Here’s What You Need To Know Before Your First Trip To Shanghai Disneyland!

14 Mar 2020
Shanghai Disneyland Tips 18

Shanghai Disneyland tips

If you haven’t already heard, Shanghai Disneyland is unlike all the other Disney parks in the world! With the BIGGEST Sleeping Beauty Castle, the ONE and ONLY Tron: Lightcycle Power Run ride and even a garden filled with the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, there’s so much to see and do.
We’ve prepared some tips and tricks to ensure you cover the most unique parts of Shanghai Disneyland and the most efficient way to do it!

1. Pre-book your tickets

Shanghai Disneyland Tips
Probably the most obvious yet overlooked tip is to PRE-BOOK your tickets. We cannot stress this enough. You definitely won’t want to be caught standing in line to purchase tickets whilst everyone else waltzes right to the turnstiles with their mobile e-tickets.
Luckily, you can easily pre-book your tickets up to 1 month in advance on Klook! Not only will you be able to walk right up to the turnstiles, you’ll even enjoy a 10% discount as compared to the price at the door.
Do note that you will need to input your passport number upon check out and you will need to bring your passport along for verification.

2. Arrive at least 30 minutes before doors open

Shanghai Disneyland Tips
You will be subjected to bag checks before you can enter the park. Do note that all guests are allowed to bring food into the park provided that they do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control and do not have pungent odors. E.g. of food items not allowed into the park include Cup Noodles and Durian Fruit.

3. Download the Shanghai Disneyland App

Shanghai Disneyland Tips
We recommend downloading the Shanghai Disneyland app BEFORE heading to Shanghai for a few reasons:
  1. You will require roaming capabilities in order to receive an OTP when you first sign up.
  2. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the rides and attractions
The app will be your best friend during your visit. Not only will you be able to check the wait times for rides and showtimes of all the parades and shows, you can even check what time your favourite characters will be making appearances around the park. Apart from that, the app also functions as your trusty map!
Shanghai Disneyland Tips
Most importantly, you will need the app to register for your FASTPASS! After scanning your Klook mobile e-voucher at the turnstiles, you will receive a physical ticket that you can scan to add into your account.
From there, you will be able to request for a FASTPASS for the ride. This helps you skip the line to some of the most popular rides, giving you the chance to ride it TWICE! You’ll be entitled to a FASTPASS every 2 hours so make sure to set alarms to redeem one.

4. Take the MRT there

Shanghai Disneyland Tips
Travelling by MRT: 10 minute walk to the park entrance
Travelling by taxi : 15 minute walk to the park entrance
If you don’t like walking, we definitely suggest taking public transport to Shanghai Disneyland. Not only will you save on parking costs, the walk from the station to the gates is much shorter! They have their own station- Shanghai Disney Station.
Shanghai Disneyland Tips
However, if you’re travelling with kids and have plenty of baggage, we definitely understand the pain. Pre-book a Shanghai Disneyland transfer and arrive at the park in comfort! We know how over-excited little ones (or young at heart) can be a tough bunch to handle.

5. All the important facilities

Head to the guest services counter if you’re celebrating your birthday month and get a FREE collectible badge! This is also where you’ll find english versions of the park map should you prefer a physical copy. There are also prayer rooms for Muslim visitors located beside the guest services counter.
Apart from that, if you’re travelling with little ones, the stroller rentals are on the left hand side of the entrance. Strollers cost 90RMB/day and you’ll also find lockers (60RMB/day) for you to store your excess belongings.

6. Mealtimes

While you are allowed to bring in some of your own food, can you really resist all the snacks? We’ve listed out some of the must try food in Shanghai Disneyland for you to ensure that you ration your tummy space and your wallets for them.
Pair your admission ticket with a Klook Exclusive Shanghai Disneyland meal coupon to enjoy savings on your meals in the park. 
Redeem a standard meal combos that comes with a drink at the following outlets within the park: 
  1. Mickey and Pals Market Cafe
  2. Tribal Table
  3. Tangled Tree Tavern
  4. Barbossa’s Bounty
  5. Pinocchio Village Kitchen
You can also opt for the Lumiere’s Character Dinner Buffet if you’re feeling fancy! 

Unique to Shanghai Disneyland

We’ve narrowed down all the unique features of each themed land so you don’t miss out! If you’re looking for more information about the rides and attractions, our guide might help!

7. Mickey Avenue without a TRAIN

While there might not be the classic train to take you around the park, this is definitely one photo spot you don’t want to miss!
P.S. The character at the front of the station changes seasonally. Keep a lookout for everyone’s favourite DUFFY BEAR in the Spring!
You’ll also find the largest souvenir store in all of Shanghai Disneyland – Disney M Arcade. Pick up some Shanghai EXCLUSIVE merchandize to immortalize those trip memories.

8. You can enter Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

This is the ONLY Sleeping Beauty Castle in the world that you can walk through and go all the way up to!
P.S. The attraction Voyage to the Crystal Grotto takes you UNDER the castle on a magical boat ride that is filled with your favourite Disney character encounters and happy tunes to match.

9. Meet Jack Sparrow

Meet the man himself, Captain Jack Sparrow at Barbossa’s Bounty over in Treasure Cove. The Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure ride is truly unlike the others in the world. The twisting, twirling and even a backward ride on treacherous waters coupled with the insane surround screen experience will make you feel as if you’ve sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

10. Tron: Lightcycle Power Run

Photo Credit: @wcnxx on Instagram
The ONLY one in the world, the TRON Lightcycle Power Run ride is worth all the hype. The effects, the adrenaline from zooming across humps and dips, all we can say is strap in for the ride of your life.

11. Soaring over the Horizon

Soaring Over The Horizon is the ride with the LONGEST wait time, but trust us when we say it is worth the wait! Upon entering the park, make sure to get a FASTPASS for this ride before anything else. Without giving too much away, this ride will take you all around the world, soaring over sights like the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Harbour and more.

12.The Zodiac Garden

If you’re a firm believer of the Chinese zodiac or just want to find out which Disney character best represents you, talk a walk down the Zodiac Garden to find out! Don’t forget to snap a photo beside your spirit animal.

13. Rex’s Racer

Photo Credit: @wcnxx on Instagram
This is probably Shanghai Disneyland’s hidden gem! Rex’s Racer is a thrill ride you didn’t know you needed in your life. Taking you up almost 180 degrees and dropping backwards on a horseshoe shaped track, feel your heart sink to your stomach each time the car climbs higher only to drop.

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