is up to 150mbps so you need to ensure that you manage watching videos for a long period of time. They also provided a sheet of paper on how to reboot your wifi device in case needed. Also, the wifi device comes in very handy to carry where ever you go in Japan. I enjoyed staying online and watching videos through their device as their wifi is so fast.

  • Sharlene Kaye 8 Mar 2020
    Highly recommended

    This pocket wifi is very fast and reliable! Also, it comes with a powerbank which makes it even more convenient for us when we traveled to Japan. It even lasts for more than 12 hours. Navigating and riding trains to different places and cities got easier because of this. This is really a must when traveling to Japan. We will definitely book again when we go back!

  • Rommel 28 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    Very easy to pick up. I just presented the voucher and the package was given to me immediately. Also the return process is easier! The return folder is included in the package and we just have to drop it off in any post box. Also, they email you when they receive back the device.

  • Charaze Faith 26 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    Very fast connection. Uploaded 80 pictures in one go on Facebook and it was done in about 3 minutes or less. Pickup was easy. Just provide your passport and show your mobile voucher - done! Dropping off is easy too. I opted to drop it at Narita Airport Post Office where I claimed it since I wanted to use the WiFi before I return it. Reminder: Keep the white envelope until you return the device. It’s what you will be using to mail the device in.

  • Rhea Joy 25 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get you connected. I personally picked up the unit at Kansai Airport, just go to JAL ABC Information Counter at 1st floor South Gate and present your printed voucher and your passport. They will have you to sign a paper and will hand over a brown envelope with your name on it. Inside the envelope is the Wifi unit, charger, powerbank and the return envelope. Wifi unit - it is small. It fits in your bag. Easily to use. It has english translation. The battery is very good. We use it the whole day without recharging it. We just do the charging once we got home. When recharging, use your own cable and power adaptor since its own is a slow charger. The enclosed powerbank is no use. It does not charge at all. Connection is good but there are times it slows down specially when we are on the subway and on underground location. But overall, it is a good experience. It never let us down. :) It is hassle free during pick up in Kansai Airport and hassle free upon returning it too. We just drop off the unit at the postal post in Narita Airport. Using the postal envelope enclosed in the package, just put all the units there. ALL must be returned. Once everything is inside the envelop just peel off the sticker and close it then drop it off. The postal post is near the Currency Exchange in South Gate of Narita Terminal 2, near Customs and Information South.

  • Mohd Fikri 13 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    The best thing I've ever bought during my visit in Tokyo! The internet connection was superb even at underground! The cheapest offer that I can get with great connectivity and can be used up to 10 sevices at one time. Pickup and return procedure are handy as well. Highly recommended!

  • Alexson 9 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    Very convenient pick up and drop off at the Kansai Internationa airport. Also, an affordable way of staying connected to the web while travelling Japan. Really helped us in navigating places in our itenerary. A must when we come back! Thanks klook for this one!

  • Ma Veronica 8 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    this is the best! kSmooth transaction from pick up to return. we did not encounter any problem during use. 4-5 devices connected and there were no logs and the speed is amazing. we travel the whole day the battery doesnt easily drain, but since it comes with free power bank we are at ease incase it runs out of power. highly recommended!

  • Renette 7 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    Super fast, unlimited internet connection for such a low price. I got mine for only PHP 186 per day. Pick up and drop off of the pocket WiFi was hassle-free and very easy. Highly recommended since you will really need to access Google Maps and train schedule apps during your stay in Japan.

  • Maria Rhea 5 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    Very fast internet connection, 6devices and did not experience any slow down during our entire stay. Easy to pick up and drop off the device. Only prob is that the powerbank that comes with it is not working.

  • Kristine Marie 3 Feb 2020
    Highly recommended

    this gave me and my family convenience in making our DIY Japan travel. this pocket wifi is so easy to use, to pick up and deliver. the connection is very fast. we were able to update our families and friends left back home of our where abouts during the trip. always connected where ever in Japan.

  • Josie 30 Jan 2020
    Highly recommended

    In my 6days vacation in Fukuoka, Japan wireless was became my partner.. As a first time and solo traveler I had a fantastic and adventurous travels as i was able to explore different places on my own while having constant comms with my loves one back home and hassle free when meeting up a friend and relatives of mine in Japan. It has excellent signals wherever i go. Indeed highly recommended!

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