Here's how you can skip long queues at Korea's largest theme park - Everland

7 Nov 2017


Klook Travel Curator

Conquer Everland theme park!

No trip to South Korea is complete without a trip to the theme park! Everland theme park is South Korea’s largest theme park and it even comes with an integrated zoo! With more than 7 million visitors a year, you know this is definitely a park you must visit.

To make the most out of Seoul’s largest theme park, you’ll need some real battle tactics. From skipping the long queues to queue strategies, here’s ALL you need to know to conquer Everland.

About Everland Theme Park

There are 5 different themed zones in Everland: American Adventure, Zoo Topia, Global Fair, Magic Land and European Adventure . Check out Everland’s daily schedule for the opening hours of the theme park as they vary everyday!

With so much to see but so little time, read on to find out how to make the most out of your time at Everland.

1. Global Fair

Upon entering the turnstiles of Everland, you’ll be greeted with a picturesque scene of buildings with Victorian, Oriental and even Indian influences. Stop by the Giant Magic Tree for a photo opportunity that looks like you’ve stepped right into an enchanted fairytale.

Parents with young children are also advised to pick up a pushchair from the Guest Services Counter before heading off into the park! Everland is huge and your children will definitely get tired from all that adventure.

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Live Hologram Theatre

Always dreamt of catching your favorite K-pop stars like G-Dragon and AOA in concert? Well, now you sort of can! With the help of everyone’s trusty pal virtual reality, you can now experience the stunning visuals of your favorite stars in action. The experience is so real that you’ll feel like reaching out your hands to touch them.

The live hologram theatre is open from 10.30am to 7.30pm daily, with shows running every 30 minutes.

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Souvenir Stores

Home to 21 different shops like the LINE friends store and Pororo Shop, you’ll also be able to stock up on souvenirs to take home. Or better yet, if you want to blend in like the locals, grab a funky headband from the store and wear it on your visit! Think Disneyland Mickey ears but cuter - you can get a giant bow or even a pair of giraffe antlers!

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2. American Adventure

After Global Fair, hop on over to American Adventure where you’ll find heart thumping rides that will prepare you for the big T-Express later on. With American street signs, stop lights and even diners, you’ll see that every corner is a photo-op! Here are some of the rides that are definitely worth taking:

Columbus Adventures

The good ol’ fashioned viking ride that everyone loves is definitely on our must-ride list! Not only will you enjoy the breeze in your face as the ship swings from side to side, you’ll also get one of the best views of the entire park! Falling from a height of 33 meters at a 75 degree angle, this thrill ride might not be the best option for the faint hearted.

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Ever wondered what it’s like being caught in the middle of a hurricane? Well, step onto this megaton-grade tornado ride to experience the thrills of a powerful hurricane! Spinning about 19 meters above the earth, hold on tight and get ready to spin out of control!

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Double Rock Spin

Feel like a rockstar as you spin to the rhythm of this exhilarating ride! With the intensity and number of spins varying on the number of rides, this is the only time we think it’s good news for there to be a queue at the ride.

3. Magic Land

If you’re travelling as a family and your children are afraid of the big rides, Magic Land is the place for you! Built around the theme of fantasy and childhood fables, relive your childhood and help your little ones live out theirs!

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Racing Coasters

Based on the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, hop onto the racing coaster where you’ll join the never-ending race between the two.

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Thunder Falls

If you only have time for 1 ride in Magic Land, you definitely must ride Thunder Falls! With backward drops and some of the steepest falling angles in the world, it definitely is not your normal flume ride.

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4. European Adventure

Can’t afford to travel to Europe but want stunning royal gardens and French architecture as your backdrop to photos? Well, head over to the European Adventure zone and experience the beauty of seasonal flower gardens against Dutch inspired architecture.

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If you’re a thrill seeker and this is definitely the ride you cannot miss! The world’s steepest wooden coaster the T-Express will definitely leave you with the ultimate adrenalin rush. Feel the wind in your face as you rush down a 77 degree angle at a speed of 104km/h! Hang on tight to your restraints!

Rotating House

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a topsy turvy world? Where you literally feel the room move under your feet? Well, some say a spell has been cast upon the rotating house and everything has been turned upside down. Head on in to find out for yourself!

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5. Zootopia

Apart from all those rides, you’ll also get the zoo experience at Everland Zootopia! With petting zoos, animals shows and safari vehicle rides, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a zoo instead of a theme park!

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Lost Valley

Nothing says safari experience like taking an expedition into the lost valley on an amphibious vehicle! From water to land, come into close proximity with the free roaming animals and even have them come up to your window for a mid day snack!

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Safari World

Hop aboard the wild safari bus for a chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife at Safari World! Featuring the king of the jungle the lions, the tigers and even bears, have them come up to your bus window to say hello!

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Panda World

Who can resist paying these cute cuddly bears rolling around on the grass a visit? This is the ONLY place in Korea you can catch these rare animals. Coupled with the integrated IT facilities, you’ll even get to interact with these gentle giants while learning more about them!

6. Firework shows and parades

No visit to the theme park is complete without some fireworks or even the excitement of a parade! Catch the Carnival Fantasy Parade where you’ll be taken on a tour of the different festivals from different parts of the world. From a Brazilian themed Samba festival to the Venice Carnival in Italy, join in the hype and dance along to the catchy beats!

After the sun goes down, catch the night sky explode with color in the Moonlight parade where LED floats and of course a grand firework show takes centerstage.

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7. Everland Skyway and sky cruise

Conquering Everland is definitely not an easy feat, especially when the park is spread over such a large hilly area. Thankfully, you can rest those legs on the Sky Cruise gondola or the Skyway chairlifts! Take in a bird’s eye view of the park and rest those tired legs while you get from American Adventure to European Adventure on the Sky cruise cable cars.

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Getting tickets:

Now that you’re all hyped up for the rides, all that’s left is getting tickets! Klook your tickets to skip the queues at the ticketing counters. Simply flash your Klook mobile e-voucher and you can enter the park directly! Afterall, there’s so much to see and do and so little time, you wouldn’t want to waste it standing outside the park queuing for tickets!

Skip the queues with your Everland Q-pass:

Most of us hate waiting in queue, especially if all the anticipation you were building for the ride slowly dies off while you’re standing in queue. Well, if you hate queuing up, why not opt for the Everland Q-pass! Giving you fast track entry to T- Express, Lost Valley and Safari, you can just strut into the front of the queue like a boss!

The Everland Full Day Trip with Admission and Transfers from Seoul grants you admission to Everland, roundtrip shuttle transfers, and most importantly, 3 different Q-passes to any of the 3 attractions: T-Express, Safari World, and Lost Valley .

You can redeem your Q-Pass after entry at the Klook Info Center, located inside the theme park. Just turn left once you pass through the entrance gates and flash your mobile voucher to redeem. These limited Q-passes are only available till 31st December 2019 so make sure to book early!

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Skip the queues with your Everland Lenny's Pass

Alternatively, you can download the Everland app, scan your ticket and check out the waiting time of each attractions from the app to make the best of your day in the theme park.

You will accumulate points for Lenny's Pass every 30 minutes spent in the theme park. Once you have enough points for a certain ride, you can then skip the queue and head straight to your ride!

The less popular rides typically require points equivalent to an hour's wait, while the more popular rides like T-Express may require points worth 2.5 hours.

If you're only dropping by Everland late in the day, we suggest getting your Q-pass for either T-Express, Safari World, or Lost Valley together with the Lenny Pass to maximise your time in Everland.

Please note that you MUST scan your tickets to be eligible for the Lenny's Pass.

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Everland Tickets

Everland Hanbok Rental

Level up your selfie game in Everland with a hanbok! Afterall, you are in one of Seoul's largest theme parks and nothing screams South Korea like a hanbok. If you need a break from the rides, rent a hanbok and walk around the beautiful amusement park where every spot is a photo spot.

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By Public Bus

You can take a public bus from Gangnam station or Gangbyeon station however, do note that the journey varies from 90 minutes to 120 minutes! In addition, you’ll only be allowed on the bus if there are vacant seats as there is no standing allowed on the bus.

By Shuttle Bus

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get to Everland without having to stop for everyone along the way, the shuttle bus is your best option! It is efficient, convenient and won’t break the bank! Enjoy pick up from four main underground stations in Seoul: Yeongdeungpo Station, Sindorim Station, Sinnonhyeon Station or Gangnam Station and arrive directly at Everland. At the end of a long day, avoid the human traffic jam with the crowd, hop onto the same bus and get dropped off at one of those 4 stations!

Klook yourself a Everland shuttle bus ticket, flash your mobile e-voucher and hop onto the bus hassle free!

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By Subway

You can also take the underground but be warned of the numerous transfers involved. From Gangnam Station, take Line 2 to Jeongja Station where you ll take the Sinbundang Line to Giheung Station and change to the Bundang Line to Jeongdae Everland Station. From there, you can hop onto a free shuttle bus to Everland!

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Get ready to Kimchi!

Now that you’ve settled your Everland visit, don’t forget to Klook yourself a 4G WiFi device for all those Instagram moments and to keep in touch with your loved ones! If you’re still undecided between Everland and Lotte World, check out our theme park showdown and make your decision!

If you’re looking for ideas for the rest of your trip to Seoul, check out our guides to Seoul. Whether it’s strutting down the cobbled streets or frolicking the palace grounds in a Hanbok or having a picnic in the lush green tree lined avenues of Nami Island, you’ll find it on Klook!