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  • We Know You're Craving For Taho - So Here Are All The Vendors Selling Online

    Felicia Dei
    Felicia Dei
    Last updated 28 May 2020
    taho delivery

    Get your taho fix STAT!

    With ECQ restrictions set in place in most, if not all, barangays across the metro, getting our hands on our favorite breakfast treat hasn’t been so easy. If you’re like us and miss hearing the morning “tahoooooo” call, we’ve listed several taho vendors delivering this well-loved Filipino snack. 
    Listed below are several taho vendors that deliver across the metro. 

    1. Soy Yummy

    What’s available? 
    • Large Chilled Taho -- Php 240 for a Bundle of 4
    • 2.5 Liters Family Party Taho (Hot/Chilled) - Php 400
    • Chilled Strawberry Taho -- Php 180 for a Bundle of 3
    • Chilled Mango Taho -- Php 180 for a Bundle of 3
    Soy Yummy also offers a selection of soy food and drinks, found here
    How to order? Fill up Soy Yummy/Soy Express’ Online Order Form (link)
    Delivery Options
    • Delivery via Lalamove, GrabExpress, Angkas or other 3rd party delivery service
    • Pick-Up at San Antonio, Quezon City

    2. Soy Bueno

    What’s available?
    • 1L Soy Bueno Taho (Serves 4) - Php 180
    • 2L Soy Bueno Taho (Serves 8) - Php 360
    How to order? Fill up their typeform at https://www.soybueno.co/
    For more information visit: Soy Bueno’s Facebook | Soy Bueno’s Instagram

    3. Giant Taho

    What’s available?
    • 16oz (500ml) Hot/Chilled Giant Taho - Php 50
    • Taho in a Tub (2.5 L of Soy, 250 grams of syrup, 350 grams of sago) - Php 375
    • Add ons: Tapioca Pearls - Php 80
    • Add ons: Classic Syrup - Php 60
    • Add ons: Strawberry/Chocolate Syrup - Php 100
    How to order? Send a message to Giant Taho’s Facebook Page
    Delivery Options
    • GrabExpress, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy
    For more information visit: Giant Taho’s Facebook

    4. Royce’s Chilled Taho

    chilled taho
    Photo Credit: Royce Chilled Taho Facebook Page
    What’s available? 
    • 240ml Chilled Taho (with sago and syrup) - Php 145 for a Bundle of 3
    How to Order? Send a message to Royce’s Chilled Taho on Facebook
    For more information visit: Royce’s Chilled Taho Facebook 

    5. Tasty Chilled Taho

    taho delivery
    Photo Credit: Tasty Chilled Taho Facebook Page
    What’s available? 
    • 240ml Chilled Taho - Php 30/cup minimum 10 cups per transaction (Php 28/cup for orders above 10 pieces)
    How to order? Send a message to Tasty Chilled Taho’s Facebook page or text 09276587745 
    For more information visit: Tasty Chilled Taho Facebook
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