Jeju Island, South Korea 3D2N Itinerary

14 Mar 2020
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A weekend in Jeju Island, South Korea

Trade in Manila’s hustle and bustle for Jeju Island’s calm and scenic views for a quick weekend getaway! This small South Korea island is home to many interesting attractions – from quirky, and questionable, museums all the way to UNESCO World Heritage sites. Keep reading to find out how you can maximize an entire long weekend in Jeju Island!

No Visa Needed

South Korea requires all Philippine passport holders to hold a South Korea visa to enter the majority of its premises – like Seoul, Busan, and Gangwon-do. However, did you know you can actually enter one tiny little island without the need for a visa?
Jeju Island in the south of mainland South Korea is accessible to Philippine passport holders, no visa required. This makes it ten-times easier for K-Wave fans and travel bugs to experience SoKor’s vibrant culture without having to spend extra time and money!

Travel Essentials

1. 4G SIM Card South Korea (Jeju Island Airport Pickup)

Stay connected at all times with the 4G SIM Card for South Korea! Easily pick it up at the Jeju Island airport upon landing and plug it into your phone’s sim card slot and roam away at ease!

2. Jeju Island Private Airport Transfer

Worry not about how to get to your accommodation from the airport and back and just book yourself a private airport transfer from Klook! With this travel essential, you’ve automatically eliminated every traveller’s first problem upon landing.

3. Jeju Island Private Car Charter

Though it is quite small, the most common way to get around Jeju Island is through the use of a private vehicle. So if you want to make the most out of your stay in this lovely little island, renting out this private car charter from Klook is your best bet.

Day 1

jeju island itinerary
10:00 – Brunch and O’Sulloc Tea Museum
Start off your day at O’Sulloc Tea Museum – a green tea production observatory with stunning plantation views and home to the famous Innisfree Jejuhouse.
Here, you can discover more about tea production from the country’s largest tea supplier, stroll through their lush gardens, and even take some delicious tea to go! Afterwards, get a seat at Innisfree Jejuhouse and order some of their green tea dishes to get you through the day.
12:30 – Camellia Hill
After your visit to the O’Sulloc Tea Museum, make your way to Camellia Hill and explore the entire 20 hectares of marvelous flora and fauna. Get those cameras out as this place is ultra Insta-worthy – you wouldn’t want to miss it!
14:30 – Cheonjeyeon Falls
One word: majestic. The Cheonjeyeon Falls is one of Jeju’s top tourist attractions – and for very good reason. One look will make it hard for you to look away, so be sure to immortalize the moment in a photo or two!
16:00 – Mid-day snack and drinks at Bonmal Cafe or Monsant Cafe
Apart from its eyegasmic scenescapes, Jeju Island is home to an abundance of cafes that’ll rival those of Seoul. Two of our recommended stops include the iconic the Bonmal Cafe and Monsant Cafe, both of which offer yummy delicacies with a side of beachfront views.
19:00 – Jeju Light Garden
Still have energy left over from today’s activities? Make your way to the Jeju Light Garden, which looks especially dazzling at night. We can guarantee that you’ll be taking photos all the way through the attraction, so get those batteries ready!

Day 2

jeju island itinerary
10:00 – Jungmun Beach
Begin your day with breakfast and a stroll through Jungmun Beach. After a hearty breakfast by one of the beachside cafes, you can opt to go for a nice swim – depending on the weather, of course!
Klook Tip: Get around with ease and book yourself a Klook private car charter. Though the island is manageable, private vehicles are the best mode of transportation.
11:30 – ALICE into the Rabbit Hole
After your beach visit, it’s time to explore! Apart from its natural sights and sounds, Jeju is also known for its quirky museums – one of which is the ALICE into the Rabbit Hole attractions!
Patterned after the famous storybook series, Alice in Wonderland, both kids and adults will absolutely enjoy this spellbinding attraction! This attraction will truly make you feel like you’ve been transported into another dimension.
13:00 – Yakcheonsa Temple
You wouldn’t expect the tiny island of Jeju to host one of the biggest temples in Asia, but it does! Drop by the Yakcheonsa Temple and take in its stunning design and beachfront views. It’s also got a large courtyard perfect for photos!
14:30 – Jusangjeolli Cliffs
By this point, you’ve already been exposed to many of Jeju Island’s many wondrous attractions, but the Jusangjeolli Cliffs is not one to miss. Unobstructed seaside views and lush landscapes – what more can you ask for?
17:00 – NANTA Show
Cap off your packed day in Jeju at the NANTA show, an award-winning musical kitchen extravaganza you don’t want to miss in Korea! Check the schedule before you and be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the start. You might want to get a snack in before this to avoid getting too hungry!

Day 3

jeju island itinerary
10:00 – Yeomiji Botanical Garden
For even more beautiful sights, make your way to Yeomiji Botanical Garden, the largest indoor garden in Asia! Home to over 3000 plant species from all over the world, you might just grow a green thumb after this visit!
12:00 – Lunch at Bayhill Pool & Villa Narnia Restaurant
Feed your senses with a seaside lunch at Bayhill Pool & Villa Narnia Restaurant. Not only are the food options worth seconds, but you won’t be able to stop talking about the view as well!
14:00 – UNESCO Heritage Sites Cruise
Jeju is dotted with an abundance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites – and you can get a glimpse of each one through an enlightening cruise tour! You’ll see the Songaksan Volcano and Marado Island to name a few.
17:30 – Hyeopjae Beach
We can’t think of a better way to end your trip in this scenic island than with a picture-perfect sunset session in Hyeopjae Beach. You can grab a meal by one of the seaside cafes and have a cozy picnic while the sun goes down.

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