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  • Travel to Hong Kong is Back: All the Travel Requirements You Need to Know!

    Ciary Manhit
    Ciary Manhit
    Last updated 28 Dec 2022
    Hong Kong travel news banner
    You must be wondering, can you travel to Hong Kong now? The answer is a resounding YES! After two years of strict quarantine arrangements for international travelers, inbound travelers can once again make their way to the world-class city starting September 26.  With the new ”0+3 Arrangement”, tourists will not need to go undergo hotel quarantine anymore but will be required to self-monitor their health conditions for the first three days of their trip.
    Excited? We are as well! For a full rundown on what you need to have and prepare before and after your flight, we’ve made a simple guide to help you make that Hong Kong trip you’ve been wishing for a reality!
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    Travel Requirements for Hong Kong

    Before Traveling to Hong Kong

    Buildings and a boat in Hong Kong
    What exact requirements will you need to travel to Hong Kong? Inbound travelers from overseas and Taiwan entering the country will need to accomplish this list of conditions and requirements before they enter the country:
    • Be a fully vaccinated traveler. See the list of COVID-19 Vaccines Recognized for Specified Purposes on which vaccines are accepted
    • A negative pre-departure Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) taken within 24 hours from arrival
    • [IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting 14 Dec, this is no longer required.] Completed Health & Quarantine Information Declaration. This form must be completed prior to your arrival in Hong Kong. Please save the QR Code generated upon submission of your declaration.
    For arrival via Hong Kong International Airport, the QR Code is valid for 96 hours. For arrivals via land control points, the QR Code is valid for 24 hours.
    You can refer to the Hong Kong Government’s Inbound Travel Guide for more information.

    Arrival in Hong Kong

    Two guys sightseeing the city of Hong Kong from a rooftop
    Photo Credit: Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash
    Once you’ve landed in Hong Kong, you’ll have to follow the 0+3 Arrangement before getting the chance to fully explore the city. Here’s a timeline of what the first days of your trip will look like:
    • Day 0 “First Day of your Trip”: The day you arrive in Hong Kong will include a “Test and Go” arrangement at the airport. Inbound Travelers will take a PCR Test and will be given an “Amber Code” once taken. You do not need to wait for the result of your PCR Test and can head directly to your accommodations
    • Day 0-2/3 “ Medical Surveillance” - Travelers will be required to undergo medical surveillance for the first three nights. During this period, you are allowed to go out, but cannot enter locations that require the checking of vaccine passes (i.e. restaurants, attractions, etc).
    Travelers must also take a RAT daily, and a PCR Test on Day 2 at a community testing center, a mobile specimen collection station, or through a professional medical testing institution. Your Amber Code will be lifted at 9:00 am on Day 3 if you’ve consistently obtained a negative result from your PCR Test and RATs.
    • Day 3-7 “Self-Surveillance”: Travelers can move around freely, but are still required to take a RAT daily until Day 7 and a PCR Test on Days 4 and 6 for self-monitoring.
    For travelers that test positive with either their PCR Test or RAT, your vaccine passes will be converted to a Red Code, and isolation arrangements will be aligned locally.

    Final Reminders

    • Wearing of masks is still required, unless exercising
    • Going to clubs and restaurants with a hundred or more people is allowed by the Hong Kong government

    Your Hong Kong Adventure Awaits You!

    A happy family inside an observation deck overlooking Hong Kong
    Now that your trip is all set, it’s time to plan out all the exciting things you can do in Hong Kong! If you’re traveling with kids, check out our family-friendly guide to visiting Hong Kong for ideas on what to do with the little ones or even hiking trails to check out if you’re looking for an adventure!