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Arashiyama is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. It also refers to the mountain across the Ōi River, which forms a backdrop to the district. Arashiyama is a nationally designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty.
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Arashiyama Genrokuzancho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-0007, Japan

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Klook User
17 Feb
2/10 (Saturday) Went to Arashiyama/Tenryuji Temple on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Shojin cuisine, which I have heard about for a long time, may seem simple, but each dish is rich in hidden details. For example, soybeans are not enough to eat, so just eat one and taste it. It turns out that after chewing, it has a deep and slightly sweet taste; it looks like Sichuan blanched cauliflower with sauce, but the yellow sauce tastes like yellow mustard, with a slight acidity and irritation. The mustard flavor (remembering that Japanese food has another spicy and exciting plant seasoning, I forgot the name for a moment), makes ordinary green vegetables have many layers; the konjac, which I don’t really appreciate, is cooked to the heart in marinade. Sweet, salty and chewy; I was surprised to find rice cakes in the soy milk pot...I was full again and still had a big bowl of rice left! By the way, the peanut tofu tastes so rich~ It always reminds me of Shiyang Shanfang🤣
Klook User
8 Feb
A must try experience with visiting Japan. Good thing I was traveling solo. 😆 Went to the Onsen after a tiring walk around Arashiyama tourist spots. They have 3 indoor pools, 1 outdoor, 1 jacuzzi like pool (very cold), and sauna.
劉 **
5 Feb
The environment of this hot spring is great. It is next to Arashiyama Station. You can go to Arashiyama to see it and then take a bath in the hot spring when you come back. After soaking in the hot spring, your whole body will be warm and you can drink a bottle of fresh milk. It is great!
Klook User
7 Jan
This onsen located near to the Togetsukyo Bridge. Good especially after you walked so much from the Arashiyama bamboo forest!
陳 **
3 Jan
The CP value is very high, the environment is comfortable, the outdoor hot spring is cold and hot, and the indoor hot spring has two springs, one of which is white hot spring. There are also two ovens that can accommodate four people at a time. There is a large resting area outside, and there is a vending machine with milk for drinking. The overall environment is clean and comfortable. You can also go to the street in Arashiyama to buy matcha ice cream. During the day, you can go to Kinkakuji Temple first and then go to Arashiyama in the afternoon.
Klook User
22 Dec 2023
Arashiyama Hot Spring ♨️ If you go to Arashiyama, you must try it. You will meet many foreign tourists! This is the first time for some of them to soak in hot springs♨️The place is convenient, but the space is small, especially the plainclothes room! Female travelers should bring their own skin care products as they are not provided.
Christie *****
5 Dec 2023
Easily accessible location in Arashiyama. Super relaxing and pleasant experience. Great value for money. I really enjoyed the outdoor onsen and the common area where you can relax after the onsen.
謝 **
30 Nov 2023
The hot spring is not very big, maybe I went to Spa World in Osaka~ So here, I brought my parents purely to experience the red leaves of Arashiyama➕open-air hot spring. There are quite a lot of Koreans~
Klook User
29 Nov 2023
Advantages: 1. The meeting place is clear, and there will be an email with detailed instructions 2. The tour guide understands English and will also introduce the attractions and check-in locations along the way 3. This lazy bag is good for those who want to visit two attractions at once 4. There will be Disadvantages of the tour package arranged to be picked up and returned to Kyoto for connection with other means of transportation: 1. The schedule is too busy, and you have to catch the bus immediately after getting off at the Saga train terminal, and there is no time to go into the souvenir shop. 2. The price/performance ratio is not very high because of the train. The price of the ticket and the Hozu River Cruise is not more than HK$400, but this tour is close to HK$800. 3. The package does not include the Kyoto Railway Museum. Klook did not indicate that if the weather is bad, the Hozu River Cruise will be canceled and will be changed to a tour of the Kyoto Railway Museum. Tips: 1. If you want to play with the train, it is recommended to take the right side of the train (toward Kameoka) 2. If you are taking a boat, it is recommended to go to the restroom, because the boat trip is approximately 2 hours. 3. If you are taking a boat, it is recommended to take the right side ( (Towards Arashiyama)