Travel Trends You Need To Try This 2020

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A new way of travelling

If you’re anything like us, you’re most likely already mapping out your travels for the new year. With a new decade upon us, we can’t think of a better time to brush off old travel habits and experiment with new travel trends to enhance the experience. From yoga retreats to country coupling – here are some of the trends you might want to try in the next year!

1. Slow Travel

With topics of climate change and sustainability continually making waves in society (and for good reason) – Slow Travel takes centre stage in 2020. More and more individuals have become more conscious of their everyday actions and common travel habits are now put into question.

Slow Travel is also defined as mindful travel or sustainable tourism. It isn’t necessarily bound to a time frame, but instead it encourages travellers to pace themselves and enjoy every step of their journey. Free yourself from the pressure of having to see everything and burning away money, time, effort and resources doing so, and instead – soak up as much culture and traditions you can during your time.

2. Train Travel

There are many, simple ways for individuals to travel slowly – and one of which is through train travel. With broader knowledge on sustainability and environmental stakes, frequent travellers are now opting to travel through train as opposed to flying – especially for shorter haul trips – as an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to Eurail, their carbon emissions from one city to another are about three to four times less than that of a car or plane travelling the same distance. Though train travelling isn’t exactly accessible in all parts of the world, this mode of transportation has increased in popularity all over Europe and North America; so if you’re to visit these destinations this 2020 – we can’t think of a better time to try it out!

3. Transformative Travel

In 2020, simply visiting sights and attractions will no longer be the sole agenda of many travellers. Instead, they’ll be looking for experiences that will leave a lasting impact on communities, or even to themselves. Individuals might look into volunteer programs abroad or consider a more ‘live local’ approach to their itinerary, where they can converse and interact with the community.

For personal growth and development, retreats are slowly becoming a common option for many individuals – whether its for art, yoga, or overall wellness.

4. Experiential Accommodations

Gone are the days of just plain old sightseeing. This 2020, you’re bound to see a rise in unique, experiential accommodations – all of which, are photo-ready for Instagram. Travellers are following in the footsteps of their favorite travel influencers and booking accommodations that are more than just a place to sleep in. These Instagram-worthy lodging options may feature stunning views, unique architecture, and maybe even hot springs access straight from your bedroom.

5. ‘Second City’ travel

To reduce over tourism in popular cities, a number of travellers have begun to consider other destinations to travel to instead of major cities. For instance, those travelling to Japan are considering visiting cities like Nagano or Kobe which are all easily accessible through Japan’s efficient rail system. Not only will the ‘Second City’ travel trend leave a positive influence on local communities, it also is a more budget-friendly and culturally beneficial option for travellers!

6. Travelling with pets

A younger and newer generation of travellers are starting a furry trend – and it’s one we’re sure will catch on! According to, 42% of global pet owners agree that they would choose holiday destinations based on whether they can take their pets, and 49% would be willing to pay more to stay in an accommodation that’s pet-friendly.

That said, you can expect pet services to increase in 2020 – more than just a doggy bed or pet-friendly bedrooms, but maybe even pet spas and dedicated food menus for pets.

7. App-assisted Travel

As technology continues to surprise us with its many conveniences, travellers can expect to rely heavily on their smartphones and travel apps for seamless experiences this 2020. From booking flights and accommodations all the way to instant confirmation bookings for once in a lifetime adventures – these travel apps will soon be considered essential when travelling, if it isn’t already.

8. Country Coupling

We can all agree that travelling is a luxury. So when people can spare a handful of days to take a leave from work or school, it’s best to make the most out of that time off. And one way travellers have been recently utilizing their vacation time is by country coupling.

Country coupling is essentially booking a trip to two (or more) countries instead of a single one on holiday. Typically, travellers opt for countries that are geographically close to one another, however according to Virtuoso, travellers who consider country coupling are more keen to discover more unusual pairings in 2020.

9. Bizcation

Who says work trips can’t be fun? Though extending work trips isn’t really a new trend, more employed-millennials have started to embrace the concept of “bizcation” (business-vacation), which allows them to discover new places at a fraction of the price.

Plus, with more organizations allowing their employees to work remotely, business travellers have become even more enthusiastic about mixing work and leisure trips.

10. Ancestral Tourism

We’re sure you’ve come across an ad for ancestry tests on your Facebook feeds at least twice in the past few years. More and more people have considered, and have taken, DNA Ancestry tests (which can be ordered online), which trace your genetic roots and help you discover your family heritage.

With this technological phenomenon on the rise, travellers are set to travel far and wide to dig deep into their ancestral roots – no matter the cost!

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