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Nestled right next to Central on Hong Kong Island, Admiralty is home to many of Hong Kong’s government buildings including the Central Government Offices (or Justice Place), the Legislative Chamber and the Chief Executive’s Office. You don’t often see Admiralty on tourists’ lists of places to go. It does, however, have a number of high-end hotels and ultra sleek shopping malls with all the brand names, so if you like to shop in style, this is a great place to do it. With easy access to two beautiful parks, you can also enjoy some rare green space, and get beautiful views of Victoria Harbour.
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4.5 /5
8K+ reviews
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28 Aug 2022
The location is a bit remote, but there is a bus to the door, and Admiralty can be reached by 12A in a few minutes. The environment is OK, the service is OK. Food is mediocre, $244 afternoon tea set for two, don't expect too much.
kit ling
14 Aug 2022
First-class service👍 The waiter is attentive/friendly with a smile, and takes the initiative to take photos for the guests; from time to time, they will add water, clean the table, etc. Food quality: The lobster/crab is fresh enough (sweet/sweet), the abalone is big enough; the roe is added with wine (I don’t drink alcohol, so it’s just average); overall, the food quality is high. Transportation: Since I went to have dinner on Saturday, the hotel does not provide Shuttle Bus service; (Admiralty/Central) so take a bus/taxi at your own expense. If the car is convenient.
Wing Shan
2 Dec 2021
Taste: normal food and drink self-service: the active photo will also remind you when you are ready to open the cover 📸️ Landscape: before calling to reserve a window, look at the high-rise building and the place where you can sit and relax. Location: Jin There is a bus from Exit 12A of Zhongb. The first stop is the third stop, and it’s easy to go up the mountain at the third stop!
Wing Gee Sally
8 Sep 2021
Quiet environment! Floor-to-ceiling glass looks at the Admiralty business district in Central! Good people! Take the initiative to help the crazy shadow phase to make you clock in! The most correct check-in slot should be reserved early! Today, I arrived so early. After sitting down, I saw that no one was seated in the check-in slot and asked the staff if they could go over and take pictures. The staff was so polite and talked about problems! Zhong, help me take a picture! It’s so professional, so I’m a pose😂 The food is so far so good! Nothing special!
Kit ling
20 Aug 2021
Admiralty turns 12A directly. Don’t turn to 103 from Hung Hom. It’s tiring to go up the stairs. The environment is comfortable and the interval is very wide, and the waiters are polite. Half of the food is good, and I feel full without lunch. Everyone consciously talk in a soft voice, so quiet and relaxing afternoon tea, cheap and high quality. Very satisfied.
Lan Hing
15 Jul 2021
The environment is good! The food is good! Good service attitude👍 Slightly resembling a club house, not a hotel! The biggest problem: Inconvenience to traffic~ The road is too far, and the car is too close! Because the taxi from Admiralty does not skip the label when it arrives, the driver has a bad attitude! It would be nice if there is a car to and from Central or Admiralty😅
Sum Lui
1 Jul 2021
The location is far away from the subway station, and transfer to bus 12A from Admiralty Station to reach it directly. Cafe is not easy to see, the security downstairs will instruct to take the elevator to the 8th floor. The seat is comfortable and spacious, and the drink is ordered with hot tea, but unfortunately it is not hot enough and cannot be refilled. The food is very semen, and the staff will signal to prepare the camera. Wagyu burgers are not mini at all; crayfish buns are good food; plain pancake cakes, the chocolate heart is too soft and the outer layer is not crunchy or flowy. The saltiness is excellent, the desserts are ok, the macarons are too sweet, the mango Napoleon is "suck" but the taste is still good. Overall, this afternoon tea set is very good for food (disappearing 200 mosquitoes on the left and even adding one), the environment and service are both first-class!
7 Sep 2020
Conrad Hotel is next to Island Shangri-la, which is located in Admiralty. It is a brand of Hilton and provides a variety of international cuisine for customers. Sadly, we are not able to enjoy the buffet, because of the government's regulations.