Seoul Shopping Like A Pro: Guide for Every KBeauty, KFashion, and KPop Fan!

Klook team
Klook team
14 Mar 2020
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Get the Best of Seoul at these Shopping Spots

The Korean Wave is stronger than ever and everyone’s living for it! Whether you’re all about achieving that KBeauty glow, strutting down the streets with that KFashion swag, or stanning your fave KPop idols – we got the perfect shopping spots for you! You can even get yourself a Klook T-Money Card so you can jump from one shopping stop to another with no hassle! Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Myeongdong

myeongdong shopping
If you think skincare is life, then Myeongdong is the perfect place to be! You’ll be throwing finger hearts everywhere once you see the blocks filled with skincare and makeup brands that you love like Missha, Innisfree, Too Cool For School… just to name a few. The best part is? You get to have FREE samples from the shops you visit! Win-win, indeed!
Aside from KBeauty products, you can also shop for trendy fashion items and limited-edition sneakers in Myeongdong!
How to Get There: Take the subway to Myeongdong Station, Exits 5, 6, 7, or 8 or Euljiro 1 (ij-ga) Station, Exits 5 or 6.

2. Myeongdong Underground

Fangirls and fanboys unite! Although you can easily find KPop merch in every corner of Seoul, Myeongdong Underground is one of the best places to hoard the craziest and cutest KPop gems! You can buy socks, keychains, notepads, posters – basically anything – with the face of your fave KPop idols.
So if you’re a Kpop fan, don’t you dare miss this spot. Make it more fun and easy with the Discover Seoul Pass BTS Edition!
How to Get There: Take the subway to Myeongdong Station, once you arrived at the station, you will immediately see the underground shopping center.

3. Hongdae

Shopping with a hipster vibe? Hongdae is the way! At Hongdae, you can fully embrace the Korean underground culture through vintage shops and locally made fashion lines by Korean designers.
Aside from stylish clothes, Hongdae is also the perfect place to buy cute and one of a kind pasalubongs like the famous Korean paper fans.
How to Get There: Take the subway to Hongik University Station, head on to Exit 8 or 9.

4. Ewha Woman’s University Street

ewha women's university
ewha womans university
If you’re shopping on a budget, Ewha Woman’s University Street is the place to be! Since it’s often crowded by students, most of the products sold are on the more affordable range. You can even score your fave KBeauty products and KFashion items at a discounted price over here!
How to Get There: Take the subway to Ewha Woman’s University Station, head on to Exit 2 or 3.

5. Garosu-gil

Live that Korean High-fashion life when you shop at Garosugil! If you are into shopping unique and stylish designer clothes or art pieces, you’ll love the variety of upscale boutiques and galleries along the tree-lined streets.
How to Get There: Take the subway to Sinsa Station head to Exit 8.

6. Namdaemun Market

namdaemun market
Namdaemun Market is the perfect shopping spot if you’re into the haggle game! Amidst the thousands of stalls available in Namdaemun, you will surely be overwhelmed with the sea of items to choose from – starting from clothes all the way to home decor. But if you search and look long enough, you are definitely in for a good bargain! Fighting!
How to Get There: Take the subway to Hoehyeon Station and head to Exit 5.

7. Dongdaenum Market

dongdaemun market
Shop ’til the AM at Dongdaenum Market! You won’t need to worry about running out of time to shop and buying pasalubong, because Dongdaenum is open until 5 AM (except Sundays)! This is also a great place to buy cute and pasalubong-worthy stuff in bulk or wholesale.
How to Get There: Take the subway to Dongdaenum History & Culture Park Station and head to Exit 11 or 12.

8. Itaewon

Unique finds in every corner! Itaewon is the best place to find one of a kind antique furniture for your home. Whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned desk lamp or a working jukebox, Itaewon’s Antique Furniture street is the best choice.
How to Get There: Take the subway Line 6 Itaewon Station and head on to Exit #3 or #4.

9. Gwangjang Market

gwangjang market
Ukay-ukay in Seoul? Why not! Although Gwangjang Market is famous for its yummy food stalls, you can also find thrift store gems and score stylish and affordable pieces to complete your KFashion ‘fit!
How to Get There: Take the subway to Jongno 5-ga Station, Exit 8 or Euljiro 4-ga Station, Exit 4.

10. Insadong

Get into the KCulture realness by shopping for traditional Korean items! Insadong is one of the best souvenir stops for the ultimate pasalubong items such as the traditional Hanboks, metal chopsticks, beautiful ceramics, leather goods, and calligraphy materials.
How to Get There: Take the subway to Anguk Station, Exit 6 or Jonggak Station, Exit 3

Time to shop ’til you drop!

seoul shopping
There you have it! A Seoul shopping experience like no other. Whether you’re traveling alone, having an adventure with your squad or spending some quality time with your family, we hope you get the best of Seoul with these shopping gems!
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