7 Ways Travel Can Help With Self Love

Blogheader 7 Ways Travel Can Help With Self Love

What does travel teach you about self-love?

People put off solo travelling for many reasons, but allowing yourself this solo experience poses many benefits – including appreciation and love for oneself. Just in case you needed a little extra push to finally book that solo trip this year, here are a couple things you can expect to discover throughout your solo journey.

1. Enjoying your own company

Although you can meet like-minded travellers along the way, you’ll be forced to be on your own most of the time on a solo trip. So why not use this time to indulge in things that you love and reconnect with interests and hobbies you haven’t been able to enjoy in some time? Obviously when you travel on your own, you won’t have to drag yourself to things you don’t enjoy or aren’t interested in. You have no one else to please but yourself! Soon enough you’ll be closing off your schedule for some more ‘me time’.

2. A constant learning process

They say that travelling is the best form of education, and we couldn’t agree more! There is so much to see and experience beyond the four walls of a classroom, and travelling solo would allow you to deep dive into all your interests. Whether your interests are in history, art or culture, travelling will allow you immerse yourself in these aspects in its most authentic form. You can visit museums, actual ruins, and attend plays to further your knowledge on subjects that pique your interest.

Additionally, you’re bound to meet new people along the way; and what you’ll learn about these people will surprise you!

3. Learn more about yourself

As you learn more about the world and other people through travel, you’ll also learn more about yourself in the process.

You’ll be placed in situations you’ve never been in before, forcing you to deal with them on your own – the best way you know how. Through this process, you will learn more about your capabilities, which might just change the way you think about your own personal weaknesses. Travel forces you to be creative in solving problems in order to survive, while enjoying yourself, and at the same time will allow you to become the best version of yourself!

4. Endless inspiration

It’s no secret that travelling stimulates inspiration left and right. So if you are travelling to reset, you’ll be surprised to find that the places you’ll visit, and activities you’ll do, will feed into your inspiration in more ways than one. Whether it’s visiting a national park or museum, or even just through people watching, travelling will teach you to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

5. Increase self-trust and confidence

Solo travelling offers multiple avenues for people to increase trust and confidence in themselves. You’ll constantly be put in situations where your decision-making skills are challenged; pushing you to fend for yourself and become more mindful and self-aware of your own morals and values.

6. Stepping out of your comfort zone

Making the decision to travel solo is the first step out of your comfort zone; and it should also kickstart a chain of decisions that will push your further out of that box.

Of course these decisions would be incredibly daunting to make, but how boring would your travel experience be without these small risks? The moment you start finding excitement and thrill in seeking the unknown, it’ll become something you’re constantly on the hunt for. The same works for conquering an unimaginable activity! Putting yourself in a situation you’ve never been in before has its downsides, but there is beauty in the unknown, and it’s something you should invest in while you have all this time to yourself.

7. Independence

Above all things, you’ll become the most independent you’ve ever been in your life. Whether or not you considered yourself to be an independent individual before the start of your trip, the opportunity to discover a new side of the world will unearth new facets about yourself that you’ll be forced to deal with – but we can guarantee it’ll be a beautiful journey of discovery!

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