14 Tried And True Hacks To Test Out In Hai Di Lao Malaysia!

14 Mar 2020
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Drop it like it’s hot (pot)

Hai Di Lao has officially opened its doors in Sunway Pyramid on 27 March 2019! We can already hear the crowd rushing to Hai Di Lao and forming a looong queue. Having amassed a cult following since it opened several years back in Singapore, they’ve finally made their way to Malaysia! With our love for hot pot and steamboat in general, we can see the same happening in Hai Di Lao Malaysia as well.
Hai Di Lao @ Sunway Pyramid
Address: G1.PT.02, Sunway Pyramid 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily, 10:30am to 3am
Contact No: (+603) 5611 5188 / 5612 5158
To beat the queue, get some freebies and more, here are some known tips and hacks that Hai Di Lao enthusiasts have tried out in Singapore. If you’re trying out Hai Di Lao in Malaysia, find out if they have these same perks here as well!
Disclaimer: These hacks have worked in Singapore’s Hai Di Lao branches but have not been proven yet for Malaysia! Try them at your own risk 😉

1. Pre-book your free manicure

While it’s a well-known fact that free manicures are provided for those waiting in line, you can skip the manicure queue itself in the Singapore branches by booking your slot in advance! The reservation is only valid from Mondays to Thursdays and for those who received a manicure card to be redeemed on their next visit.
Make sure to ask the Hai Di Lao Malaysia staff to find out if this perk is available! It’s certainly worth it to save money by skipping a visit to your nail salon.

2. Avoid the long queue

As you would expect, the infamous queue for Hai Di Lao can be quite daunting. To beat the queue (or at least attempt to), try arriving very early or during off-peak meal times. To avoid the dinner crowd, you can also try after 10pm since the restaurant is open till 3am!
From April onwards, you can call in advance to the Sunway Pyramid outlet to make a reservation!

3. Free snacks while queueing

Photo Credit: @seahlc (Instagram)
We certainly hope that Hai Di Lao Malaysia will be following their Singaporean counterpart with the free snacks! The outlets in Singapore offer refillable snacks for those in the queue which range from sweet to savoury treats like popcorn, fresh fruits and ice-cream. Just be sure not to get too greedy and ruin your appetite before your hotpot meal.

4. Solve puzzles and fold origami for free dishes

Photo Credit: Haidilao Singapore
If waiting around and snacking while waiting in line isn’t enough to keep you occupied, look out for the puzzles and origami papers. In Singapore, diners who are able to solve the Sudoku, Rubik’s cube and other puzzles get to redeem free side dishes (capped at a certain amount). Those who are able to fold 30 paper cranes or 100 stars get to redeem a side dish too!

5. Join a free membership

Photo Credit: @seahlc (Instagram)
In Singapore’s Hai Di Lao, you can get a free membership just by asking the staff. In the membership programme, you can collect points from each visit. They have a variety of gifts that can be redeemed and are refreshed every few months. In the past, the much-coveted Dyson hairdryers were up for grabs as well!

6. Plan your soup strategy

Photo Credit: @sally_jingxuan (Instagram)
Most hotpot restaurants serve up to 2 choices of soup base but at Hai Di Lao, you can opt for their famous 4-broth pot! You can get the most bang for your buck and it’s the best way to try out more variety as well.
A top favourite from the Klook Singapore staff is the tomato soup base. Also, Hai Di Lao Malaysia has a special local laksa broth that is definitely worth checking out!
If you want more oomph in your broth, you can go with their thick soup base too, served to you in a separate bowl. Don’t pour them all in at once during refill, and instead adjust it your taste and liking.

7. BYOB allowed

Photo Credit: pinelife for Flickr
Yup, you’re free to bring your own beverage into Hai Di Lao! While many restaurants have a strict “No outside drinks allowed” rule, you don’t have to worry about that in Hai Di Lao. In fact, those who come with wine or alcohol can get their bottles opened without being charged any corkage fees either.

8. Get your own personal mini hotpot

Photo Credit: @eatingwithmeow (Instagram)
At selected outlets in Singapore’s Hai Di Lao, individual hot pots are available to diners on request. This is especially great for those who get squeamish at thought of others double dipping or sharing food.
It’s also preferred for those who don’t eat beef or are allergic to certain foods, hence can’t share the same pot with their dining companions. If you’re dining in a small group, the individual hot pots are a great way to skip the queue too!

9. Request for your prawns to be peeled for you

Just got that free manicure done? No need to worry about ruining it when you can get your prawns peeled for you. Simply get the attention of any friendly staff and ask them nicely. No dirty hands, no problem! It’s a service you didn’t know you needed until you’ve experienced it.

10. Celebrate your birthday with a free fruit platter

Photo Credit: Haidilao Singapore
On your birthday month, you get a free fruit platter big enough to feed a large group! We hear that for the elderly, they get longevity buns instead which symbolises health and long life. To make sure you get that ‘gram, you can hold up the ‘Happy Birthday’ LED display sign too.

11. Ask for a hair tie so you can eat in peace

Photo Credit: Kai Hendry for Flickr
It’s not the time now to worry about looking good and having your hair get in the way! If you don’t have a hair tie with you, no fret. Simply ask for one from the Hai Di Lao staff. Plus, nobody wants stray hairs floating in the hot pot soup!

12. Get protection for your phone

Photo Credit: bryansjs for Flickr
Hot boiling soup and smartphones certainly don’t mix. To avoid any damage to your phone from any soup, drink or sauce spillage, make sure to utilise the ziplock bag. You can put your other valuables like rings, watches, etc in the ziplock bag too, just to be safe.

13. Keep the kids occupied at the playroom

Photo Credit: Haidilao Singapore
Since it is a family-friendly place, Hai Di Lao has also prepared a small section to be the children’s playroom. It’s great to keep the young ones occupied since waiting in the queue can take quite a while.

14. Have your own Hai Di Lao at home

Screenshot taken from Jaya Grocer website
If you can’t be bothered to head out and fight the queue for the Hai Di Lao experience, you can create your very own hotpot at home! The soup base seasoning can be found online or in certain supermarkets in Malaysia, Singapore, China and more.
They actually taste pretty good and almost indistinguishable to the ones in the restaurant, which our very own Singapore Klook employees can attest to!
Aside from the soup base, there’s also Hai Di Lao instant hot pot which can feed 1-2 person. Guess there’s really no reason to leave the house now, is there?

Try out these hacks in Hai Di Lao Malaysia

Did they work? Let us know down in the comments below! And perhaps if there are any new hacks we haven’t mentioned yet, do let us know as well.
As of opening day, Hai Di Lao has already been fully booked till the end of May! Getting your HDL fix might have to wait while but it’s probably faster to get that a taste of that hot pot craze from overseas first instead.

Get your Hai Di Lao fix overseas!

If you’re heading to Hong Kong, you can get your hot pot fix there as well. Get your free reservation on Klook and head over to the Haidilao in Causeway Bay or Haidilao in Yau Ma Tei.
For a nearer destination, why not just head over to our friendly neighbour, Singapore! With 10 outlets in this Little Red Dot nation, you’ll have no trouble getting your Hai Di Lao fix! Want to get a taste of the OG Hai Di Lao? Well, better start planning your trip to China.
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