UPDATED Guide to Travelling to Boracay (2022): Requirements, Safety Guidelines and Discounts

Felicia Dei
Felicia Dei
Last updated 3 Feb 2022
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Be a responsible traveler! All information on this post are accurate from the time of writing. Rules, regulations and guidelines are updated frequently and may change without Klook’s prior notice. For your safety, check with the respective LGU’s and establishments directly before your travels. 

Boracay Travel Requirements: Step-by-Step Process

After months of closure, Boracay has finally reopened to local tourists. However, this time around, tourists can’t expect the same travel experience as before largely due to the strict rules and regulations that have been set in place. Boracay government officials have put together a set of guidelines to follow before and during your trip to ensure a safe and fun experience. 
If you are considering traveling to Boracay anytime soon, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to travel to the famed island. In this guide, we’ll be talking about when and where to book your flights, hotels, COVID-19 tests, all the way to the guidelines you need to follow when you’re in Boracay. 
UPDATE as of November 2021: No more negative RT-PCR test results required for fully-vaccinated individuals starting February 1, 2022.

Boracay Travel Requirements Checklist (as of November 2021)

  • For unvaccinated individuals: Negative RT-PCR Test Result
  • For vaccinated individuals: Vaccination Certificate via VaxCertPH (starting November 16, 2021)
  • Roundtrip Flight Tickets
  • Confirmed Accredited Hotel Booking
  • Health Declaration Form for Boracay Tourist QR Code
  • Government Issued-ID

Step 1: Get Tested for COVID-19 or get your Vaccination Certificate

A strict test-before-travel policy has been put into place for unvaccinated individuals planning to visit Boracay. Before you fly, a negative RT-PCR test or Saliva Test result must be presented before you are permitted to travel. 
It is also important to note that the Boracay government will only accept negative RT-PCR or Saliva test results taken at most 72 hours (3 days) before departure. That said, be sure that your testing site can provide the RT-PCR/Saliva Test results within 24 hours. RT-PCR/Saliva tests must be taken only in accredited laboratories
On the other hand, if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, you will no longer need to present a negative RT-PCR test or Saliva Test result anymore and may proceed to the VaxCertPH website to secure your vaccination certificate.
Once you receive your test results, which should be negative, or your vaccination certificate, you will need to include a copy of your document in a required email you will send in (Step 5).

Step 2: Secure your flights to Boracay

In a COVID-19 free world, securing your flights would normally be the first thing you do. Though you can still do that, it is recommended to book your flights once you’ve received your negative RT-PCR/Saliva test results. 
When booking your flight, please note that your flight schedule should be within 72 hours from the time you took your RT-PCR/Saliva test (not when you received your results). That said, if you are able to find an accredited testing facility to provide you results in less than 24 hours, that would allow you more time to prepare for your trip. 
Also, be sure to book your flights to Godofredo P. Ramos Airport or Caticlan Airport as this is the designated port of entry for tourists traveling to Boracay by air. 
Klook Tip: Familiarize yourself with new airline guidelines in light of COVID-19. New health and safety precautions are likely to have been added to their travel guidelines (ex. Wearing of mask on flight; documents needed if any)
NOTE: Flights and hotel reservations can be booked before your testing, but of course will need to be rebooked (if permitted by airline and accommodation establishment) when RT-PCR results are positive.

Step 3: Secure Your Hotel Booking

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Next, you will need to secure a hotel reservation at an accredited accommodation. The Boracay Government has released a list of accredited hotels for tourists to select from. Be sure to do this as soon as possible considering the tight time frame between receiving your test results and your departure date. 
NOTE: Flights and hotel reservations can be booked before your testing, but of course will need to be rebooked (if permitted by airline and accommodation establishment) when RT-PCR results are positive.

Step 4: Fill Out Health Declaration Form

Visit https://www.touristboracay.com/ and select BORACAY to access the official health declaration form. This will need to be completed as part of the necessary travel requirements.
Travelers will need to disclose personal information, valid ID information, details of Philippine residence, flight and hotel booking details, travel history, and itinerary. 

Step 5: Procure A Boracay Tourist QR Code

Another travel requirement before your Boracay trip is the government sanctioned Boracay Tourist QR Code. You can easily acquire your QR code from the touristboracay.com website with provision that you submit digital copies of your flight bookings, hotel reservations, vaccination documents and/or RT-PCR test.
Step-by-step guide to getting the Boracay Tourist QR Code:
  1. Visit touristboracay.com. Choose the "BORACAY" tab to access the region's health declaration form.
  2. Fill up all the necessary information on the form.
  3. Upload the following documents:
  • For fully vaccinated: Vaccination certificate from VaxCartPH or vaccination card by LGU.
  • For unvaccinated or partially-vaccinated: Negative RT-PCR test result valid 72-hours from test
  • Children below 12 years old: Certificate of Undertaking Travelling with Minors.
4. Fill up captcha code and click submit.
5. A confirmation page will appear with your generated QR Code.
6. Download the file and save on your phone or print it out before your trip.

Step 6: Pack & QUARANTINE!

As soon as you get tested at any of the accredited facilities, you will immediately need to quarantine until your flight to Boracay. Avoid any other interactions with individuals outside of your household for the time being. 
When packing, of course be sure to pack your safety essentials: face masks, face shields, alcohol, wipes, etc. Check with your airline for any additional requirements they have for travelers.   

Step 7: Pre-book transfers and activities

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To get to Boracay island from the Boracay Caticlan Airport, you will need to take several transfers - a bus to the port, boat to Boracay Island and a van to your accommodation. Ease the process and pre-book your transfers via Klook for a hassle-free arrival. 

Boracay Guidelines & What to Expect


Border Control

All planes will be landing at the Godofredo P. Ramos (Caticlan) Airport. After deplaning, passengers will be directed to border control immediately. Here, you will need to present the following:
  • Valid ID
  • Body Temperature (temperature check will be taken on-site)
  • Boarding Pass with Seat Number
  • Boracay Tourist QR Code
Face masks and face shields should be worn throughout the flight and upon arrival and social distancing should be maintained while in queue. 

Tourist QR Code

Think of the Tourist QR Code as your most important piece of document. You will not be allowed to enter the island, establishments, restaurants, or even access island services without this. The Tourist QR Code will be scanned in every establishment and port of entry/exit, allowing for a quicker contact tracing process.

Airport Transfers

If you pre-booked your transfers from Klook, proceed to the tour operators Southwest counter after border control and baggage claim where you will meet a representative from Southwest Tours. 
Present your Klook voucher and you will be provided with a designated seat number (for contact tracing purposes) for all your transfers. Be sure to have your (1) Tourist QR Code, (2) Valid ID, and (3) Hotel Reservation information on hand.

Hotel Safety Protocols

Accredited accommodations will more or less have similar health and safety guidelines in place for the safety of their staff and guests. However, make it your responsibility to find out the specific safety guidelines they have for staff and guests. 
Immediately upon arrival, your (1) Tourist QR Code along with (2) Valid ID and (3) Hotel Reservation will be requested; temperature will also be checked. Sanitation stations should be available so sanitize when you can! 

Island Regulations

Here are the rules and regulations you can expect on Boracay Island:
  • Masks and Face Shields should be worn all throughout your stay
Unless you are swimming or eating, masks and face shields are required to be worn at all times.
  • Keep your Tourist QR Code with you at all times
In order to enter or exit establishments, restaurants and avail of island activities, tourists are required to present their Tourist QR Code for contact tracing purposes.
  • Reduced Capacity for Water Sports
You can still enjoy water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, paraboarding and more, however permitted capacity has been reduced. 
  • Health and Safety Protocols for Restaurants 
Proper social distancing is enforced in restaurants and closed establishments. 
  • 12 Midnight Curfew
Establishments will be closed by 12AM and lingering tourists will be asked to return to their accommodations. 
  • Reduced Capacity for PUVs
The 50% capacity rule has been implemented for PUV (Public Utility Vehicles) - only a maximum of two (2) riders per tricycle; maximum of four (4) riders per e-trikes. Face masks are also required on board.

Activities to Try in Boracay

Pre-book your Boracay activities on Klook! Enjoy a hassle-free vacation in the new normal and book your entire itinerary through Klook. Here are a couple activities to try out:

Boracay Travel Inspiration: