5 Reasons Why You and Your Kids Should Visit Legoland® Malaysia Resort

Klook team
Klook team
14 Mar 2020
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Relive your childhood with LEGO®!

Who didn’t love LEGO® as a kid? We’re pretty sure we all share similar childhood memories – from finishing your first LEGO® collectible all the way to stepping on a LEGO® brick unintentionally. It’s safe to say our imaginations ran wild at such a young age, but who’s to say we can’t relive this fun and excitement all over again at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort?
However now that you’re older, you might want to tag along your kids, young nieces and nephews so that they can experience the same excitement we did when we were younger!

1. EVERYTHING is made out of LEGO®

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is filled with interesting sculptures every corner you turn, right from the entrance. These sculptures are all built with little LEGO® blocks, and they often make sounds as well. You’d be surprised, some even spray water at you as you go by!
Some of them resemble blockbuster movie characters and some can be seen hanging off the roof of the restaurants.

2. Restaurants with child friendly options and services

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Most restaurants, if not all, in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort offer kiddie meals and child-friendly services so you won’t have an issue choosing appropriate food for your child.
Additionally, every restaurant in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is actually Halal-certified and each of them stand out in their own way. There are a total of 12 different dining options around the park serving both Western and Local Malaysian cuisine as well as healthy vegetarian options available.
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For our top recommendation head over to The Cafe, located right by the park’s entrance for a hearty portion of the Chicken Lasagna. The lasagnas in this cafe are so popular that you can see the staff replenishing them every ten minutes!
There are also other options available such as the Bread and Butter Pudding, Blueberry and Apple Crumble, and an assortment of sandwiches.

3. Exciting rides fit for ALL ages!

Contrary to popular belief, the rides in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort aren’t all just for the kids. Some of these rides are pretty thrilling for adults as well, so don’t underestimate them!
You can also head to the boating school at LEGO® City. Suitable for all ages, have a go at steering the (almost impossible to control) LEGO® boat through the course. You’d be surprised, some guests end up using their hands to manoeuvre the boat!
Your little ones will discover the joy of playing and learning through climbing, sliding and connecting colorful LEGO® play structures in a fully sheltered colorful playground.
Don’t miss out both amazing LEGO® NINJAGO® and LEGO® Friends Live Show in a fully air-conditioned environment. Indulge yourself in the exhilarating action-packed journey with the NINJA puppetry with advanced video mapping technology and join the 5 awesome girls into a high-energy all-singing and dancing musical performance that girls are sure to love.
In the Land of Adventure lies the one and only water ride in the park – Dino Island. This ride will have you slowly inching up the “lost volcano”, wandering through the different dinosaur structures and before you know it, you’re in for a huge splash!
And if you’re really looking for that one ride that sets itself apart from the rest, then head over to The Great LEGO® Race. With an 18-metre drop, this ride combines roller coaster thrills with virtual reality (VR) technology in an exciting new adventure. It is the world’s first LEGO® virtual reality roller coaster. Come along to race with your favorite LEGO® characters, screamers are welcome!

4. Be a LEGO® engineer for a day

What’s LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort without a chance for you to build your own LEGO®? In Imagination Land, Build and Test allows you to build your own LEGO® building or car from scratch and test its durability.
Here, even the adults can be seen immersed and lost in time as they assemble all the LEGO® bricks together to build the best LEGO®.
Once you’re done, head over to the Durability Station to test your building’s strength in a simulated earthquake!
Head over to Race Station to test the speed of the LEGO® cars you built by racing them with the other players! You can already picture yourself being here for at least an hour building the perfect car or building, right?

5. Explore Southeast Asia right here in Legoland!

If you think that the Lego sculptures around the park are impressive, wait till you get to Mini Land. Here, different landmarks around Southeast Asia are constructed purely out of LEGO® blocks with so much attention to detail!
Picture iconic landmarks like the Singapore Flyer, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Thailand’s Wat Arun, The Philippines’ Bolinao and more in 100% LEGO® form! How cool is that?