Butterbeer Ice Cream Now Available At Universal Studios Japan

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Butterbeer galore!

PSA to all Butterbeer fans – you can now get your favourite fix in ice-cream form at Universal Studios Japan (USJ)!

Drinking Butterbeer in front of the Hogwarts castle

In line with the exclusive USJ Summer activity line up, visitors to the park can also enjoy Butterbeer in the frozen variety – only available during the warmer summer months!

Here are some of our own Butterbeer favourites you can find at USJ.

1) The Original Butterbeer

frozen butterbeer at usjFrozen Butterbeer in a souvenir mug during the warmer months at Universal Studios Japan.

Available in a total of three different varieties (warm, cold and frozen), Butterbeer is a must-have at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Contrary to what its name suggests, Butterbeer is actually a non-alcoholic beverage with a smooth caramel-toffee taste topped with a generous serving of milk foam.

The cold variety is available all year round, while the frozen variety is sold only during the warmer Summer months. The warm variety comes with a sprinkle of ginger on top that adds to that all-round warm tummy feeling we all definitely appreciate in Winter! That being said, we found the warm Butterbeer to be much sweeter than the other two varieties with the frozen version being the least sweet.

butterbeer premium stein at usjPremium Stein

You can enjoy your Butterbeer in a disposable plastic cup, souvenir mug or premium stein. The premium stein option is currently only available for the frozen Butterbeer option

The prices are as follows:

Butterbeer USJ Price

Where to get Butterbeer in USJ

Butterbeer cart at usj

You can only find Butterbeer at two Butterbeer stalls located inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and at The Three Broomsticks.

The nearest Butterbeer cart closest to the entrance to Hogsmeade is always crowded – you’ll be able to get your hands on a pint much faster at the cart located just outside the Hogwarts castle.

2) Butterbeer Ice-Cream

Butterbeer ice cream usj

The latest addition to the Butterbeer craze is Butterbeer Ice Cream! Your favourite drink can now be eaten in creamy frozen form for just JPY500 (~RM19).

These can be found at the food cart in Hogsmeade, located just outside Honeydukes.

3) Butterbeer Potted Cream

Butterbeer potted cream the three broomsticks

This is the best way to end a meal is with a jar of Butterbeer Potted Cream found only at the Three Broomsticks! Available as a dessert item, pair this with a glass of Butterbeer or even their very own Hog’s Head Brew (yes, actual beer!) for a refreshing treat!

More surprises at Hogwarts

Hogwarts Castle at USJ

The magical world of Harry Potter at USJ never ceases to amaze! We strongly recommend staying till nightfall for The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts™ Castle show featuring an awe-inspiring light projection display featuring themes from all four Hogwarts houses.

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