10 Boracay Activities To Add To Your Island Itinerary

klook team
klook team
15 May 2020
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There’s more to Boracay apart from its white sand beaches

Welcome to Boracay – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Though famed for its white-sand beaches and crystal blue waters, we locals can definitely say that Boracay knows how to pack on the fun thanks to all its exciting activities! Just in case you’re in the area for a solid beach getaway – here are some activities you’ll definitely want to indulge in.

1. Boracay Food Hopping

After half a year of renovation, the island of Boracay is made brand new. Cleaner beaches, clearer waters, and new places to eat at! If you are looking to make your trip a memorable, a food trip through the island’s best will make it worth revisiting.
Don’t know where to go? Check out this food trip guide to get you started.

2. Boracay Pub Crawl by Haqqy Life

As part of the efforts to keep Boracay clean, the exuberant nightlife scene in the island had to change. Though it no longer is the rowdy and alcohol-drenched event that occurs every night, there are still a number of exciting parties and events that happen nightly. Just in case you’re keen to experience the best of New Boracay’s party scene – be sure to join the Haqqy Boracay Pub Crawl.
You can dance the night away and socialize with over 50 new friends – all while participating in a unique bar-hopping experience. Plus you get free booze as part of your tour, too!

3. Golden Tree Spa Experience in Boracay

Cap off an adventure-filled day and treat yourself to a one of a kind tree-top spa experience. Take in the seabreeze and the therapeutic sound of the waves crashing onto the shore all while enjoying a relaxing massage of your choice.
They have a stone or honey massage for those who want to focus on relieving tensions and body stress. Or you can also opt for a placenta massage if you’re looking for a more skin-focused treatment. Afterwards, enjoy a worry-free transfer with a private shuttle that’ll take you from the spa to your hotel while you kick off your feet!

4. Discover Scuba Diving by WaterColors

Typically, to go scuba diving, you would need to go through a certification program to learn all about the technicalities. So, if you’ve been eager to go scuba diving for a while now, this is the best place to go. Thanks to a PADI-certified set of diving instructors, individuals can go through a learning course safely and effectively. After the lesson, you’ll be free to enjoy what lies beneath the ocean!

5. Boracay G-Max Reverse Bungee Experience

Calling all thrill-seekers! The infamous reverse bungee ride has made its way to Boracay – and it’s not for the faint of heart.
If you’ve got adrenaline rushing through your veins, the G-Max Reverse Bungee Experience is one you can’t miss. You’ll be placed inside a steel harnessed capsule and launched 200 kph at around 60 meters off the ground. If that doesn’t sound ridiculously thrilling – we don’t know what is!

6. Boracay Helicopter Tour

Who says you have to be a crazy rich asian to enjoy a helicopter ride through Boracay? With tour packages available for a range of budgets, you can now live large and experience panoramic views of this majestic island.
Enjoy the birds-eye view of islands like Carabao and Crocodile islands. Do not forget to commemorate this event by taking pictures and recording video clips of your ride.

7. Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Experience in Boracay

If you thought Stand Up Paddle boarding was easy, think again! Frequent paddle boarders sure make it look easy, but you definitely need to learn the basics before getting on the board. Book yourself an SUP experience through Klook and spend the day learning the tricks of the trade from local instructors. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be pretty much set to enjoy stand up paddle boarding through the crystal clear waters of Boracay!

8. Kitesurfing Experience in Boracay

If kitesurfing isn’t on your bucket list yet, we’re telling you now that it should be. If you are worried about not having enough skills to be able to kitesurf, there are professional IKO instructors who will teach you how to glide with the wind through surfing positions and techniques. So go ahead and try something new with all your friends and family!

9. UFO and Hurricane Activity

This next one will have you screaming at the top of your lungs! Get your friends together and ride the thrilling UFO inflatable, which goes as fast as 30 kilometers per hour – so buckle up and get ready for blast off into the sea!

10. SweetEscape Photoshoot

Say goodbye to misangled, blurry photos and book yourself a Sweet Escape photoshoot on Klook to commemorate your holiday! Whether it’s for your Instagram feed, prenup, or your next holiday card, a local photographer will be accompanying you to the most gorgeous of locations and hidden gems for the perfect snap!