10 Boracay Activities You Can Do In The "New Normal"

Felicia Dei
Felicia Dei
19 Jul 2021
boracay activities

Things to do in Boracay

Welcome to Boracay – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Though famed for its white-sand beaches and crystal blue waters, we locals can definitely say that Boracay knows how to pack on the fun thanks to all its exciting activities! Just in case you’re in the area for a solid beach getaway – here are some activities in Boracay you’ll definitely want to indulge in.
NOTE: Boracay has reopened to domestic tourists! For what to expect, travel requirements, and guidelines to follow, check out our step-by-step Boracay travel guide!

1. Boracay Food Trip

Everyone knows of Boracay's glorious white beaches and clear blue waters, but did you know that this island is home to some of the best eats, too? Dotted with restaurants and cafes catered to every kind of craving, Boracay's thriving food scene is definitely one you shouldn't miss out on. Don’t know where to go? Check out this food trip guide for our top recommendations!
Start your food trip at Station X! This recent Boracay island hotspot is home to Streetmarket - where you can find a handful of food stalls covering multiple cuisines. After your meal, chill at one of the poolside daybeds and lounge away!

2. Island Hopping

boracay tourist spot
There is so much more than just Boracay's famed White Beach! During your stay, discover many of Boracay's other gems such as Puka Beach, Diniwid and Crocodile Island to name a few and embark on exciting adventures like snorkeling on Klook's Boracay Island hopping tour package! In this activity, you'll get to spend half a day galavanting through unfrequented islands and even enjoy a delicious grilled seafood lunch!

3. Helmet Diving

helmet diving
Get up close and personal with underwater creatures in this unique Boracay water activity! Helmet Diving allows participants to discover the island's thriving marine life without the need of snorkeling, diving, or even swimming experience. Just in case you're still on the fence about trying this activity, you'll be assisted by PADI qualified dive instructors throughout the entire experience - and they'll take your photos, too!

4. Discover Scuba Diving by WaterColors

Typically, to go scuba diving, you would need to go through a certification program to learn all about the technicalities. So, if you’ve been eager to go scuba diving for a while now, this is the best place to go. Thanks to a PADI-certified set of diving instructors, individuals can go through a learning course safely and effectively. After the lesson, you’ll be free to enjoy what lies beneath the ocean!

5. Parasailing

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Calling all thrill-seekers! For a quick jump of adrenaline in your itinerary, be sure to try out parasailing! Boracay may be beautiful from below, but on this activity you'll get to enjoy a bird's eye view of the world-famous island, too!

6. Paraw Sailing

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Enjoy the famous Boracay's sunset aboard the paraw! Be sure to reserve a slot around 5PM to make it in time for sun down. With Boracay's new travel restrictions, paraw sailing is now limited to only a few people on board to allow for proper social distancing measures.

7. Banana Boating

banana boat
Whether you're visiting Boracay with friends or family, Banana Boating will surely make for a fun bonding activity! This thrilling activity is set to be bumpy, so hold on tight and make sure that life vest is buckled well.

8. Jet Skiing

boracay water activities
Cruise through Boracay's pristine waters in this jet-skiing experience! Pre-book this activity on Klook and choose from a 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute session. For beginners, don't fret - professional instructors will guide you through the correct process and as well as the needed equipment.

9. UFO and Hurricane Activity

boracay water activities
This next one will have you screaming at the top of your lungs! Get your friends together and ride the thrilling UFO inflatable, which goes as fast as 30 kilometers per hour – so buckle up and get ready for blast off into the sea!

10. PADI Diving Course

boracay activities
Just in case you've always wanted to learn how to dive, why not join a PADI Open Diving Course in Boracay? In just four days, you'll be able to receive your PADI Course certificate that'll allow you to scuba dive anywhere else in the world! We can't think of a better time to take up this hobby and individuals as young as 10 years old can join in!

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