Klook’s Newest Travel Buddies Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano Talk Balancing Work, Life and Travel

klook team
klook team
14 Mar 2020
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Get to know Klook’s newest travel buddies – Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano!

Avid fans of Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano would know that these two travel the world quite often. Alex Gonzaga has charmed her way to the hearts of over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel in the course of a year, all while upholding a pretty successful acting career. Luis Manzano, or Lucky as he’s more commonly known, has been in the limelight for almost two decades now – thanks to his outstanding hosting and modelling career, and not to mention his famous parents.
Nonetheless, it goes without saying that these two celebrities are one of the most hardworking in the industry. And with such demanding careers, we started wondering how they get to do it all! We sat down with Alex and Luis and here’s what they’ve got to say about work-travel balance and a couple of personal travel tips for aspiring globetrotters!
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We know how hectic your schedules are, so we want to know why you think it’s important to make time for travel?

Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano playing a game of “More Likely To…” during the Klook Travel Fest on September 29, 2018 at SMX Convention Center SM Aura.
Luis: For us, it’s a detox. I mean, at least for me – I’m always around so many people everyday for shoots and the show, but that’s how the industry works! So sometimes, ako din kasi I’m a loner din, I crave for my alone time and I need my quiet time! You know, doing nothing and not being surrounded by anyone – that’s why I personally need time to travel.
Alex: Ako, it’s my reward – para sa sarili ko. Kasi when I’m in the Philippines, I’m always working – even my parents – so when we get to travel, parang walang iniisip na stress in work and you get the chance to bond with the people you’re with talaga.
Luis: Also, it’s not everyday – at least for Alex and I – that we can literally sit in a cafe and people watch. Dito kasi, we don’t really have the luxury to do that, and it’s one of those things I think na everyone should do once in a while. It’s great to be able to detach from everything you go through each and everyday.

So you both travel to relax, but travelling can also get quite hectic. Do you have any tips for staying stress-free and organized?

Alex: For me, apps like Klook are really important. Kasi before you fly, it’s nice to know na meron na akong schedule. Instead of during my holiday ako nagpapanic, and I have limited time and I have to worry about what I want to book or where I want to go. Plus, if you book activities on the spot, mas-mahal pa minsan yung gagawin mo. And at the same time, you get to budget your time as well – na ito yung rest day ko, ito yung mga schedules ko. So, time and money ang pinaka nassave mo dun. So it’s really important na you plan beforehand.
Luis: There are two types of travellers – there’s one na gusto nakalatag na lahat, and there’s one na you know, “take me away, I wanna get lost.” Ako, I’m the former. I’m not OC, but I prefer na kung paano, nakalatag na. Diba that’s the point of travelling? I want everything to be stress free, and I want to relax. I mean, every single detail of your trip doesn’t exactly have to be laid out, but it really saves you so much time.

It’s great to know you both prefer to plan ahead of your trips. Since you both only have limited travel days given your busy schedules, how do you personally make the most out of it?

Alex: I really love the food and shopping! For me, yan talaga yung parang relax ko eh. But of course, I’ll definitely still check out yung pinakasikat na attraction nila and get some pictures taken.
Luis: I’m not big on sightseeing either, but if ever, I visit the most popular attractions right away. And hindi ko kaya yung lahat ng pwedeng gawin, gagawin na in one day. I’d rather savour the experience! Diba kasi nakakapagod when you’re on your second destination tapos pagod ka na, pero wala na, eh – and in the end if you don’t go, it’s wasting so much money, and you don’t even get to enjoy.
Alex: Parang may time din naman ako, kuya, na what I do is for one whole day, gagawin ko na lahat – yung main attractions – so para the next day, I’ll rest na. So I think it’s really managing talaga your time and finding the right balance.

If you were to describe yourself as a type of traveller, you would be…

Luis: Definitely a relaxed and chill type of traveller. Gusto ko ako may hawak sa schedule ko. ‘Cause I’m on leave na nga, tapos detox din para sakin. Minsan, I’d rather walang itinerary especially since when I go on family trips, everything is planned out kasi. Minsan si Mommy ko nagtatampo, pero nakikiusap nalang ako na “Mommy, dito nalang muna ako, I want to stay.”
Alex: Same, pero I want to see attractions din, hindi lang all throughout the trip. My mom, Mommy Pinty, can stay in a hotel room forever. Not gonna lie, minsan ganun ako. Pero iniiwasan ko, kasi sayang naman yung opportunity na andun ka.