Support Local Brands with Klook’s #FilipinoFirst Online Marketplace!

1 Aug 2020
local filipino brands

Shop and Support Local Brands on Klook 

Starting August 1, 2020, you can catch many of your favorite local brands on Klook’s #FilipinoFirst Marketplace! Here you’ll find a curated selection of homegrown Filipino brands from food, homeware, clothing to sustainable goods under one roof. For our selection of local brands and how to avail of an exclusive Klook discount for all #FilipinoFirst products - keep on reading!

Shop Local and Enjoy an Exclusive Klook Promo of up to Php 250 OFF!

Both new Klook users and existing customers get to enjoy a discount off all #FilipinoFirst brands! Here’s how:
Promo Mechanics:
  • NEW USER PROMO: Use Promo Code <PHGOLOCAL> for Extra 10% OFF with a max discount of PHP 150. Valid for first-time Klook users only.
  • EXISTING USER PROMO: Use Promo Code <PHFILIPINOFIRST> for PHP 250 OFF with a minimum spend of PHP 1,500. Valid for all Klook users.

Shop these Local Brands on Klook:

local brands
Catch these local brands on Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!


eco friendly local brands
Shop these sustainable local brands on Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
Using this time in quarantine to learn about sustainability? Put together your eco-friendly starter kit - from reusable utensils all the way to your shower and bath products. Shop The Good Store, Gaea, ActivGreen and Bamboo Company on Klook and support local!

1. The Good Store

2. Gaea

3. ActivGreen

4. The Bamboo Company

Home Goods

local brands home
Shop these local brands at Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
Quarantine has made homebodies out of many of us, so turn your space into a liveable one and fill your environment with plants and cute homegoods from Tierra Plants, Wow Carmen, Anthill, Yarn Pop Manila and Jacinto & Lirio!

1. Tierra Plants

2. Wow Carmen

3. Anthill

4. Yarn Pop Manila

5. Jacinto and Lirio

Filipino Fashion

local brands clothing
Shop these local clothing and accessory brands at Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
Whether you’re getting dressed for a Zoom call, a quick errand, or simply for yourself, keep these Filipino brands top of mind. Support local brands such as Kaayo, Mang Inabel, Amici, MCV Designs, SATO, Nelwood PH, Kemsy, Ibarra, Shine and Sparkle, Cocooni, and Izabella Resin Art to support our craftsmen and women.

1. Kaayo

2. Mang Inabel

3. Amici

4. MCV Designs

5. S A T O

6. Nelwood PH

7. Kemsy

8. Ibarra

9. Shine and Sparkle

10. Cocooni

11. Izabella Resin Art


local businesses
Shop these local brands at Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
Health and wellness go hand in hand - and in the time of a pandemic, health is wealth. Stay at the top of your wellness game and shop essential oils, bath sets and candles through Klook from brands such as Bathgems, Happy Camper, Alba Essentials, Orange Tree and Fig and Blossoms.

1. Bathgems

2. Happy Camper

3. Alba Essentials

4. Orange Tree

5. Figs and Blossoms

Travel Essentials

local leather brands
Shop these local brands for travel essentials at Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
While we wait for the go signal to finally jet off for our first travel adventure post-COVID, let’s make sure we’re all geared up and ready. Shop Jacinto & Lirio on Klook and check off your travel packing list so you can worry less and focus more on your adventure!

1. Jacinto & Lirio


local snacks
Shop locally made snacks at Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
While we’re stuck in quarantine, why not use this time to discover new flavours and locally-made snacks and delicacies? Ranging from healthy, post-workout snacks to guilty pleasure chocolates - your next favorite snack is now just one click away. Discover delicious on Klook from brands Oh So Healthy, Frabelle Foods, Orich, Auro Chocolate, Seakid, Fruitables, BZZZ PH, and Yolks and Grains

1. Oh So Healthy

2. Frabelle Foods

3. Orich

4. Auro Chocolate

5. Seakid

6. Fruitables


10. Yolks and Grains


local shop drinks
Shop these local brews at Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
Of course you’ve got to pair your new fave snack with your new fave drink, right? Klook is playing bartender with a selection of local brews (from teas to craft beer) from brands like Orich, Lick Iced Tea, Tea & Co and Crows Craft!

1. Orich

2. Lick Iced Tea

3. Tea & Co

4. Crows Craft


coffee brands philippines
Shop local coffee at Klook's #FilipinoFirst Marketplace!
In just one sip, we can guarantee you’ll be swapping your Starbucks drinks for our #FilipinoFirst selection of local coffee. With brews and beans coming from all over the country, your daily cup of joe will now be made even better knowing you’re supporting local farmers and communities. Check out Barako-EH Coffee, Daybreak Coffee, Bro Beans PH, and Figures of Beans

1. Barako-EH Coffee

2. Daybreak Coffee

3. Bro Beans PH

4. Figures of Beans