The Maldives AKA The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination is Visa Free!

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Did you know that the Maldives is visa-free?

In case you didn’t know, the Maldives, is listed as one of the 60+ countries Philippine passport holders can visit visa-free! Yup, that’s right – this top honeymoon destination is offers Philippine passport holders visa-free visits up to 30 days! So in case you thought this magical destination would be a pipe dream, you’re actually one step closer to visiting this paradise.

maldives visa free

The Maldives is pretty much a synonym for luxury, romance, and paradise, which is probably why anyone would consider it as one of their dream destinations.

maldives visa free

Popular with couples and newlyweds, a holiday in the Maldives is best experienced with overwater bungalow accommodations, water excursions and of course, the people you love.

maldives visa free

For first timers looking to visit the Maldives anytime soon, a couple of their top island activities include kayaking on a glass-bottom boat, island hopping, swimming with whale sharks and simply getting some r&r by the white sand beaches.

maldives visa free

It’s no mystery why this tropical destination rides high on many honeymooners’ lists. Apart from its powder white sand beaches and clear blue waters, it also happens to be summer year round in this little island – making it the perfect getaway for any visitor.

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