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  • How to Apply for South Korea’s Q-Code for your Next Adventure!

    Ciary Manhit
    Ciary Manhit
    Last updated 16 Nov 2023
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    You don’t have to only binge-watch your favorite K-dramas or have your favorite K-pop songs on repeat to experience Korean culture because travel to South Korea is finally back! With South Korea travel restrictions easing up, foreign travelers can finally live out long-awaited South Korea adventures with quarantine-free travel into the country starting 1 Apr 2022. 
    Before you start booking your experiences, tours, and things to do in South Korea, you’ll need to prepare the necessary travel requirements for your trip. We’ve come up with a quick guide on one of the most important travel documents you’ll need to have on hand, the Q-Code! 

    What is a Q-Code? 

    The Q-Code is a South Korea QR code that holds all your vaccination information needed for entry. The travel requirement was created to help shorten the time for quarantine inspection for foreign travelers entering the country. 
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    How to Apply for a Q-Code

    Step 1: Prepare your supporting documents

    Before registering for your Q-Code, you’ll definitely need to prepare the following information for your application: 
    • Personal information, including your passport number 
    • Entry information, including the departure country, flight details, and accommodation details in South Korea (address and contact number) 
    • Vaccination Records
    It’s best to make sure you have all these ready before applying for a smooth process.

    Step 2: Apply for your Q-Code online 

    Have all your travel documents ready? If yes, head over to the Q-Code Application Portal to register! Once you successfully input and submit all the required information you’ll be issued with a Q-Code immediately.
    Klook Tip: Still unsure about flight or accommodation details? That’s actually okay! The Q-Code application system has a temporary save function available. Just make sure you finalize your application and have your Q-code on hand before you board your flight.

    Step 3: Present your Q-Code upon arrival in South Korea

    The most important step is to remember to bring this QR code with you! The Q-Code is a required document and will be checked by Immigration and Quarantine Control officers once you arrive in South Korea, so make sure you have a copy of it on hand. If all information registered on your Q-Code is crystal clear and you don’t have any complications with your information, you’ll definitely be able to experience a quick and easy entry once you arrive. 

    Frequently asked South Korea Q-Code questions

    1. Who needs a Q-Code? 
    A Q-Code is required for foreign travelers traveling to South Korea regardless of their purpose (i.e. tourism, visiting family, etc).
    2. Do I have to pay a fee to apply for a Q-Code?
    No, applying for a Q-code is free of charge!
    3. Does the Q-Code guarantee I can enter South Korea quarantine-free? 
    The Q-code actually may not guarantee quarantine-free entry into South Korea. Once you arrive, the conditions of your entry and quarantine will be determined by the evaluation of the Immigration and Quarantine Control officers present. Remember, stay healthy! 
    4. I accidentally added wrong information to my Q-Code application, what should I do? 
    In case you make any mistake to the information you input into your Q-Code application, you can restart from the beginning to receive a new Q-Code. Make sure you apply all the necessary changes before your arrival. If not, you may be required to quarantine during your trip. 
    5. How long is the validity period of my Q-Code? 
    Your Q-Code is valid only for single-entry and expires once you complete your immigration process. In case you plan to travel to South Korea again, you’ll need to register for a new Q-Code. 

    South Korea, here we come!

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    Everything set and travel documents complete? If the answer is a resounding YES, then it’s finally time to build that itinerary! We have a wide variety of exciting things to do to make sure that you experience #YourWorldOfJoy when in South Korea!
    For more clarifications on Q-Code requirements, you can head over to the Quarantine COVID19 Defence official website for more information

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