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Situated in the eastern part of the country close to the Danube River, Vienna is Austria’s capital and one of the most important cities focusing on art, culture, and music. It was the home of a number of famed musicians like Mozart and Beethoven. The city is filled with art galleries, heritage buildings, Baroque palaces, quaint restaurants and cafes, and more! Vienna is one for those who love culture. Read on to check out the things to do in Vienna!

Schönbrunn Palace

Located in Hietzing, Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace acted as the primary summer residence of the Habsburgs. Travelers can expect this beautiful Baroque structure to awe with its opulent interiors and magnificent architecture. Apart from the palace itself, tourists may take a leisurely stroll through its gardens, book an audio guide for a comprehensive tour, or head to Vienna’s oldest zoo. It is best to visit when it’s not as crowded, during March or November.
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The Hofburg

Found in the heart of the city, The Hofburg is one of the Vienna attractions tourists just have to visit! Apart from it being the official residence and workplace of the Austrian president, this magnificent structure is also brimming with history, as it was built during the 13th century. Travelers can venture into the famous Royal Apartments, filled with extravagant furnishings and architecture. The Hofburg is best visited just before the summer or the holidays to avoid crowds.
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Belvedere Palace

A must-see in Vienna is definitely Belvedere Palace, a building complex built in the famed Baroque style. It consists of two Baroque structures named the Orangery and the Palace Stables, and was also the summer residence of Savoy’s Prince Eugene. Apart from visiting this location’s lovely gardens and grandiose palaces, travelers must also visit the museum here, which houses the largest Gustav Klimt collection, which includes the renowned The Kiss. Drop by in the mornings before lunch, around 10:00am, to avoid too many tourists.
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St. Stephen's Cathedral

An icon of Roman Catholicism and religion in Vienna, St. Stephen’s Cathedral stands strong and majestic in the Innere Stadt district. This Gothic cathedral is vast, with an extraordinary treasury collection and historic catacombs to explore. Every inch of this place is covered with ornate furnishings and detailed architecture that will surely take every traveler’s breath away at first glance. Mornings are also the best time to visit this iconic structure.
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Danube Valley Day Trip From Vienna
Super recommended! The time to visit the monastery is very short, but the last library is very, very amazing. Unfortunately, I can’t take pictures in English. It’s a bit hard to listen to. No need to bring lunch. We went there in winter. The food on the boat is not expensive. The meals are unexpectedly delicious! The scenery is so beautiful~~

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