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Lihpao Land Theme Park Combo Ticket in Taichung
★ 4.7
20K+ Booked
Bestseller Instant Confirmation

US$ 17.90

From US$ 17.85

Lihpao Racing Kart Tickets in Taichung
★ 4.8
1K+ Booked

From US$ 23.29

Taichung Half Day and One Day Tour: Gaomei Wetland, Rainbow Village, and Miyahara (From Taichung)
★ 4.4
10K+ Booked

US$ 42.99

US$ 32.95

Taichung Cingjing Farm Day Tour
★ 5.0
100+ Booked

US$ 35.80

US$ 34.05

Houfeng Bikeway & Great Art Tour
★ 4.3
200+ Booked

US$ 66.25

US$ 63.75

City Diving: Asia’s Deepest Diving Pool in Taiwan
★ 4.9
300+ Booked

From US$ 71.19

Taichung Ruins Night Walking Tour
★ 4.5
200+ Booked

US$ 16.15

Historic Downtown Taichung Tour with DIY Sun Cake Experience
★ 4.8
200+ Booked

US$ 21.45

Taichung Blind Tour
★ 4.7
100+ Booked

US$ 80.55

Woodworking Workshop in Taipei and Taichung
★ 5.0
200+ Booked

US$ 16.15

From US$ 15.39

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Blast to the Past
Discover the marvels of Old Taichung from a new perspective
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2018 Taichung Flora Expo
Discover the beautiful harmony between humans and the wonders of nature at this year's Flora Expo!
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Why people love Taichung

Purchased itinerary on klook for the first time. Because of the transportation, I wanted to talk about it. I accidentally saw that the Taichung half-day tour had a very good evaluation. The time is not in time and the attractions are also good. The arranged car is very comfortable and the driver is very kind. If you want to travel next time, I will definitely come up again to find the itinerary!
A great guided tour, riding a bicycle on the alley road, listening to Chester's in-depth and wonderful commentary, let us realize that Taichung is really different, these people from the past era. Story. Background. Architecture. ....Fascinated! There is also the fifth market delicious and delicious, really a bumper trip!
When you exit Taichung Railway Station, you will see Jianguo Road and turn right for about 20 meters to reach the locomotive shop. It is easy to find. The locomotive shop will provide safety helmets with mats. They are fully hygienic. Raincoats are also provided when it rains. Intimate 👍, it is very convenient to use Klook to make an appointment, and I will repurchase next time
It's really a great experience. We are all riding the Taichung Lihpao Ferris Wheel for the first time, enjoying the highest position of the Ferris wheel, and having a bird's eye view of the entire Houli area of Taichung, which is great! Recommend to friends from afar, this trip is definitely worth it. Great and thanks ^_^
I took the shared ride from Taichung High Speed Rail to Sun Moon Lake. I was worried that the number of people would be canceled. Fortunately, the trip would go smoothly. The driver's eldest brother, Mr. Wu Yixin, is very professional. In addition to impeccable passenger service, he also acts as our guide along the way. Reading, he mentioned that even if there is only one customer, he will depart for the ride! Recommend Klook's high-speed rail Sun Moon Lake shared ride with this driver.
As soon as I booked the Sun Moon Lake to Taichung High-speed Railway, I quickly received notifications and contact information from the industry. The driver is very professional, because the roads in Sun Moon Lake are still controlled on Sunday morning, the driver will always call to inform the arrival time. The driving is very flat, our family 6 Everyone sleeps for the entire ride. I really recommend it!