12 Best Mooncakes To Get In KL For Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

Eunis Ong
Eunis Ong
24 Sep 2020
Blogheader - Best Mooncakes 2020

Photo Credits: The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Inside Scoop

It's Mooncake Time - Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

InterContinental Hotel KL Mooncake 2020
The season of mooncakes is fast approaching again! With Mid Autumn Festival falling on 1st October 2020 this year, it's time to start searching for the best mooncakes in town. For mooncake lovers or those wondering where to get some to gift your loved ones, we've compiled a cheat list for you to stock up on the best ones out there!
  1. Inside Scoop
  2. Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara
  3. Shangri-La Hotel
  4. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Kuala Lumpur
  5. Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
  6. W Kuala Lumpur

1. Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Hilton KL Mooncakes 2020 Christy Ng
Hilton KL Mooncakes 2020 Christy Ng
The mooncakes from Hilton are just perfect for gifting! The hotel collaborated with local designer Christy Ng to package their mooncakes in pretty Tropical Allure bags - these bags even come with an added handbag strap, allowing you to use them as cross-body statement pieces upon finishing all the mooncakes!

2. Durian Mooncakes - DurianBB

DurianBB Mooncakes 2020
DurianBB Mooncakes 2020
Durian mooncakes are the bomb for lovers of the king of fruit! Crafted exquisitely to pure splendour, the snowskin mooncakes from DurianBB are perfect as an indulgent midday snack, filled with a hearty dose of pure 100% Musang King goodness. Book your 8-piece set on Klook and get it delivered to your doorstep - deal comes inclusive of a free limited edition chiller bag!
DurianBB Mooncake 2020
  • Price: RM163 (13% off)
  • 8-piece set with delivery and free chiller bag

3. Ice Cream Mooncakes - Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop Ice Cream Mooncake 2020
Photo Credits: @myinsidescoop
Inside Scoop Ice Cream Mooncake 2020
Photo Credits: @myinsidescoop
We just can't get over how pretty these ice cream mooncakes look! Inside Scoop's charming ice cream mooncakes are perfect for gifting, sharing, and parties. Encased in chocolate shells, they are filled with refreshing flavours such as raspberry yoghurt, bluepea flower ice cream, Lotus Biscoff Caramel biscuit ice cream, and more.
Inside Scoop Ice Cream Mooncake 2020
Photo Credits: @myinsidescoop
  • 4-Piece Set: RM118
  • Flavours: Chocolate Shell Rocher With Crunchy Base, Snow Skin Durian With Chocolate Yolk, Chocolate Shell Caramel Biscuit With Chocolate Salted Caramel Yolk, Snow Skin Unicorn With Raspberry Yolk

4. Pavilion Hotel

Pavilion Mooncake 2020
Photo Credits: Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur Managed by Banyan Tree (Facebook)
Packed in a gorgeous red box, Pavilion Hotel's Jewellery Box Mooncake Set consists of classic flavours that you'll never go wrong with. For those looking to get mooncakes for gifting, enjoy 25% off the original price of the mooncake set with our bulk purchase deal (min 50 boxes)!
  • 6-Piece Set: RM150.40 (20% off)
  • Bulk Purchase Deal: RM141 (25% off)
  • Book and redeem at The Courtyard, Pavilion Hotel KL
  • Flavours: Lotus Paste With Single Egg Yolk, White Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste With Single Egg Yolk, Pandan Lotus Paste With Single Egg Yolk, Red Bean Paste

5. TK Bakery

TK Bakery Mooncake 2020
TK Bakery has been a household name for many generations, and has served only the best pastries and desserts to Malaysians since its establishment. Besides its popular and much-loved egg tarts, TK Bakery's mooncakes also sell like hot cakes every year. The bakery prides itself in baking these goodies with traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients to assure authentic flavours that will make you crave for more.
  • 4-Piece Set: RM65.60 (9% off)
  • Book and redeem at TK Bakery
  • Flavours: Pure Red Bean, Lotus, Lotus With Single Yolk, Golden Emerald

6. InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

InterContinental Hotel KL Mooncake 2020
InterContinental Hotel KL Mooncake 2020
Another perfect choice for gifting, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur's colourful mooncakes are baked fresh in the kitchen of Tao Chinese Cuisine. These delicate treats taste as amazing as they look and come tucked away in pretty gift boxes - you can choose between an elegant Classic Cherry Blossom Gift Box or a luxurious Luxe Leather-Bound Gift Box.
  • Price: From RM88.50 (25% off)
  • Book and redeem at InterContinental Hotel
  • Flavours: Scarlet Snow Skin with Pandan, Mung Bean Paste and Minced Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Red Bean Paste with Nut, White Lotus Paste with Nut, Golden Jade with Single Yolk, Traditional Mixed Nuts, Bamboo Charcoal Snow Skin with Milk Tea Paste and Single Yolk, Green Tea Snow Skin with Dragon Fruit and Mung Bean Paste

7. New World Petaling Jaya Hotel

New World PJ Petaling Jaya Mooncake 2020
Get your mooncakes presented in an elegant tiffin carrier adorned with beautiful Chinese artwork! These four-tier tiffin carriers are proudly inspired by Peranakan's colourful traditions and culture, and add flair to the gifting of traditional mooncakes.
Alternatively, you can also book your set that comes in a classic red box that can be reused as a pretty jewellery box later on. New World Petaling Jaya's mooncake flavours range from the classics like Red Bean and White Lotus to bolder options like Blueberry Lava, Longan Wolfberries Lotus, and Tiramisu.
  • Price: from RM102.40 (20% off)
  • Book and redeem at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel

8. Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

Mooncake Sofitel Damansara
Photo Credits: Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara
Mooncake Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara
Photo Credits: Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara
The chocolate mooncakes from Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara is a treat for those with a more Westernised palate. These snow skin mooncakes are filled with unconventional flavours including dragon fruit with blueberry truffle, pumpkin with chocolate truffle, and coffee paste with butter cream!

9. Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Mooncake Bird's Nest 2020
Get ready to go over the moon with Shangri-La's "Over The Moon" mooncake collection this year! Whether you're a fan of classic or contemporary flavours, you'll find something for you from the hotel's long list of flavours! For those looking to gift mooncakes to your elders, pick the ones that come with premium bird's nest that's bound to delight your receiver.

10. The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

ritz carlton mooncake 2020
Photo Credits: The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur
Have you had mooncake infused with champagne? The Ritz-Carlton's mooncakes have made a much-anticipated return this year, with a collection of signature classics waiting to tingle your tastebuds.
Our favourites are definitely the Mini Snow SKin Cream Cheese with Port Wine Mooncake, as well as the Snow Skin Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial Champagne Mooncake! *drools*

11. Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Mandarin Oriental Mooncake 2020
Photo Credits: Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Made with the 5-star hotel's special recipe, you'll be spoilt for choice with Mandarin Oriental's mooncakes. Whether you're a fan of traditional baked mooncakes, snow skin mooncakes, or mooncakes of bold flavours - there'll be something for you from the hotel's extensive selection of flavours!

12. W Kuala Lumpur

W Hotel Best Mooncake 2020
Photo Credits: W Kuala Lumpur
The mooncake sets from W Kuala Lumpur come in sequined bedazzled boxes, with individual mooncakes packaged in colourful individual boxes with whimsical illustrations printed on the top. These are perfect as a trendy Mid Autumn gift and will be a breath of fresh air from the traditional packagings that we're used to!

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