All the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Merchandise You Need To Become a Wizard

Klook team
Klook team
14 Mar 2020

Accio, wand!

Now that you’ve gotten your Hogwarts letter, it’s time to shop for supplies! But before getting on the Hogwarts Express, you’ll need to visit Diagon Alley (located in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan) for all your wizarding needs!
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A magic shopping coupon for all your wizarding needs

According to Hagrid, you’ll need a wand, a cauldron, a robe, The Standard Book of Spells – the list just goes on and on! Before you know it, just like magic, your cash has disappeared into thin air. To avoid this muggle nonsense, you might fancy a JPY5,000 Shopping Coupon, which – when you book on Klook – is packaged with a Universal Studios Japan™ 1 Day Pass and Express Pass.
Now that you’ve got your shopping coupon, you’re about ready to become the greatest sorcerer of all time! Quickly write these 11 wizarding essentials down before someone casts a Memory Charm on you!

1. Wand

harry potter wand
Photo Credit: Migz M Mallari
To cast most spells, you’re obviously going to need a wand. Take Hagrid’s word for it and head over to Ollivander’s – there’s no place better! Here, the wand chooses the wizard, and fans of the franchise will get the opportunity to witness a special wand selection ceremony with none other than Ollivander himself!

2. Hogwarts Robes

harry potter merchandise
Every Hogwarts student has a robe, so you should too! But first, you’ll need to get sorted into your Hogwarts house before apparating to Dervish and Banges to get the appropriate colors for your uniform. Whether you’re a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Gryffindor, you’ll find all of your clothing necessities here – plus Quidditch attire if you’re keen on joining the team!

3. Broomstick

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: olipyon
Why use a dusty old broom when you can buy the Nimbus 2000 or the Firebolt at Dervish and Banges? Only the most legendary of Quidditch players can get their hands on this – and so could you, with the JPY5,000 Shopping Coupon! With this stellar piece from the franchise, you’re sure to be the coolest Potterhead on the block.

4. Owl (Owl Post and Owlery)

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: Kathleen Mae Amada
If you thought magic was the only cool thing about Hogwarts, think again! Students are encouraged to bring along pets with them during their stay, with an option of either an owl, cat, or toad. How cool is that? You can get a Hedwig of your own (in plushie form) at the Owl Post and Owlery, or an Errol if you’d prefer.
However for cat lovers out there, you might need to get a tip from Hermione Granger herself.

5. Monster’s Book of Monsters

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: Cel Lirio-Malabanan
Before walking into Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class, make sure to bring along your Book of Monsters from Dervish and Banges – but don’t let it bite your fingers off! Here’s a tip we’ve learned from Hagrid – stroke the spine first, then the book will then open itself up willingly.

6. Marauder’s Map

harry potter merchandise
Who said Fred and George have the only copy of this magical map? We got a tip from an anonymous wizard that you can find the infamous Marauder’s Map at a nook inside Dervish and Banges. We’re not about to reveal our secrets just in case it ends up in the wrong hands, but a little wand action and ‘mischief managed’ can wipe away all its content.

7. Butterbeer

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: Nikolaus Danendra Prasetya
You’re going to need a refreshing drink in between all that wizard shopping, so grab a Butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks while you’re at it! This non-alcoholic drink is enjoyed by wizards and witches of all ages, so it’s almost a sin not to have a sip while you’re at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
If you could conjure the butterbeer recipe yourself, you’d be glad to know you can actually take home the fancy cup, too!

8. Bertie Botts’ Every Flavor Beans

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: thatbookgal
One of the infamous snacks in the Harry Potter world is none other than Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans; and echoing what Ron said – “they mean every flavor.” Some of the flavors actually include baby powder, earwax, marshmallow, blueberry, rotten egg, candyfloss, and more! If that doesn’t discourage you, grab this tasty snack from Honeydukes and take some home for your muggle friends to enjoy!

9. Chocolate Frog

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: Rachel Wray
Luckily for you, these chocolate frogs aren’t actual frogs and you do still get the special sorcerer card inside along with it! These frog-shaped chocolates can be purchased at Honeydukes and are the perfect snack for any sweet tooth – wizard or muggle!

10. Pumpkin Juice

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: pumpkin_lady
If there’s one drink that the students from Hogwarts absolutely love, it’s pumpkin juice. Although it’s pretty subtle in the films, Honeydukes’ pumpkin juice is definitely a must-try mystery drink for fans of all ages! For all you know this could even enhance your wizarding techniques – we all know how odd all those herbology concoctions go.

11. Extendable Ear Earphones

harry potter merchandise
Photo Credit: Emily Rowe
Take it from the original pranksters Fred and George to create some of the most exciting merchandise for some good ‘ol fun! One of our favorites include The Extendable Ear, which to the uninitiated may seem like another spying device, but it’s actually a headset you can use to listen to your tunes. Grab this and more now at Zonko’s Joke Shop and don’t miss out on the fun!

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