You Have Until 20 October To See The Iconic Merlion in Sentosa

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It’s time to say goodbye to one of Singapore’s most iconic statues

Sad news, travellers. The iconic Merlion statue located in Sentosa Singapore will be demolished soon to make way for the new Sentosa Sensoryscape, a new pedestrian thoroughfare, which will be linking Resorts World Sentosa to Sentosa’s beaches in the south. Although there is no projected date for its demolition, operations will stop on 20 October 2019 – marking this as the last day visitors will get to get a glimpse of the iconic attraction.

New themed linkway to replace the iconic Merlion statue in Sentosa

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The iconic Merlion statue, which stands at 37-metres tall, is one of Singapore’s most iconic attractions. That said, its absence will definitely be felt by both tourists and locals alike.

However, this news will hopefully make way for new tourist opportunities in Singapore. In place of the Merlion statue in Sentosa, a SGD90 million linkway connecting the north and south shores of Sentosa will be constructed.

While the tallest Merlion will shut down operations this October, you will still get a chance to see the original Merlion statue located at Marina Bay.

Special Sentosa Merlion Magic Lights Show from 21 September to 20 October

As a farewell to this iconic statue and attraction, guests can participate in a special edition of the Magic Lights Show from 21 September to 20 October four times a night.

As a treat, citizens and permanent residents can enjoy half-price tickets, while those over 60 years old may enter the attraction for free – from 21 September to 20 October.

Check out other activities in Sentosa

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Fortunately for guests, the fun doesn’t end at the Merlion statue. Although it will be greatly missed, we can’t help but hype you up over the exciting experiences scattered all over the island! From up close and personal interaction with wildlife creatures to tandem bungy jumping – Sentosa definitely has something in store for you!